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  1. Also, even back when limits were a thing eggs were already picked up right away at the beginning. It slowed down considerably once people caught their share.
  2. You're very welcome! I'm glad the egg found a good home! Edit: If you can't think of something, may I suggest substituting a Red Copper? They work well.
  3. Yes, this is the important thing to note about Holiday dragons. They breed true for one week out of the entire year. No other kind of breedable dragon does that (the closest are seasonals, which are a quarter of the year which is still considerably longer than just one week). I think it would just be best to have multiclutching as a BSA option for all dragons.
  4. I'll contribute some information here solely for your purposes, since I know at least a few people in here would appreciate it. Galletian Victory, an original CB Bronze Tinsel, has been bred regularly for his entire existence. If I were to guess how many weeks of missed breeding there has been, it would probably be about 5. Four of those being times where I did not have computer access, and only one of those being a time where I didn't get around to it because I was incredibly busy. There haven't been many refusals. I can only remember three off of the top of my head: Lumina, Tan Ridgewing, and Skywing. I think there's been one or two others, but I'll have to check in a few days because I honestly cannot recall them at the moment. The worst bout of breeding has to go to this Turpentine. There was a lot of no egg/no interest, probably because the two just didn't like each other much in general. But because there was a Turpentine involved, I was just glad to not get a refusal and thus kept it up for as long as I could. Looking back, I probably should've bothered to attempt at least one switch to a different Turpentine. But whatever, it's done so I don't care now. I've only done breeding to a Holiday dragon out of season once, because it was a request. The lack of breeding him to Holiday dragons out of season isn't for any real reason, I just generally have more interest in regular dragons overall. It's my intention to breed at least one Tinsel from every single pairing I can possibly do (including Holiday ones). This has been my intention ever since I first found out I won. For now, I'm working on establishing the pairs (so it doesn't matter what they give me for now, so long as it's something). After I've done most everything I plan to go back and breed the ones that haven't made a Tinsel yet. For the last few months I feel that he has been breeding very well and I am very satisfied. Overall, I think he breeds just fine. Yeah, there's some ups and downs but it's to be expected. If there's anything else you'd like me to elaborate on because you'd actually find the information useful, just let me know.
  5. I am so happy to see Valentines limits lifted as well. I'm sure the person I was hoping to swap with will be over the moon as well.
  6. It was kind of funny at the time. Some people got mad/upset at me for fogging it. Gosh, it's not like you didn't have every other Bronze Prize at the time to look at instead of mine.
  7. I remember trying to get tons of views. I decided the distinction of 1337 clicks was more fun.
  8. It's a glitch in the forum software. It's a result of a moderator/admin editing your profile. Plenty easy to deal with, you'll just have to edit them out.
  9. Amusement at my dragons being one pair of the grandparents.
  10. You'd have the highest bounty on your head out of all DC users if you managed that again.
  11. I'm pretty sure for most owners (and this definitely includes me) being rude doesn't shoot you to the back of the line. It gets you kicked off of it.
  12. I pretty much hold this sentiment as well. I also would like to note that not all CB Prize owners trade for junk for solely themselves. Some of us do it because we want to help out our friends more than just getting junk for ourselves. That isn't to say I haven't traded for my own benefit; I certainly have but gave away much more than whatever I kept. There's also that part where I gave away tons of 2nd gens (in many different manners, most recent new way was a donation to last year's Holly contest). I also know of one other owner who traded for junk just to give it away as well, and not even necessarily to their friends. I just only keep a list for Prize swaps because it's the only thing I find worth keeping a list for nowadays. I spent a few years breeding my dragon for the users as well as I could. I want to work on my project to just breed him to everything, and everybody else can deal with the fact that that's what I'm gonna do with my dragon from now on. I still sometimes post 2nd gens up for trade or gift them away, so it's not even like it's that much different from before other than the fact that I just don't keep a list for regular trades any longer.
  13. She has the Silver Tinsel avatar, but won the Bronze Tinsel. In the end, she got the Silver Tinsel anyway. thought I might as well continue it.
  14. Great to see that the new prizes have been handed out. And congrats to those who won from the re-draw.
  15. You know, it's actually not even always separate people that'll try to pressure you. Sometimes it can be an entire group of people. It's quite amazing how quickly people will abandon reason and indeed even the rules themselves when there's a 2nd gen Prize involved. It's pretty easy for me to tell when somebody is trying way too hard to get on my good side. Being way too eager to help with menial tasks is one of those. But yeah, most people do back off when you tell them "no" the first time. Most.
  16. Yeah, I don't agree with this at all. My Tinsel breeds way better than most of my metals do. I only have one pair of metals that seems to breed decently well no matter what, and even those aren't as prolific as my Tinsel (and some of the 2nd gens from him I kept).
  17. Prizes typically get handed out late January (the first set of Prizes ever being handed out the day before Valentines) due to the time it takes for everybody to respond and waiting on any necessary redraws that need to be made. It might not be a problem for all users, but you yourself just stated the thing that matters the most. It would be a lot for TJ to do at once, especially considering he has the rest of his life to attend to as well. All of DC's limited releases, along with cute little events that go with them, all happen from the span of late October to mid February. Late November releases are feasible because of the timing between Halloween events and Christmas events, but I do not think the same holds true for the time between Christmas events, the raffle, and Valentines.
  18. Yeah, that was the proposed point along with there being monthly releases now. I personally don't agree with it (and a few others don't agree as well) because it just seems like way too much going on at once with Christmas, the raffle, and then Valentines as well.
  19. You have nothing to worry about. See: the f-bomb Tinsel.
  20. She wins the Bronze Tinsel, but her avatar is that of a Silver Tinsel. .... I dunno, I just found it kinda funny. I don't know why. Regardless, congrats.
  21. I'm not Amazon obviously, but I feel I can respond to this well enough since it pretty much applies to me as well. When I tell people not to PM me about something regarding my dragon, most people actually do listen and do not PM me. Unwanted PMs are few and far between. I get more PMs about it in the IRC, where there aren't profiles, once somebody learns that I'm the owner of Galletian Victory. In that case I'm polite and tell them the status of my lists so they're aware, and they thank me for responding and we both go our separate ways. Edit: After I posted this it reminded me of a few cases where I actually had somebody PM me, then have a 2nd PM from them just minutes later containing an apology and that they didn't notice the line in my profile/signature.
  22. This is really how I feel about this discussion at the moment. TJ said he's not going reveal statistics regarding entries and that he feels the win rate is appropriate, so that whole part of this situation can't even really be discussed any longer. I've been watching this thread today and everything is just going in a pointless circle. It really is best to wait and see what doubling the population of CB Prizes will result in.
  23. To know for sure that the advice I gave has been taken to heart by at least one person makes me happy.
  24. Same here. None of my friends are awake. I've been dying to know if any of them won.
  25. I have given away far more 2nd gen Tinsels than I have traded away. Further still, some of those traded away I did so to help my friends obtain really rare stuff that they still needed for scroll completion. So, even if you see one up for trade for something like an ND it doesn't always mean the owner is doing it for their own benefit.