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  1. 19 minutes ago, VixenDra said:

    No, the proposed method, using the detail level of your description of the current on-scroll method, is:

    go to hatcheries page(or have your browser clogged with individual hatcheries). access the 1st, enter login, enter password(!) and confirm, wait for the site to login, type/paste your scroll name, click add/remove, access the 2nd, enter login, enter password(!) and confirm, wait for the site to login, type/paste your scroll name, click add/remove. repeat again for 3rd, 4th, 5th...

    (well, it's not that rare for me to mass add my ER stuff, because hatheries take way too long to hatch ERS! In your case THIS is what would be repeated 3 times - because when hiding/unhiding scroll, you do it for ALL hatcheries, no matter if you use 1 or 20...). the API login only doubles the work. THIS is where: "all that is repeated every time I obtain something new from AP, trading hub, etc. It quickly becomes a hassle." comes in.

    What Naraku explained is that logging in through the API wouldn't need you to then state your scroll's name a second time, as signing in through the API already confirms your scroll name and that you are the owner of said scroll. Upon this confirmation it would then grab and display your growing dragons on the fansite. An example of logging in through the API fetching information can be found on DC Records site where this exact behaviour explained is displayed.

  2. 8 hours ago, Zimtie said:

    @Commander Wymsy - Thank you very much for your code babies! Had to drop some other stuff to make room but it was worth it :wub:



    It was the most I had ever bred at once, I think about 50 pairs. At over 1200 CB codes I can still do more, I just have to establish pairs. Glad you enjoyed them!

  3. 1 hour ago, The Dragoness said:

    Yep, Coppers are consistent. Xenos are still random. 


    Hey @bonvoyage, how is your luck with breeding PBs? One CB Prize can be pretty stubborn so I'm curious about how annoying a pair might be.

    I'm not them, but I got a PB Prize in one try.

  4. I support pretty much any method of egg freezing. Some of the egg designs are genuinely neat and it'd be nice to be able to collect them like you can everything else. I feel the summoning an empty GoN egg is a bit odd though, especially if you could still freeze any normal GoN egg. Instead of putting a weird stipulation on one particular breed the limit should just either be raised by one or people have to make the decision as to whether the egg is worth it for them in my opinion.

  5. What I'd like to see on the page is both the Fertility search and the filter options on the scroll for groups. But really, I'll take either/or on that or pretty much anything else that doesn't involve having a massive list with absolutely no options to sift through it other than crtl F. That seems like it sounds serviceable until, say, I'm trying to easily look through which of my hundreds of interesting codes I can breed with a particular dragon.

  6. 4 minutes ago, osean said:

    I am so glad that this thread exists as it has been really eye opening on what I can expect now with Lil Tj.


    Is any CB owner around that I can PM for some advise?

    You can always bug me if you want. I don't mind answering questions.

  7. I don't use mobile for DC so I cannot comment on its usability for code gathering. But on a computer I see no need. Hovering over eggs to see the URLs is very easy and fast and when I'm out hunting I am very rarely beaten to a code. I do also think it sort of turns it into a more recognised thing in the actual game, which I personally prefer it not be so. It is just a random mash of numbers and letters made to be an ID, after all.

  8. 2 hours ago, The Dragoness said:

    This thread has been really helpful. I'm already in love with my new Tinsel and I'm interested in trading some of her future babies. Are there any mates I should avoid? I know that commons are problematic, but...how problematic? Are certain breeds worse than others? I plan to rotate through mates, which sounds like it should help a little. I don't want to dig myself an IOU grave. 

    Newer commons I find are a pain to get a Prize out of. But, your mileage may vary on that as there's always weird exceptions thanks to RNG (as an example I have a CB Silver that seems to only make more Silvers with my Bronze Tinsel). Like, I've not actually had much trouble getting a Prize out of older, more established breeds and things that are uncommon to rare. For me, the biggest thing I've noticed just seems to be how new/old the breed is. This is what I've observed over the years, seeing as how my goal is to get an egg (Tinsel or otherwise) with every pairing I can possibly do. Hopefully this information is helpful.

  9. I reached the weekly cap within 3 days of just doing stuff I'd normally be doing anyway, which is grabbing a few eggs and breeding a few select dragons. I do have more stuff than normal so I'd guess during a regular week when there isn't a release it'd probably be 4 days for me personally to reach the cap. While I could afford to set aside the time to grind if it were an option, I think this cap better suits DC's more laid-back and slower pace. Since the Market is stated to be supplemental, I think the current prices (especially given that they fluctuate) are fine. Just like in life, if you want something desirable yet expensive you've gotta swallow the pill and save up some cash for a while.


    If there were ever a way to get more shards I think tying it to the little event games would be a good one, with the same 100 shard cap enforced there in such a way that you don't have to achieve 100% completion in the event to hit the shard cap. Just passive poking around at the event like how the cap is with usual site activity, and not grinding to get absolutely everything. I like the shard raffle suggestion given earlier in the thread as well, but I think it should be kept to 200 shards or lower.


    I do hope there is a way to have dragons in the Market that have specific biome alts in the future. While I would not personally care about that, there are a lot of people who do and I see no justifiable reason to exclude them unlike Hybrids, Prizes, and the like.