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  1. Congratulations to the new winners, who are many in number!
  2. That is absolutely a real issue. Take a look for yourself. I myself liked using Trios and Tsunamis as what I lovingly referred to as "disposable rares" when I was trying to make the Zombie line, because they reliably gave me Tinsels and were easy to acquire. Edit: Hahah yes, even gens with Prizes being much more feasible to have going a few generations will be nice too. I'm looking forward to that!
  3. No it isn't. --- I'm glad to see that 600 new prizes will be handed out. With such a huge increase I think that you really cannot judge how much of a difference it will make until it's been several months after their introduction. I was expecting an increase of winners this year, but certainly not one of that size.
  4. No HM is admittedly disappointing, but so many new prize owners is going to be fantastic.
  5. This is the first step to having a Zombie stairstep. It'll be a fun side thing that won't take too much effort.
  6. http://dragcave.net/lineage/L578I Don't ask me how many dragons died in the name of this. All that matters is that it is finally done. It's finally done. Edit: I'm also amused at the zombie's decision to move itself to the top of my scroll. Okay whatever, you do that I guess.
  7. http://dragcave.net/lineage/L578I After so long, I have finally made BronzexZombie!
  8. To the people who have issues with Flash ads, you should consider specifically getting something that automatically blocks Flash elements on a page until you give it the go ahead to load or just outright getting rid of Flash if you never actually need it for anything you do. Doing the latter will make only regular image and text ads load for you. I haven't tested out the former in a while, but it probably still just leaves a space the size of the ad that signifies a blocked Flash element. DC's ads appear to be serviced by Google ads from what I can tell (if you happen upon this post TJ, feel free to correct me if my assumption is wrong), and Google generally does a good job of screening their ads. There are times where a Google ad may cause what's called a "false positive" which are when safety measures of browsers, anti-virus programs, etc. wrongly detect a security issue. These events are pretty rare though, and I myself haven't had one happen to me in a while nor have I been seeing people freak out (as they always do, which I can understand if you're uninformed on the subject) about one. But as the name would tell you, when that happens nothing bad is actually happening and there's no real danger... it's just an unfortunate accident. I'm not saying to disregard every warning you get for stuff like this. I'm telling you that if you get such an issue on one or more sites that use only Google ads that there's a pretty decent chance there's no actual threat. Those issues usually get taken care of pretty quickly anyway. The thing about ads on sites is that they generate revenue based upon not just clicks, but also by virtue of the ad being loaded in the first place. By blocking an ad, you do take away some amount of revenue the site would be getting just because those ads are not being loaded. DC's ads are in no way intrusive. My personal opinion is that sites should be working towards putting up ads that aren't intrusive. You know... no things popping up in your face, things making noise, stuff appearing after hovering over certain words, ads being serviced by sketchy places, or the page being quite literally loaded to the brim with ads. I don't fault people for blocking intrusive ads at all, because they are a nuisance and they are what actually give you things like viruses. If a site doesn't have intrusive ads, you should really consider disabling your adblocker and taking whatever other additional methods you need for a pleasant browsing experiencing (like blocking Flash elements as I mentioned earlier). This goes doubly so for places where it's clear that the site is not being run by some corporation or individual with lots of money. A lot of people blocking ads adds up way more than you think it does, and I've personally had to deal with this and it sucks. So please, all I ask is that you explore other options instead of just condemning all ads ever because not all ads are dangerous and it still saddens me that this mindset continues to permeate everything. Do some research, you might be surprised to find out what you learn and just how many options out there you have. --- I only have two gripes with the Actions page. The first is the lack of a space between the main content of the page and the ad itself. This space is present on most if not all other pages on the site but appears to be missing on the Actions page. Here are some screenshots I took to show what I'm talking about (I like obnoxiously green things, I know I'm weird). My other gripe, which is much larger than the first one, is that the order the actual actions are presented in make little sense. It would be much better if they were ordered in a way according to how commonly those actions are used/needed. I don't see why "Kill" is the first action listed and why "Hide" is the last action listed. If anything, those two specifically would do better off being switched with one another. The rest of the ordering can also be slightly altered in a few different ways that would work out much better than how it is now. I'm not going to bother giving any specific suggestions for that since Actions do vary slightly depending on the state of the dragon, and also the fact that really this is such a simple thing that it shouldn't take longer than a few minutes of thinking to make it better. It really doesn't need a lot of input from other people as to what the order should exactly be, it just needs actual thought put into it (which given by the current order that really hasn't been considered much).
  9. I'm glad you appreciate the humour. Also I wish I found this post and responded to it a bit sooner, but eh.
  10. Seems like a very detrimental thing. I'd imagine quite a few people have joined DC because they saw somebody's dragon, viewed its info page, and looked at at least one person's scroll.
