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Collect & Explore for pets FYI: my time zone isĀ  -5/6 hours from DC time. Folks I'm way behind on my shimmer list I'll be fixing that soon. Sorry for the delay.

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    Update: June. 20, 2018
    Magic: 2nd gen: Shimmerkin
    Prize Magic: Shimmerkin

    Sorry about the long wait a lot of stuff is way overdue. A lot's been going on in RL and online stuff too. On top of that Magic, and Prize, are just as stubborn as usual.

    Announcement rules have been added to shimmer and shimmer-kins list only.

    Note: I have received a report that PMs may be glitching. So if you see you are on the confirmation list but don't see a PM reply PM from me feel free to PM me again but mention that you did not get your reply.

    Update March 30th: I have seen another PM glitch where the return message is blank when there is supposed to be a reply.

    Note 2: I do occasionally look at PMs on my smartphone. However, I usually hold off replying til, I'm on a computer again as it's harder to type on the smartphone.

    Reminder to all that many of the username on here is very close so mix-ups can occasionally happen.

    1. Check to see if the list is open before PM it's on my DC profile, Google doc, and my L&L lair)
    2. Please name
    3. Ask me before freezing 2nd and 3rd gens shimmer I give you.
    4. I do not bump people around as I know it most likely will get someone mad at me. The only exception is if you were on the list original and have fallen off it and there is solid evidence of the event. I highly recommend if we do make deals well in the Mibbit chat room that you screen-cap the conversation yourself too. I'll try to remember but I do forget to do so now and then. (I also have mibbit logs now too.)
    5. I reserve the right to update my rules as needed

    Magic decedents requests:
    2nd gen list: Temporarily closed.
    3rd gen list: Temporarily closed
    Prize fail list: Temporarily closed
    this is so I can catch up

    Here is the list:
    (PM me if the Google doc is giving you issues it should not though)