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  1. Have: 2nd Gen Pacified Aegis x Heartstealing Want: Offers GONE!
  2. Hello, I can't seem to find how to turn off the music on Snow Wars. Does anyone know how? Thanks and Happy New Year!
  3. Why am I thinking Harry Potter when I read the egg descriptions? Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. . . .
  4. Have: 2nd Gen PB Desipis hatchling (influenced Male) 2nd Gen Witchlight from Female Almerald hatchling (influenced Male) 2 CB Witchlight Hatchlings (influenced to be a pair) Want: For 2nd Gens, a 1:1 2nd Gen Holiday hatchling swap (must be influenced properly) - 2nd Gen PB Female Grave hatchling Auto for CBs, a CB Shadow Walker pair? Other offers? Or you can PM me Trade links: Make an offer on 2nd Gen PB Desipis Hatchling! Make an offer on 2nd Gen Witchlight from F Almerald! Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  5. Have: CB Witchlight CB Cavern Lurker 2nd Gen Desipis from Male Thalassa Xeno (precog Male) Want: 2nd Gen Halloween 1:1 2nd Gen Desipis from Fire Gem On the CBs, if you offer a low time egg of the other CB, it's an auto accept PM me Gone Gone AP'd
  6. So is there a simple explanation on how to use the text command. I got up to the point of Read Note. Is it like a riddle where the answer is in the story itself?
  7. Well in case it is a glitch, I hide the ones I want to keep. He take the rest back or dump them to the AP.
  8. Why do I have 7 eggs? Did TJ change the limit?
  9. Good luck! Wait. After trying to grab my two, I suddenly have 7? Should i drop them?
  10. Carmine vs Alt Sweetling Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  11. Tsunami x Alt Sweetling Checker Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  12. I'm hoping I get to find the one 2nd Valentine I've been searching for. Good luck to everyone!
  13. Ah that made my day. Thanks to everyone who helped me in the past few minutes.
  14. Well I've recovered the two artifacts. Have yet to place the second one back in the temple. . . . Does that mean i caught up to the story?
  15. I've done the quests from the delivering mail to the maze multiple times but it doesn't seem to change anything. I'm guessing I'm messing something. . . .
  16. Thanks for the help! Well previously I got up to where Avery just stands near the water fountain but other than that, nothing.
  17. I feel like i'm missing something as I've been throughout the villages twice but I can't seem to check off the book quest. I've done all the others but I just seem to find that particular quest. . . . And there's a way to delete or move the furniture once you place it?
  18. So instead of the 36 there were actually 40 total. Which in case, I now have them all.
  19. I got 35 as well but I have a space between 2 so it makes wonder if there are 36?
  20. Hope everyone is having fun! Question to those on Mac: How can you Command Key when hunting for eggs? When I was on PCs, all I had to do was CTRL+click and it would open a new page.
  21. Ah thank you. I find drag cave becomes a little more frustrating on the phone and much less user friendly. Ah well. Another reason to save to get a new laptop. . . Happy holidays to you all. Ps I'm assuming the other holidays will not have that little quirk as well?
  22. Really late to the party but I did get one batch from the previous holidays. Since I really have limited access to the Internet, did I miss a new update on the Christmas 2014 dragon? Couple of mine bred male and I thought they were female only breed?