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  1. Just because it might not be against the rules now doesn't mean it isn't something that shouldn't be considered now that we have a proper trading hub and notifications to go along with it. It's very common for new rules to form a bit after a site has introduced a large update such as this, because users might do things you didn't consider while developing whatever said feature is.
  2. The idea is as a form of punishment who are being genuine nuisances through trading, the most prominent example being continuously putting up the same thing for trade even though it's already been declined multiple times. If someone is doing this on a large scale, I think it is something that should be looked into just as you would with inappropriate messages within the "Wants" box on a trade. This would absolutely not effect somebody whose offer was simply declined, but someone who is continually being a nuisance to multiple people who are just trying to trade their stuff. You also wouldn't even have the option to block someone from a specific trade of yours until you've declined an offer of theirs multiple times in the first place (Starscream suggested three declines initially).
  3. Something like this would be invaluable. Definitely agree with it on being an option given to you instead of it happening automatically. The only instance in which I think that should result in banning them from all trading and not just a specific trade is when a user has a particularly high rate of getting blocked (don't really have a suggestion on what that would be since there's not much data on such a new system). Even then that should just be temporary thing, and not something permanent. I've no doubt that with trades now being on a hub on-site that this may unfortunately become more of an issue. Not a huge one, mind you, but it's still an annoyance that is better off having something in place in beforehand to help it not become more than a very uncommon nuisance. I do also agree with others who have suggested letting you know on any trades you've offered on if you've had previous offers already declined.
  4. Zombie hatchlings are simple enough, since it's not a lot of effort to let a bunch of hatchlings die off from running out of time a week or so before you try to revive them and just hang onto links to the codes. Adult zombies are just awful, though. I admit they're a bitter subject for me personally. I'd be in favour of bumping up the odds of success but not by that much. They are, after all, supposed to be an accident. The kill rate for adults needs to be fixed, though. I like the idea mentioned of making a killing BSA, though in my mind it would be sort of like a Fertility but for killing. Gang up on one dragon to increase the odds of striking it down, something like that.
  5. Man, I didn't even notice that thing. Thanks. I hate tiny elements on light coloured themes for this reason.
  6. It'd be nice if the box to edit your profile info in settings weren't so short. Going through it three lines at a time is pretty painful.
  7. DC absolutely does need to have updated standards, but not in the way of changing its core mechanics. They're honestly perfectly fine as they are for the most part. There is a lot of merit in how passive DC is. If you change it that hard then it's simply not DC any longer. The standards DC needs to update are quality of life and UI updates. Like, really REALLY badly. Especially in regards to things like scroll organisation. The core of DC is fine, but I'm really pained by the lack of polish when it comes to the UI. So much of it can be streamlined to be better. And before people cry about Javascript usage on the site, there's a lot that can be fixed/altered without the use of it. (For those who are not aware... I am one of the founders of GPX+, a site mentioned in the OP, though I am no longer working on site as of 2 years ago. Nothing against the site specifically, just personal reasons. I mention this because since OP brought up the site and my experience with it influences my above paragraphs.)
  8. As a person who has worked with web stuff I can tell you it's extremely easy to accomplish. Only a handful of minutes of effort, really.
  9. The solution, which is to use a verification system of some type, has actually already been mentioned in this thread.
  10. Nobody would waste their time doing that manually. You can just put together something that handles the whole process automatically. That's how pretty much every account linking service in anything works. It's also how such things end up being optional by default, because forcing it is a ton of extra work.
  11. Putting the different egg sizes into a universal fixed-size container is brilliant. I imagine a container just slightly larger than the regular egg size would work well. --- This would be a fun to see happen (I'm also curious to see how tiny the question mark on a pygmy egg would be.), especially as we get more drakes and pygmies. But it's also that kind of thing where it isn't a huge bummer if it doesn't happen.
