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Twitter | Trade/breeding info in profile (Updated Oct 2nd 2018) | I collect CB codes! Info in profile.


Breeding info regarding all of my dragons, including CB Prizes, is in my profile.

Seeking a fellow CB female Silver Shimmer owner to help me continue a lineage, info in profile.

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    I AM LOOKING TO CONTINUE THIS LINEAGE: https://dragcave.net/lineage/AVTiF
    If you are a CB female Silver Shimmer owner willing to trade me either a Heartseeker or Silver Shimmer please contact me; I'm more than happy to offer a bloodswap from either my Silver Shimmer or Bronze Tinsel in return.

    I currently DO NOT do lists for 2nd gen Prizes from EITHER of my CB Prizes. I post 2nd gen Prizes up for trade sometimes, so keep a lookout!

    Feel free to ask me about offspring from other, non-CB Prizes I own.


    The 2nd gen Prizefail list is currently closed. I don't have an ETA for when I'll open it back up; I have to make a new system for it.


    I do reasonable breeding requests for free. I've got some amusing name/code combinations. I'll also do commons/uncommons from CB Holiday/Valentines/Halloween/Metal dragons. Just shoot me a PM of what it is you're looking for and I'll get back to you as soon as I see it.


    Pairings that still need to be done in breeding the Tinsel to everything project: Arcana, Zombie Amp., Zombie East, Zombie Lev., Zombie Lin., Zombie Wingless, Zombie West


    My favourite dragons in order of favourite first: Seragamma, Ash, Fell, Aeon, Bright-breasted, Deepsea, Green Nebulas, both Ridgewings, and Sunset.

    I also thoroughly enjoy amusing/interesting CB dragon codes. Especially if they're inappropriate. If you ever find some you think I might like, shoot me a PM.


    I have no tolerance for people who ignore my requests to not contact me about specific things listed in my profile and signature.