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  1. It means you got a Shimmer. TJ clarified this in the IRC. The westerns are Tinsels and the easterns are Shimmers. Edit: Grabbed the lines from there that explained it, for those who want to see [01:32:18] <%Sky> TJ09: no new prize dragons/tinsels/shimmers? Or can those 150 select any dragon but the mentioned ones not up for getting [01:32:45] <~TJ09> Sky, I'm not sure what you're asking? [01:33:07] <%Sky> TJ09: asking if they can ask for shimmers/tinsels too, and if there are "new" Prize dragons. [01:33:17] <%Sky> sorry, my english isn't the best today >.< [01:34:04] <~TJ09> 60 people won western prizes ("tinsels") and 60 people won eastern prizes ("shimmers")
  2. Honestly, it's your dragon. You're free to do whatever you want with it. The only thing I say you should do is avoid being rude back to people who have been rude to you. It is best to just ignore them instead. It makes you the bigger person. Not to mention, some of those kinds of people (those who actively harass others) take enjoyment in knowing that they got under your skin. I keep both a Prize list and a Fail list. I would say it's worth it and plenty easy to do. Many people are interested in Fails for the purposes of Lineage building or just collection. So it might be more comforting to you to know your dragons are going to somebody who actually wants them, instead of just dumping them off into the AP.
  3. I don't really have an opinion on this whole subject either way, but this particular logic is just silly. Frozen hatchlings cannot breed because they are not fully mature, some of them so physically young that their owner is unable to figure out what gender it is.
  4. If I remember correctly, last year the winners were picked out about a week after the winter event ended.
  5. I had more people immediately looking at my scroll when I announced I won than there were people looking at it when I had the actual dragon. Nothing ever got sick in either instance, but I would fog stuff after they got a fairly high amount of views anyway. I distinctly remember naming some of the growing hatchlings at the time to write out a message that read something like "My prize isn't here yet, please come back later." Obviously that naming thing was temporary, yeah. But it died off after a couple days, so it was all good. For what it's worth, nobody's really ever randomly viewbombed me. I've been viewbombed once when I won a CB Silver in a lotto (I aptly named the dragon "You suck at viewbombing" because they were honestly doing a crappy job of trying to kill it). But I also fog anything I have that's really precious just in case somebody randomly feels like being malicious and I'm not around to notice it.
  6. I kept my other dragons fogged if I wasn't around my computer at the time. Worked for me. Nothing ever got sick in the first place anyhow.
  7. It has only ever been that the egg you received as a prize was protected from sickness, and nothing else.
  8. It was like "Wow, I actually won!" and then it was like ".... I like how this ended up in the Spam folder." Amazingly enough, I didn't actually get that many PMs regarding it. But that's most likely because at the time Teleport wasn't implemented yet and nobody was 100% sure on how exactly these dragons were going to work. And thanks for adding the posts. I'm brainstorming for what I can add to mine. When I do add to it, I'll also make a reply stating that I've updated my post with more information.
  9. It's really freaky to see that in the original prize thread that I was the first one to be public.... weirder still, I happened to be online the exact moment they were handed out. So then I was the first one to show a prize to #dc. Oh God, all of the views my scroll got just as I said I won.... not even viewbombers, it was purely people who were curious. I suppose one thing you could do Amazon is make an update to either the second or first post to includes links to posts like mine with contain more valuable information. And for onlookers of this thread, if I ever happen to be around at the moment I'll answer whatever questions I see that are unanswered. I know there's a lot of misconceptions about raffle and prize (especially HM) stuff in general so I'm more than happy to clear them up. If you do provide a link to mine, if I think of anything else I'll just add it to that post.
  10. More often than not it's because they think that their requested mate will look nice in the Lineage view and/or the requested mate is one of their favourite breeds. And some people might just want something for Lineage. Or others still just want something odd they've never seen before.
  11. Oh I certainly agree with you about codes. I just wasn't intending to list everything that falls into that category because I tend to have a bad habit of going on and on about things forever. Was trying to be as concise as I could be by only giving a few very typical examples.
  12. CB Prizes and HM eggs cannot die from sickness. Hence why so many CB Prizes have insanely high amounts of views and clicks.
