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  1. You see, I can see why this would bring up problems. For me, its not much of a question of whether the artists do more work- as a conceptor whose tried spriting, I know the latter is much harder. That being said, I don't think that invalidates the work that conceptors do put in; coming up with the concept, writing the description, coming up with extra information about physique and behavior which influences artist interpretation, filtering which art is used or not, keeping control of the thread... The problem, I think, isn't stemming from that. Most would probably agree that that deserves credit. The problem arises that not everyone puts in that work, and its difficult to draw a line with 'who deserves it'. If you just make a thread and run, do you get it? Etc, etc, its been discussed quite a lot. The obvious answer is a case-by-case basis, but I understand that TJ probably doesn't have time, or in some cases, the knowledge (because sometimes you need to be there as a concept unfolds) to tell that. I'd say it would probably be better to have a mod/the thread/ or cases where the OP came up with the concept and kept it updated would be easiest to do, but there will probably still be complications. That said, I still think this is a good idea. - It would allow people who were curious to know who came up with the idea. This wouldn't even need to be on-site: maybe just a list on the forum. Useful for inquiries about BSA and fanart and the like. - It would just be nice. Speaking on a selfish note, I feel a deep sense of pride for the dragons I've created. It makes me smile each time I see a BBW in the cave. (On a slightly off-topic note, I do think that the poll is slightly inflammatory, and more options might be nice)
  2. Oh, that was good fun! Props to everyone who helped out, I was very impressed.
  3. Is that Vimes or Carrot? The cigar and expression put me in mind of Vimes, but he looks too young. Then again, I've only read up to 'The Fifth Elephant' (I'm doing it out of order, unfortunately, so I'm reading 'Jingo' right now) so maybe my knowledge it a bit patchy. Can I say I much prefer the serious covers to the parody ones? I always thought the parody ones were ugly; that is beautiful and badass.
  4. Just watched 'The Girl Who Waited' and I think its a contender for my favourite DW episode yet. The acting was amazing on all parts, the choice was just sadistic, the lighting, set and score were all amazing....wonderful work.
  5. How kids behave? In what respect? In all honest, I don't think children (or young adults/teenagers) are any worst than they've ever been. If people are talking about disrespect to elders, or drinking, or partying- that's always gone on, just in different ways throughout the ages. You're not going to change human nature in 50 years. @Kestra: Ah, I see. Mighty nice hat, by the way. Should I shoot it?
  6. Doesn't have the same impact, I'm afraid. Unless we've got another 'The Master' pseudonym.
  7. Sounds good to me. Its always nice to go somewhere to ask for some help.
  8. My opinion on women in the military is to put them under the same tests as the men. If they fulfill the same physical and mental requirements, they can fight if they want to. You can't just say "men can't control themselves, so we won't give them a chance to prove it". This type of logic has been used for centuries to limit social change. When inter-racial marriage was introduced people argued that the children would be teased, so it shouldn't be allowed. But you shouldn't have to change policy to fit the discrimination, but change discrimination to fit the policy. As for the difference in what males and females like- yes, there are difference. But the majority of psychologists agree that people believe the differences are more exaggerated than they are. On the whole, women and men have different aptitudes in things like logic, empathy, etc, but there is actually a great deal of overlap. So there's nothing wrong with having a girl who acts like a guy 'should' or vice versa.
  9. Of course writers should get paid for the work they do, especially if they were hired or working for a company. You here stories about comic book companies that don't pay their artists, or similar situations, and its simply terrible. Now, if the artists want, of course they can work for free. As gifts, for charity, or just to get recognition, but nobody should say to them that "come on, just do it without pay!"
  10. Personally, I like the ones included in this gif; http://katrani.tumblr.com/post/6622767651/...ry-moments-from "Rory Williams shot his fiance. She still married him." "That which does not kill Rory Williams makes him stronger. In addition, that which does kill Rory Williams makes him stronger." "The universe tried to erase Rory once. It exploded." Still waiting for the "Rory Williams punched Hitler in the face," one.
  11. I personally prefer it, but I don't think its necessary. It can take a lot of time to produce a sprite, and as someone who's participated and released concepts, it can sometimes be difficult to get the second sex sprite down. In particular, if the artists or conceptors start going through a busy line, there's the possibility of the concept just flundering. Sometimes the conceptors just don't want a second sprite to better show that there's no fundamental difference between males and females. This is especially true in concepts which already have multiple sprites for other reasons- they're part of a set (like 'gemstones' or ' plants' or 'elements') or one of my upcoming concepts which have night and day forms. Making four adult sprites could be very time consuming in that case.
  12. Ha, that's cool! I love that the BBC and Moffat have made this the official A Capella version. Not many people can say they've done that.
  13. I'm interested; where exactly are you thinking of/have you started? I've had people come at it from many different angles, since its such a long runner.
  14. But those are obvious things, that show up in almost any piece of media from the time. But you're not going to watch a movie from the early 2,000 and notice the outrageous amount of planking going on. (Unless someone makes a movie about that, and it would be maybe the most boring thing that ever came out of Hollywood.) People don't tend to remember strange games or pastimes as much. I guess it would still be in Facebook pictures and the like, but I don't think it has quite the same impact.
  15. I don't really see anything bad with planking....its weird, sure, but its not intrinsically dangerous (or at least not as badly as things like 'owling' or 'balcony-ing'). Honestly, I don't think we'll be ashamed of it, we'll just have forgotten about it. Things we'll actively be ashamed of are the big things, like phobias and discrimination. I suspect ableism will be something in particular, since people are already ashamed of racism or homophobia. Ableism is still a foreign concept to many; even though I'd always grown up knowing not to be mean to those with physical and mental disabilities, I'd never even heard about not using words like "crazy" or "lame" until a couple of months ago.
  16. That is a point. I guess if it was an open writing system you could get more mods for that specific purpose. Still seems like a bit of extra bother to me, though.
  17. Seems like a good idea to me. It'll help people without forum accounts to look for dragons they might like. What I would suggest is not having a sentence based system (where you say "I'm willing to trade A and B for Z") but rather a checklist. I can see a possibility for spam and harassment otherwise, and the mods are already pretty overworked. The downside for this is that it might be more difficult to code and factor things in like gender, inbreeding, lineage types, etc, and you'd have to do a lot of clicking to set up a trade, but I think it'd be worth it.
  18. I'd go with the Borg. Although the daleks might offer us tea, they'd definitely kill us. With the borg we'd get to live on with a hive mind. (Plus, they look cooler than cyberman, and I say that as a DW fan). Although, could I vote for a Doctor and Captain Kirk team up to take them both down?
  19. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- Part 2 trailer. Enjoy!
  20. Really? I don't think so. That particular time line never technically happened, but as far as Rory's concerned, I think it did. He did say "I was plastic," so Rory seems to remember what happened, and he doesn't seem comfused when referred to as 'Rory the Roman'. Unless you mean it never happened in the same sense as The Year That Never Was and other wibbly-wobbly-ness.
  21. One of the things that appeals to me is how multi-generation Doctor Who is. You've got people ranging from sixty to six who know and love the Doctor. Also, so many years of characters and stories....<3 Loved the new episode, and very much excited to see how it finishes. In particular, how they get around the Doctor's 'death', although that might not be explained until the end of the season.
  22. Its a white/blue jellyfish in the ocean. (At least, that's how I see it).
  23. No, that's the peacock. The chicken will be crossing the road (to get to the other side).
  24. Well, my internet is slowly dying in the background, but amongst its death throes my own egg finally revealed itself to me.