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  1. Well I caught four, first was hard to get but then the other three were easy.
  2. I'm not going to sit here and argue through it, but I'd just like to point out that there is some crazy dimorphism in real life. For example, females tend to be the big bosses in the bug world, whereas in the bird world the males tend to be more colourful and flashy than the females. Or it could be something simple with dogs where the male is just a big bigger than the female. I suggest reading up on dimorphism in animals, it's actually quite fascinating. --- Anywho, the three hatchlings I had all grew up about a few minutes ago.... now need to decide if I have to get more Spitfires or not. Don't really like Waverunners that much.
  3. Grabbed some for me and a couple friends that aren't around.... I'm pretty sure I know what these are so this should be interesting.
  4. Yeah, Nintendo doesn't care unless you're making money directly off of selling stuff that's theirs without permission.
  5. My Night Glory grew up but only my Orchedrake showed up on the breeding list but they failed to make an egg so.... Anyway, my Terrae things only have a little ways to go now too.
  6. Well I already knew what the Glories look like. One looks like chocolate, the other is yellow without looking bad (yellow is a hard colour to use). I like the Terrae dragons, though that's partially because green is my favourite colour. The Shallow ones are interesting, but I don't like Magi dragons so I suppose I'll have to get other people to supply me with eggs of these.
  7. I dunno, one of the eggs looks like it was attacked by a Ditto. I don't have that egg, but one of them does have a Ditto-like blotch on it.
  8. I'm pretty sure it's because Spinda have multiple spot patterns, and the eggs are similar to that in a way.
  9. Well, if there's truly only 38.... I have them all now.
  10. I have 12 so far.... I like the glassy one.
  11. I do it all of the time, because I've gotten some very amusing and cool codes.