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  1. It's really a technique thing. Dithering makes a different effect than introducing new colors, and some artists like that while others prefer more colors. Most pixel artists use a combination of the two techniques.

    I think dithering gets you more of a texture and more colors make the art smoother. But it's definitely got more use than texturing. Really, it's your style that determines how frequently you should use it. There's no right or wrong when it comes to deciding when to dither. ^^

    The new wing is definitely much better. There's no shame at all in using references.

    There's not much contrast in the sprite overall. I'd add more highlights and darken the shadows.

    Ooh! Thanks for the feedback. How's this?

    user posted image

    I have a feeling that the shadows on the right wing are wrong, but I'm not sure what exactly they should look like.

  2. Okay, I kinda shamefully based the colors of my shades off of the alt black male sprite. I've only finished the left wing, but how does it look?

    user posted image


    And after looking at the other DC sprites, I've realized that only some of them actually use dithering. How do you know when to use dithering vs. another color? Or should I just not use dithering at all?

  3. I'm working on one of the sprites from one of the Dragon Request threads, and I'm trying to figure out how dithering works. Before I commit too much time to shading this sprite, can someone tell me whether I'm going in the right direction with the right-hand wing (the darker one)? It kind of looks weird to me. What could I do to improve the 'gradiency' of the wing?

    user posted image

  4. Your Forum name: Brisingrlover

    Your Scroll name: Brisingrlover

    The Egg/Hatchlings five digit code (No links please): j8cfc

    Egg type: Yellow-crowned

    Time of Unfog (In updated EST* please): 10 min before death

    Time of Death: 2/24 at 8:11:41 PM

    Amount of current V/UV/Clicks: 0/0/0

    Failed, hatched normally at around 5 min with 397/186/2 after inserting it into 10 hatcheries (no kidding)

  5. I'm wondering: how many times have you guys seen the lab completely empty? And when (doesn't have to be exact, could be even the month or season that you saw it)? I have 16 summoning items that I am all to eager to get rid of (in a productive way; I'm not selling them).

  6. Honestly, I'm disappointed in Paolini. Very.


    He had so many things going on that could've made the plot richer. In fact, even though the fans might scream bloody murder, I think he should've split Inheritance up to fit all those in. Otherwise, he should've just not written those things. For example, there was sort of a brothers' love triangle going on; Nasuada-Murtagh, Eragon-Arya, and Roran-Katrina.

    He could've also expanded upon the discrimination between the different races and not made the confrontation between Galby and Eragon so stereotypical (aka: hero marches into room w/ boss after going through lots and lots of hardships and challenges and traps and then fights boss, directly or indirectly, nearly loses, and then makes [epic] comeback and kills boss).

    Paolini also didn't fulfill all his promises. he did say that he'd have a few chapters from Murtagh's POV. And what do we get? Nothing.

    My theory on what happened to him:

    He mentioned in the Steinbeck festival that he was TIRED of the story and really wanted to move on to other stories he had brewed up during those ten or so years he was chained up doing Inheritance cycle. So he was so eager to get to those stories that he tripped over himself in his excitement and left a sloppy ending in Inheritance.

  7. Overall, I'd say that the dragon is good; the sprite was pretty unique and I liked how the eggs had snow falling off them, but I don't think the name and the description was well thought of, like the spriters were rushed or didn't want to do the description and so invested less effort in it. "Christmas dragon" could be said for any other dragon that is released during Christmas or any other kind of dragon that can only breed during Christmas.

  8. *groans*

    I have all 39 items, but I don't know what to do now? I'm guessing its (censored, highlight at your own risk of spoilers) ressurect some dragon, judging from what I see so far...

  9. ^idk, but it's there.


    Anyone think that the Dream World idea was a big, gigantic, FAIL?


    First of all, most people prefer using WPA servers to provide their wifi. Unfortunately, the DS (lite) can only connect to WEP servers, which have less security.


    Second of all, when nintendo releases the ds wi-fi usb connector, they DISCONTINUE IT without any good explanation.


    As a result, it is very, very, hard to get connected to the dream world on a regular basis.

  10. Question: How long is the cooldown time for teleport? I don't find it in either this TJ's post in this thread or the other thread that's linked to this one.

    Also, when there's a new release or a holiday release, will the mods announce which biomes the eggs are going to appear?