  11. Anybody could avoid this by simply being logged out when looking at dragons.
  12. Not everybody uses solely hatcheries, or uses them at all. I lurk on quite a few places, and I have seen DC dragons in peoples' signatures on lots of forums based many different kinds of subjects.
  13. The image displays the current party members in a user's party. All of the icons are on one big grid image (I know you did something like this with the Valentine's flower event this year), most instances of icons on the site utilises that big grid and I think that the party image is no different. It's fairly easy since every icon fits within a 32x32 space. The image links back to a user's profile. There's actually a drawback to using this automatically updating image, though. Views gained from it give less maturity points. That said, I'm pretty sure that part wouldn't really apply to DC but my intention with this post is just to explain how the image works. Edit: As I think about the Get Code page on DC, I personally would only rarely need the BBCode for all of my dragons. I just had a thought. What if each dragon on it were displayed with their image, code, and a checkbox? Clicking the checkbox of a dragon will have all of the information Get Code gives show up in two boxes, one for BBCode and one for HTML. Then there is also an option to simply check all to save time. This way users have the option of quickly getting the information for particular dragons as well as simply being able to get everything's information right away. I haven't really read through this thread so I have no idea if somebody's suggested something like that. If it's unclear and you'd like to know more, I can make an image to demonstrate.
  14. I do not understand the people who want the person to be forced to give a public apology. If it they were to give a truly sincere one in the first place, the situation would not have escalated as far as it did. I myself once knowingly talked to somebody on a different site about a situation I dealt with before, knowing every single detail about the situation but pretended that I didn't when I was talking to them. This person was a staff member. I asked them what had happened, and they still lied about the entire situation where even though I knew exactly what happened I truly would have forgiven me if they told me the truth and gave a sincere apology. And... well, they didn't. They still straight-up lied to me and only gave me an apology that sounded sincere, but I knew it was not truly sincere because I had access to information about the entire situation. Information that, mind you, I could not have possibly known had I not had one of my other staff members do the right thing and report this person (which they considered a friend) despite how uncomfortable they felt doing so. I guess the point I'm trying to make is, even when something is being handled 100% privately... the person (general person here, I am not referring to the person this thread is talking about) involved still has the choice of disregarding everything and being insincere and even outright lying about the situation even when they are aware telling the truth and owning up to it is likely to have them be forgiven (being forgiven doesn't always mean getting out of some form of punishment, however). So the people who ask for forced apologies, please keep what I just said in mind. If the person in a situation feels like they truly need to apologise, they will. If they don't feel like they have to, or don't want to, then they won't apologise. That is just the way it is. It is better left this way instead of forcing people to do things, whether they were planning to do said things or not. You may certainly ask for a personal apology if you were directly involved in a situation, but a big one intended to be made towards the public is a huge thing to do. That's why if it were to happen, it needs to actually be the person's choice to do so.
  15. Removing somebody from staff is as public of a punishment as banning somebody. Yes, it is observable by all users. But is a big huge post made about it detailing what happened? Almost never, and in the times that it is done it is for the most extreme of cases where the person in question is a genuinely dangerous individual (as in somebody actively endangering or severely damaging the lives of others). You might be able to see that somebody seems to no longer be a staff member, or that a user you saw posting around a lot is suddenly banned... but that doesn't mean you know the reason why that is. And you usually don't find out either unless you find somebody who knows about the situation and is okay with talking about it in private, or the people involved are discussing the matter on a different site. It's very possible to quietly demote or ban somebody, but the success of it staying quiet depends on the individual situation. So yes, while demoting or banning somebody is a form of punishment that can be observed readily it really is not a completely public form of punishment if you ask me. The details behind the punishment itself are still kept private. Applying the punishment and actually talking about it openly are two completely different things. I guess I don't understand your concern over the whole demotion as a punishment being too public thing because the way I see it, it makes me think... then what do you do as punishment for extreme cases?
  16. The best (read: worst) thing ever about moderation.
  17. In my experience people became more rabid about getting 2nd gen offspring from Prizes in general after the first round of Shimmers grew up. For me, there was a marked increase of people asking/bothering me about it during that time. It died down some at around the same time Shimmers spread around enough that they didn't command high prices regardless of their gen.
  18. http://dragcave.net/lineage/K4BC0 Got my part of a glorious swap earlier today.
  19. Well, you can't get CBs of old Holidays if you weren't around at the time of their release (barring Christmas dragons, and only if you win the raffle and decide you want one).
  20. Tinsels were created to be Prizes, but Shimmers were intended as a regular release and got re-purposed as Prizes by their creator when the option was given.
  21. You have no idea of knowing what might happen to a person. There's a difference between leaving by one's own choice and just suddenly being outright unable to put time into something due to life issues.
  22. Also, even back when limits were a thing eggs were already picked up right away at the beginning. It slowed down considerably once people caught their share.