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  1. Well I personally can see how the rule is extreme. It is just my opinion that if you were to make a rule like that, why should it solely be for one specific type of dragon? If people were suddenly bombarding me for requests from the dragon whose code is true, I'd surely have to end up making a special exception for him. He's nothing special beyond his code. There's also plenty of other rare dragons aside from Prizes, as well. To me, personally, harassment is somebody PMing me multiple times and/or being rude/trying to guilt-trip me into giving them something. For people who just simply don't read, I'd just block them.
  2. So why is it fair for you to bug people out of nowhere when they have stated nothing regarding breeding their dragons for people, no matter what kind of dragons they are? I don't post a lot on the forums, but I lurk quite a lot regardless. Tons of people have stuff in their profiles and signatures regarding asking for offspring from stuff from their scrolls. If you're after something more exotic and/or rare (people who are code collectors like me, or people with valuable CB dragons), people owning those types of things more often than not have something in their profile regarding breeding their dragons. Edit: @fuzzbucket, so if you like filling out requests why not just put something about it in your profile or signature? It takes up barely any space and I can tell you, you will not get a large volume of PMs by doing so.
  3. If that were to happen, it should be just be a general rule for all dragons. No asking for offspring from anything, no matter what kind of dragon it is, unless the owner publicly states that it is okay. Yeah I know Prizes are the issue at hand here, but if you were to make a rule like that it's better to just extend it to every dragon. There's more than just Prizes that people would beg for offspring from.
  4. Yes, you can block people. But true, genuine harassment should not go unreported. Such types of people should be punished, because they get away with that kind of stuff way too often.
  5. This is a huge issue with communities in general, where people don't seem to realise that they can and should send in a report when they're harassed via PM. You can make news posts about it, but it can only do so much. Hell, I think if you wanted to expose it as best as possible you'd just have to put up and put a bolded line in the PM system that directly tells people that they should report such messages to moderators. Through my own personal experiences, that honestly seems like the only good way to drill that sort of thing into peoples' heads. I've only really had people beg me for stuff (which is annoying and pathetic, yeah, but it isn't outright harassment and I can just block them and move on with life), and I only had to talk to a moderator about harassment over Prize dragon offspring once. That particular incident happened in the IRC, which is where the bulk of my activity is. I'm sure if I was more active on the forums, I'd probably attract more of this kind of attention. Too bad for those kinds of people that I'm way too steel regarding stuff like this. But I have heard stories like one Prize owner who quit entirely because of the volume of PMs they kept receiving and how people refused to leave them alone. It's really unfortunate, but sadly a large part of this problem is because many people are unaware that they should report that kind of behaviour.
  6. I'm just happy that if a Holiday wall happens in the AP, it will not be so intense that one is completely unable to hunt for regular dragons once they've gotten their fill of Holiday ones. Seriously my least favourite part of Holiday breeding, especially after the new dragon is released.
  7. I actively go after good codes so I have hundreds, but it's something truly special when you not only get a good code.... but it also matches the breed it is perfectly. http://dragcave.net/lineage/GrRin Been a little while since I've found something like this.
  8. I just need a bunch of frozen hatchlings so I got every single egg for that I need. Last night I bred Galletian Victory to one of my Shadow Walkers and 3 eggs ended up in the AP, hope the new owners are happy with what they picked up. Don't know what to do with the one egg I hung onto, though. Haven't bothered to breed any of my other CB Shadow Walkers or Marrows but I guess I'll just save them for in case somebody wants some pairing from them or whatever (no seriously, PM me with what you're looking for if you're after something and I'll probably do it though I only have one egg slot at the moment). However, the most important thing that needs to happen is turning two specific dragons into Zombies. http://dragcave.net/lineage/vBHRA http://dragcave.net/lineage/jmXYH The two females on these lineages. I wonder, has anybody ever done this before? It would be kind of neat to be the first to accomplish this kind of lineage.
  9. Yes, I'm aware of what the point of AP eggs having the random junk on their URL is for. I merely pointed them out to show that the site already makes randomised incomprehensible codes/URLs for certain special functions. Teleport is the same way. Man, you could never have any hope to guess the URL for a Teleport.
  10. Oh trust me, something like that would be very much possible. Look at the URLs of eggs in the AP right now. You'll notice after their code is a bunch of random stuff (and I believe it changes each time somebody takes it and dumps it back into the AP). A similar thing can be done with eggs and needing a hidden code in order to receive views, it just obviously wouldn't be visible in their URL. It'd be a great way to combat viewbombing. You have the egg's code which is pretty just their ID number (you punch in the code to the view URL, and you get that exact dragon no matter what) that will still be visible when cave or AP hunting. This is good for people like me who will often take commons because they have an appealing code. But, once you grab your egg it is assigned a second hidden code that can only be seen by the owner and this is the code that must be submitted to fansites and is shown in the BBCode/HTML lists in order to gain views. How annoying it would be to type wouldn't matter, since you can just copy it anyway. I think though, this would be a thing that's better set as an option for the individual user than be something mandatory. I can see how some people might not like it because it's slightly confusing or complicated for them. But for those who wanted even better security beyond hiding their scroll and fogging their things, it would be highly beneficial.
  11. I'm going to catch and do the most hilarious trades for like ten thousand of these.
  12. People can call them Chocolates. That's fine. Because I own the name Chocolates and I'll totally slap that name on one of these just to spite everybody.
  13. I've grabbed four of these wonderfully brown eggs because I really feel like these will turn out to be something I'll enjoy greatly. Out of all new releases, this is the one where I really want to see the adult because I am greatly interested in it.
  14. This makes my collection of awesomely-coded Whiptails even better. I am pleased. I hope other breeds with outdated sprites follow.
  15. More junk for everybody
  16. I never said that. I only said it would be really hard. You may be confusing that with when I said I have intentions to make another Exploration similar to TBD in that it's full of ridiculous tasks (but in a different way).
  17. Funny to see that project of mine end up in here, heh.
  18. I bet that since they both look like smug jerks, Female Terrae with Crimsons would look nice. Also, Deepsea. Everything looks good with Deepsea.
  19. Things like this are why I love dumping my silly things to the AP.
  20. Good codes. The AP lately has rarely been disappointing me in this regard. ER eggs are nice too.
  21. Also, have fun dealing with a PM assault. I'm talking a dozen or more within just a few minutes. It is not easy to keep track of. I try my best to respond to as many as I get, so long as it is clear the person isn't PMing about things I have stated I do not wish to be bothered about.