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  1. Just now: Decided to breed my blue stripe x black pair (keep in mind I haven't been in the Cave since before the new limits were in place) They breed a black stripe. And it auto-abandons. *cries*
  2. Some breeds I have a lot more females than males but over all I think I have more males. Nebulas, stripes, ridgewings, blacks, those are the heavily male breeds for me (not counting pinks because I prefer the male sprite over the female). The girls rule the golds, silvers, winters, vamps.
  3. I'm exactly nine dragons away from the gold trophy. *glares at the server* Come back up NOW.
  4. I took a leave of absence from the cave for a while but for the few weeks I've been back, blacks have been out-performing all the other potential partners. I got a gold and a silver out of two separate pairs (the silver pair has an admittedly spectacular run http://dragcave.net/progeny/HAeo ). I've also had pretty decent luck with a gold x stripe pair but that hasn't carried over to other golds. My main go-to breed for golds is guardians and silvers...they are just weird when it comes to breeding.
  5. Just wanted to report that my tree also will not save. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. I have faith. Thanks to whoever is working on solving the problem!
  6. I haven't been breeding my metallics lately but my best results come from goldxguardian, goldxdorsal, goldxstripe, silverxpurple, silverxmagi, and silverxblack. I would include my frillxgold line but frills don't breed anymore.
  7. Views: #10,936 - Anorlaer - BadgerPride UVs: # 2,018- Anorlaer - BadgerPride Clicks: # 153 (this dragon's nearly two so I don't know if that counts as old or not)- Silmariel - BadgerPride
  8. My first rare was a CB silver caught off the AP when it was a gendered hatchling back when the AP had, at most, three things on it at a time.
  9. Why a clan of four dragons care for nine little ones at once but a clan of forty can't care for more?
  10. All of my vamps have "agar" somewhere in their names, which is the Elvish word for blood. Coiagar- Life Blood Agarring- roughly translates to In Cold Blood Duragar- Dark Blood Agarksh- Evil Blood Turagar- Master of Blood Delagar- Bloody Horror Ainagar- Holy Blood
  11. Okay, so this just happened to my clan. Seriously. So, the moral of the story? Don't try to turn a yulebuck egg when you've already got two; it'll be abandoned anyway.
  12. Journal, Today, technically last night, something strange happened. Coiagar, our resident vampire, warned us but we didn't listen. She told us to lock her away, to turn her out of the caves for the next few days. She refused to explain why. The problem was the scouts reported several clans stalking our territory. We couldn't let her go...wherever it was she wanted to go alone and she refused to let some of us accompany her. We needed her to defend the caves. She's clan, mentor of the demonic-looking blacks, child of the dark forces who has saved our clan countless times. We could not let her
  13. The first four I raised on my own were technically Lotecoria-purple, Calliss-mint, Cresenth-white, and Seyath-black. However, I found a male silver hatchling on the AP one day while the purple and mint were hatchlings and managed to snag him. He had about 3.33 days left if I recall correctly so I didn't do much work raising him. I named him Ostenthatch.