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  1. I've got to say that pinks WILL start to overflow the AP and we'll have another disaster similar to the black eggs a few months (?) ago. cuz of the rarexrare breeding. I mean, couldn't they have some more variety on what other commons they produce?
  2. Finally!! Yes!!! sooo looking forward to it!!! aww; 55 more dragons to raise before I get a silver trophy.
  3. I find it kinda weird that the eggs don't show cracks. (or am I incorrect?) You don't get to know how close the egg is to hatching until it actually does hatch.
  4. The new dragons are beautiful. still missing crazy swirl one though.
  5. c'mon, TJ, make your eggs grow up... NOOOO! common eggs appearing again!!!
  6. Okay, I know this sounds ridiculous, but did the eggs have any cracks/holes in it during the process of hatching? I missed the first day of the announcement. Apparently, one day was enough for the eggs to hatch.
  7. Th-the eggs won't become rares, will they? *whimpers*
  8. are the newly-released eggs still filling the cave? (like with no other kinds of eggs around?)
  9. yeah, so when DOES teleport go live? It's been a month since TJ promised us. btw, I'm trying to work my way to a silver. More eggs and hatchlings before you're scroll locked.
  10. everstones also have a 1/6th chance of transferring the nature. I THINK you put it on the male, but I'm not sure. You'll have to double check. But training items transfer IVs ex: power anklet transfers the speed IVs of the parent to the offspring. Likewise, a power bracer transfers the atk IVs of the parent to the offspring. It doesn't matter what gender it's on.
  11. Oh, and btw, if someone really wants to check reshiram/zekrom's nature, BEFORE the game decides to save (you're taken on an unstoppable "roller coaster" series of events that you have no control. Therefore you never get a chance to have a breather and check your legends nature before the game forces you to save and launches into the end credits. In addition, during a battle, all they display for a pokemon is the stats. No nature.) 1. Go to pokemon.marriland.com 2. click "pokedex" under Black and White on the left side 3. search zekrom/reshiram in the search box 4. scroll to the very bottom of the page 5. select the nature that you want for your legendary (I'll just pretend that the nature you wanted is modest) 6. since modest increases sp. atk, look under the column "252 EVs, and under that, Max" (the column that has some numbers that are underlined with a dotted line). 7. look on the sp. atk. row and identify the number that corresponds with both the column and row. 8. hover your cursor over that number, and a number will pop up (exceptions with the HP stat.) 9. record that number (for the HP stat, just copy that number down) 10. If you don't care about IVs, then subtract 31 from the number that you recorded (in other words, recorded #-31=) and record the resulting number with the first recorded number. (same with the HP stat). The first recorded number is the number that appears if your legendary has a perfect 31 IVs. The second is the number that appears if your legendary has 0 IVs. If the stat that you want is within those numbers, then it has at least a nature that increases the stat that you want 11. perform the same procedure from 6-10 for the decreased stat, except that you look under the columns "0 EVs" and just record the "min" and "max" numbers on the row of the stat that you want decreased, except that there's no cursor hovering. 12. Catch your legendary and if it's stats fit your requirements, then congrats! you got your legendary! tip: get a synchronizer, such as munna, musharna, elgyem, and beeheyem. either faint them and put them in front of your party or just send it in first and switch out right after. There's a 1/6th chance that your legend's nature is going to be the same as your synchronizer.
  12. gpxplus.net (a pokemon fansite similar to DC) is also having a similar easter egg hunt. And believe me, their eggs appear so sporadically that you'd have to search 3 hours just to get one. DC's much better in that part of Easter.
  13. wait, how do you know that there are 53 easter eggs this year?
  14. If i just sit on one page and keep refreshing, would an egg appear?
  15. whoah, first the forums, then the cave down.
  16. If an egg were to appear on one page, would it keep on reappearing on the subsequent pages until you click on it, or would it just be gone?
  17. I've been off DC for a few days, and missed the initial egg drop. are the eggs still dropping? (out of date here)
  18. Now that I think of it, I think I'll freeze my second sweetling and '09 eggs when they hatch. The hatchling spites look good.
  19. This is odd... I've never seen just 1 egg in the cave before...
  20. wait, is there a 2-per scroll limit?
  21. an egg wrapped in ribbon? is it a non-dragon present for a 'valentine's?