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  1. Looks like my 5 grew up like I wanted them to (unless the last one I actually influenced doesn't grow up male)... so I'm done with them
  2. I think there should be some kind of penalty, but yes, 2-3 days before we can use the action again would be really nice.
  3. For the first time in a very, very, very long time, I managed to breed a gold egg. *only* 4 to go... I also managed to get a third turpentine. Now I'm really hoping that I get both sexes out of the 3, as my pink females won't be able to influence for a few more days.
  4. Oh, don't. I don't need them. Just figured I could try and breed them for people who do. I needed the Winters though
  5. Used all my female influences. Can't use them for 4 days... by them both my turpentines will be hatchies... and of the same sex I bet. Ugh.
  6. Oh... well, I guess I'll wait until I'm unlocked, lol.
  7. I saw a CB in the cave yesterday, I was too slow though... but I guess they are still out there, just not many of them Still trying to breed some, no luck.
  8. Definitely can get a lot of stuff for that CB spring! Lucky I got a CB BSA pink. I don't need it... what can I get for it? They were cave blockers when I quit playing so it's a bit new to me, lol.
  9. Well, I have my sitting alt to freeze now. This is kinda neat!
  10. CB whites worth anything? I always reflex click on them. Sigh.
  11. I have too many... got them before I found out about tools. I abandon them now though, or keep to freeze if I need a hatchie. I'm thinking I'll replace them slowly if I ever get to the point where I can afford to.
  12. I freeze... I have no problem with it (unless it's a rare CB or something, lol). I don't bother with ungendered though, maybe I will one day but it's too much work for now.
  13. Shhhh it can't change yet... I just need 2 days...
  14. The main thing really is that nobody has 12 CB pillow. Even if you accept IOU, I don't know if people want to scroll lock themselves 10-12 times for 3 days just for a 2nd gen silver. I think 3/4 is fair, but that's it.
  15. Red dorsal and pink here too! They were common at the time though (at least the pink... the reds I had no problem getting so I thought they were too). That was 2.5 years ago though.
  16. I did get a 3rd generation gold for that CB black, with a dead dragon in lineage though (but I don't care about lineages except about inbreeding). Another question... what can you get for a CB nebula non alt hatchie? Just in case mine doesn't grow as an alt...
  17. Bah sorry if I can't get a gold for it I'll probably just keep it.
  18. Any idea what I can get for a CB black? I can't believe I just caught one...
  19. Haven't managed to breed any spring yet either. I'll keep trying, even if I don't need them, I'm sure someone will.
  20. Whether it's true or not, I'm sure TJ is having a ball right now.
  21. Yeah it's pretty much what i'm asking for it... I guess I'll give it a couple hours and abandon it, lol.
  22. Can I get anything for a second generation red dorsal (ice/red dorsal parents) or am I wasting my time? Thanks in advance... you guys are great.
  23. I kinda wish it was real, lol.