  12. Another big factor about sprite updates is that improvements to sprites make the game more appealing to people. I know of at least one person that liked DC as a concept but didn't join for the longest while because they didn't like the quality of the sprites on the site. I've also lurked on some random DC threads on other communities that often wished that more sprites would be updated. While I understand why people get upset when something changes, the fact of the matter is that what's most important at the end of the day is how the site is perceived by not just some of the users within that site's community, but how others not as directly involved in the DC community itself perceive it as well. If a site has attractive visuals, it's more likely to garner and keep users.
  13. I see modifying the URL to use view and lineage on cave eggs as questionable functionality. I do not feel the same way about modifying the URL to use view and lineage on AP eggs. The reason I bring up get URL modification and Teleport is to give an example of something that TJ was passive about for years but eventually decided to do something about it. As for lag, I've said early on in this thread that doing something like turning descriptions into images would barely have an impact. I've seen this exact thing done in a sometime laggy environment like DC's. Accessibility is definitely something to be considered, however. The worst thing one can do in regards to that is bring captchas into the mix, which I'm glad to see has been shut down any time it's been brought up in this thread. Captcha has no place outside of stuff like handling sensitive information (such as logging in or changing details on a profile). DC doesn't even really need it all (except for stuff like account registration, I guess).
  14. I'm not underestimating TJ. I assume he is aware of it. But after things like the whole get page URL modification and Teleport fiasco, it's clear that something can be deemed an exploit and be modified years after its discovery and widespread usage. Things like that are the type of big decisions I'm talking about having to make, when you have to decide if some form of site behaviour is something that should be done away with. Whether it's a decision made within minutes, weeks, months, or even years. Sometimes those decisions lead to new site functions. Other times, it leads to doing away with something. I consider the viewing cave things to be something similar to the get page URL modification, something not really all that malicious but from a programmer's perspective doesn't make too much sense as to why it's around at all. I personally don't care if it goes away or not, but if the suggestion proposed in this thread were to happen then I would prefer it be done away with.
  15. You're welcome to your own opinion, as is everybody else. The reason why I see the using the view page to see a hidden egg's identity as an exploit stems from my own experience as a site administrator. To me, people viewing info that is intended to be hidden from their view is an exploit. An egg's lineage is not hidden info (unless the owner of the egg fogs it, of course), and thus viewing a bred egg's lineage no matter if it's on a scroll or in the AP is perfectly normal and reasonable behaviour and functionality. The whole distinction between the cave and AP is that in the cave you only have descriptions to go by, and the egg's specific species is not shown to you. You only have the dark egg with the red question mark as an image. In the AP, you can see the species of the egg (or hatchling) as its specific species is shown instead of merely the description and a generic image. Therefore me, as a player on DC, see the cave and can reasonably come to the conclusion that the only way I can know what I'm grabbing from the cave is by knowing descriptions. And in the case of species that share descriptions, it's then up to the luck of the draw (or in some cases, what biome I'm in) as to what I actually end up getting. I myself don't utilise the view link on cave eggs, and I really do have to wonder if changing it so one couldn't use the view (or lineage) link to see the identity of cave eggs would really cause as much of a problem as you're suggesting it would. It's certainly not very dangerous in terms of exploitations in general, but that doesn't mean it isn't an exploit. It's very valid to bring up changing it, because as I explained there's at least some reasoning from basic site functions that can justify doing away with it. It's something that hampers this suggestion, as well as being something that some (I accept my opinion on this view page thing may be in the minority, but that doesn't mean I'm literally the only person ever to hold the viewpoint) feel treads the line of stuff like the whole get page nonsense from before Teleport happened. People didn't really consider the whole get page URL modifying to be an exploit because it was so widespread. But lo and behold, it got fixed despite being around for years and years. The exploit did have the interesting effect of creating trading within the game, although it was completely unofficial and none of those trades could be properly policed by forum/IRC staff. If somebody caught the egg you were trying to refresh for, too bad for you. Thankfully Teleport was brewed up to bring actual, official trading into the game once the get page exploit was finally fixed. Hopefully I've explained my viewpoint well enough, if you'd like further clarification then I'm more than happy to clear up anything. I don't think it's wrong to question the validity of something that exists. Unintentional behaviour from a site is something that often times doesn't get looked at by a site's administrators even if it's something that's been known for a long time. I know that because I've been there myself, and have had to make decisions regarding whether or not some long-standing functionality (unintended or not) should be changed.
