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  1. Can you actually get anything from messy silver eggs? I'm asking because all I asked was a CB hatchie (granted, only certain types), and I ended up abandoning it after one day because at this rate I could just catch a cb egg myself.


    It's a bit disheartening. I don't think I'll breed anything for trade anymore unless it's 2nd gen rares or something (and even then...).

  2. I guess the way I see it is that the game has an 'easy' mode (just pick eggs without caring where they come from) and a 'hard' mode (worry about lineages). We all play the way we want, but I guess the game is a bit more challenging and interesting when you start to worry about lineages.


    When I started, I didn't care, and a lot of my dragons are inbred, because you just couldn't tell at the time. So I'm slowly replacing my inbred/messy lineaged dragons with CBs. Why? Potential trade value. I only get 4 of each dragon though (8 if they have different sprites) plus a couple hatchies, so I can afford to be picky - I just don't want a huge scroll (except BSA dragons). I guess it's keeping me busy between releases (and while I wait for my rares to be ready to breed again). Of course I won't be replacing my metallics anytime soon, lol (I still need golds anyway).

  3. Heeeeerp. I know there were reports of people getting spitfires from ultraviolet x non-spitfire, but I really that that was a bug.


    Guess not.


    Lol. If we could also get purples, that could make a really neat lineage pattern.

    Yes. It would be nice if the list could show what people got from ultraviolet x ultraviolet too.


    ultraviolet x ultraviolet = ultraviolet

    ultraviolet x golden wyvern = ultraviolet

  4. Scroll name: Francl27

    Forum name: Fran27

    What eggs/hatchlings would you liked to be sat: All

    How long will you be gone: June 4 - June 16

    What sitters list do you want to be on: Any


    I will probably have access to Internet, but not sure how often, so I'd love someone to keep an eye on my scroll just in case... I *might* pick up/breed new eggs while I'm gone though, so if it's a problem let me know, don't want to get anyone in trouble.

  5. Got to admit, I'm not fond of the idea of rewarding people for having a lot of dragons. Some of us don't want to have scrolls of thousands of dragons. I'd rather see incentives to keep playing like new BSAs or something. And, well, all the new dragons this year have been keeping me busy (I'm still catching up on older ones too).

  6. Beautiful eggs.... of course, I'm going in vacations in two weeks and figured I would have almost finished completing my scroll by then, and I would be able to relax without thinking about DC... well, there goes that, lol. I'll just be thinking of shiny eggs and how I'm not going to be able to pick up the new shinies for two weeks...

  7. I left for 1.5 year or something, just logging on on Holidays to breed my Holidays and dump them in the AP. I knew I would be away for Christmas and would miss the release, so I found it was just pointless to continue playing if I couldn't make holidays anyway...


    I came back a few months ago because I was bored. Not sure how long I'll be active because my scroll is almost complete and it's getting frustrating and boring to stalk the cave for what I still need (they're commons supposedly, just never pop up).


    So... I don't know. I guess I'll keep playing on and off. Holidays will probably frustrate me into quitting again though, especially as I will need the last two plus the new one... so I'll need 2 eggs of each. Ugh.

  8. I used not to care, so I have a bit of everything on my scroll, now I try for shorter lineages (long if steps is fine though). Other than that, I don't care at all, as long as it's not inbred... I just don't want it to be a huge mess (like one parent 6th gen and the other CB, you know).

  9. Going on hiatus. I missed everything almost.

    I'm sad I missed two Halloweens, two Christmas and two Valentines. At the same time.. those are the reasons I left in the first place. I didn't want to be a slave to my computer on Holidays. Still not too sure how I feel about it, especially as I'll only have 7 slots for the Holidays and will have to catch the new and old ones.