  13. You're very much welcome. And I'm glad I got something on the first try.
  14. I will give my input on keeping lists regarding trades. If you want my honest opinion, I think it is only worth keeping a list for people you intent to gift to and for people who offer you a unique, exceptional trade. What exactly constitutes a unique, exceptional trade? Basically, anything that people don't constantly have on hand. I will tell you right now, in my honest opinion it really is not worth it to take offers of CB Metals or NDs in exchange for putting the person on an IOU list UNLESS that list is very small (no more than 3 people). People always have CB Metals and NDs on hand. You can post up a 2nd gen Prize from your dragon and just ask for those and people will offer on it regardless of the pairing. Some stuff in the realm of unique and exceptional would be an interesting Lineage somebody has that you want, another 2nd gen Prize, or something like a Holly. Basically like I said, things people tend to not have on hand at any given moment. It will save you a lot of headache in the long run to think twice about what people offer you in return for a spot on your list. Don't end up with a list so huge that you find yourself with a dragon that won't produce what you need and a bad feeling in your gut because of all of the people waiting (they won't be mad at you or anything, most people understand. You yourself will just feel upset about it because of it being largely out of your control.). If you want to know how I handle my lists, I don't let the 2nd gen Tinsel list go above 3 people and I don't let the 2nd gen Tinselfail list go above 6 people. I give both lists some time to clear before opening either back up again. I highly advise that you keep the names of people on your list(s) private. People can and will PM others that they know are on a CB Prize owner's list. I find it simple to just have a number of the amount of people on the list in public view, so that people are aware of how many people are on it at any given time. Protecting the people you're trading with is such an easy thing to do, they will definitely appreciate your protecting them so that nobody hounds them about their spot in line. It is none of their business, it is only the business of you and the person on your list. What you accept for 2nd gens from your dragon (be it Prizes or Prizefails) is all up to you. But whatever you do, think about it and consider the future and make sure you don't set yourself up for stress and frustration by ending up with a list that's far too large for your one dragon to handle. Fairly sure I hit the all of the most important parts here. Let me know if there's something you think I've forgotten or if anything needs clarification.
  15. I did it a fair bit. Along with lottos (but I don't do those anymore because of reasons. Don't ask about it.). And FFAs before Teleport was implemented. Pretty sure I've given away more than I've traded....
  16. Hah wow, what. I'd get a Green or Black Stripe too.... stop being similar to me.
  17. It obviously wasn't a waste to the people who got such a thing. CB Alts and Hybrids give you a unique Lineage opportunity. Hardly seems like a waste, if you ask me.
  18. I'd be willing to help with that, whenever you start it. I'm sure I could provide plenty of information since I have an original CB Tinsel and thus I've had a lot of time to experiment with many methods of distributing offspring from my dragon.
  19. You're linked to a page with a form that you fill out. You don't know when the egg will show up. It just happens.
  20. Oh. I think something I will pass along to the people of this thread, in the event you do win.... .... if you're after stuff like CB Metals or Neglecteds, don't ever bother forming a list for that. People always have these things on hand and will trade them for any 2nd gen Prize pairing. Seriously. Just post the egg itself when you have it, that way you (and the person you trade with) get instant gratification and you have less of a list to worry about.
  21. Have fun with that one. It's been my intention since I placed in the Tree Contest. Still not done. I can only imagine how insane that undertaking will be for a fresh Prize Dragon.
  22. The very nature of your suggestion works on the length of time the individual has been playing. You can say all you want that it doesn't, but it does.
  23. Came in here to check on things. Good to know that non-Holly prize donations will be sorted out soon. I can't wait to see who will win my non-Holly donation. maybe I should do it again next year too Don't even ask what it is. It is exactly what you are hoping for.
  24. I was about to tell you that there is a way to turn off PMs, and went to look for the option and saw it wasn't there. Guess it isn't on this version of IPB, or TJ disabled that for whatever reason. Anyway, informing winners about harassment seems like a good start. To add onto this, which admittedly has nothing to do with harassment, stating more about when you'll actually get the egg. There was no ETA given, you just get it randomly with no warning or contact. Based on some of the things I read from earlier in the year, this still seems to be the case with Prizes being handed out. @fuzzbucket, yeah I made sure to read your profile before saying what I did. I'd just be a massive hypocrite if I didn't, seeing as how much I don't tolerate people who can't be bothered to read simple things that are right on display for them to read.