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  1. I have a cheese egg... what can you usually get for them? I really want some golden wyverns, or a gold/tinsel that doesn't have a messy lineage... is it reasonable?
  2. I got my 10 silvers (4 of each sex and one hatchie of each). One is CB, the rest is a mix of inbred/messy/short lines. Haven't had much luck with golds in the 2 years I've played (on and off). I have 3, and they've never bred successfully (one is inbred too, another has a long messy line (might be inbred, hard to tell LOL). I don't remember how I got them... I think one was gifted and I got lucky with the other ones or something...
  3. I've seen some people with CB springs to trade...
  4. Ok, I guess I'll open a trade for it just in case then... there's still some commons I'm after so it's worth a shot.
  5. I can't log into my scroll at all... it keeps trying to connect then says DC must be down. Ugh.
  6. I don't think I would trust people with them... not necessarily that I don't trust them, but it's so hard to breed what you want lately it seems. I would totally offer IOUs if someone saw something they like on my scroll though (like if they want me to try and breed two of my dragons or something), as long as they're active people who will not take 12 hours to accept it.
  7. Hmm what can you get for a CB purple? I reflex clicked on it thinking that they might be rarer now, like pinks, but it looks like not... would I be better off abandoning it in 5 hours?
  8. I had to rename all my dragons, and yes, based all their names on their code. So I guess there are some pretty weird names but heck... I don't have the imagination to figure out 300 names, lol.
  9. Dinos... are they even worth anything? I caught one the other day hoping for a trade, and just ended up abandoning it the next day because I got 0 offers on it, and I wasn't even asking for CB... just non messy/inbred lineages of dark myst pygmy, tan ridgewing etc...
  10. I've only had two deaths, and it was when I tried Earthquake... I don't think I'll bother with it again, unless I'm after alts and don't have any other eggs on my scroll or something...
  11. I tried to breed all of mine... 12 breedings... failed
  12. Most of my eggs were AP eggs as well... I don't care for lineage that much, just don't want any inbred. Mostly though, I just wish people would try breeding with new dragons, instead of the old ones.
  13. That doesn't sound good at all... was hoping to get the last few I needed next week
  14. Managed to get 3 but wow, it's the worst lag I've ever seen for a normal release... it's as bad as Valentine's day.
  15. Fran27

    Egg Drop Soup

    It's been working fine for me, but I get much fewer views than I used to... it's not showing many eggs when you go to the page, considering all the thousands there are in there.
  16. That sounds pretty awesome, thanks!
  17. I'm an idiot, I meant dawn. But yeah, if they worked like sunrise and sunset the second one wouldn't have hatched until 6pm, so it's definitely not it. I don't have the courage to read all the thread though, for those who got a dusk one, when was it picked up and when did it hatch?
  18. Ok both of the dusk/dawn I had that were laid at 9am hatched dawn - one hatched at 9am and the other one at 1pm, so definitely not like sunrise/sunset. Picked another one at 1pm so we'll see... Edit: mixed up dawn and dusk, lol.
  19. Fran27

    04/24/10 - Maintenance

    Thanks for trying to fix the lag TJ!
  20. What a cute and wonderful idea... thanks TJ
  21. Fran27

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    Adults look gorgeous!
  22. Fran27


    I played a while ago but got bored pretty fast... plus having to pay real cash for extra creatures turned me off.
  23. It was dragons starting with x, y and z I think. I got them all back but two (RIP!).
  24. I use custom sort (and alternate because it's faster). I put my favorite sprites on top (with corresponding hatchie underneath).