  16. Using the view page to view the true identity of unclaimed caves eggs may not be the most dangerous thing one could do, but it absolutely does defeat part of the point of the distinction between cave and AP. I never claimed that TJ said the function of the view page would be changed, I only suggested to OP that they should advocate for the view page to be modified in such a way that that particular exploit could no longer be utilised by scripts to bypass their suggestion and thus render it pointless.
  17. Teleport was created because of an exploit in the game. An exploit that people openly used and posted about, and it was stated that it was going to be fixed eventually regardless of whether Teleport was going to happen or not. Just because an exploit/glitch/loophole/other unintended behaviour has been around for a while doesn't mean it won't ever get fixed. Anybody who has been on DC for several years can tell you that.
  18. It'd also stop more advanced scripts. Instead of saying the existence of an exploit invalidates the entire suggestion, one should instead advocate for said exploit to be fixed. It's clearly something that goes against the spirit of the game.
  19. It really is not that simple. Scripts come in far more forms than things that are just run from a browser. --- Also regarding the view page to see a cave dragon's true identity, I doubt it would be that difficult to have the view page throw an error when you're trying to go to the page of an egg that's still sitting unclaimed in the cave. Such a thing would stop that exploit effectively.
  20. My only gripe with the lineage view is that there's no line break between the bottommost part of the lineage and the ad box. Such a line break exists on other pages, and it's something I really appreciate as a rather twitchy person.
  21. Well, this is quite an interesting thing to see suggested here. I can give quite a lot of insight on a proposal like this, having been part of putting together this exact type of thing in the past elsewhere. However, I'm not going to explain in great detail how it works because doing so on a public platform doesn't sit well with me and is just bad ethics in general. (TJ if you see this and are curious, you are free to contact me privately to discuss it.) Regarding legibility: Black text was generated on a transparent background. On the site these images were displayed in a box that utilised a light shade of a particular theme's background colour to ensure readability on all themes. Really, it wouldn't be that hard to have specific text generated for each separate theme on DC. Impact on both the server and client side was negligible, because the file sizes were all very tiny. When implemented fully and properly, this type of system works insanely well to stop text-reading (and more advanced ones as well) scripts. It even thwarts work-arounds. Unfortunately, you'll just have to take my word on that as I don't want to publicly discuss it for a number of reasons. The other big one outside of ethics being that... I just really don't want to give the wrong people the ideas/clues they needed to go that extra mile. You can never know who is watching (this is nothing against anybody in this thread or any specific person, it's just a general comment). If you have questions for me, feel free but... I will not answer anything that gets into internal workings of how such a system functions.
  22. This is something that anybody who applies for a moderator position needs to be deeply aware of. It's a fact: if you moderate a community of any size for a considerable length of time, you will end up dealing with something downright soul-crushing. I've been through that myself multiple times. It is not fun, but it comes with the territory. And even if you think you're mentally prepared for such a thing, you'll quickly learn you aren't. I myself thought I could handle anything. I've been through some stuff that made me learn I can handle most things, but the most extreme of the extreme can break anybody.
  23. An extra link on a webpage, especially one that's only one word long, is not going to cause any significant increase is a page's load time. --- The Wilderness is one of those little quirky things that I would enjoy seeing expanded a bit, but I do agree with everybody else here that it's not entirely needed and the energy expended could be put into something more immediately useful.
  24. The Breeding page drives me insane. I really wish the following things would be done to it: - Have the nice combo loading/filter page that Fertility has. - Have a link to the dragon's lineage where their name/code appears. These two things alone would make breeding much less of a headache and would not really be time-consuming to put together.
  25. It's never really been a problem for me, personally. But it's easy enough to just fog your dragons until they're low time. I would say just be very careful about trading your Prize Dragon's offspring for a while, perhaps wait a day or so before sending the Teleport just to be safe. I often do that myself.