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I'm ALWAYS looking for pure black eggs and hatchies of any lineage so long as it is PB even genWishlist and List of What I can breed can be found on my profile, check it out, tons of options. Will breed on request, just ask! I don't bite - much


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    Idaho, USA, North America.
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    Willing to breed anything for something off my wish lists, just let me know!

    Can Breed:
    Some Shineys of Various Origins, Check my scroll to see
    Up to 2nd Generation: Dark Myst Pygmy, Crimson Flare Pygmy, Misfit Pygmy, Reds, Purples, Pinks, Bleeding Moons, Black Capped Teimarr, Fever Wyvern, Thunder, Purple Horse, Sunstone, Moonstone, Terrae, Pillow, Canopy, Ballon, Daydream, Skywing, Royal Crimson, Gold-Horned Tangar, Swallowtail, Spitfires, Embers, Gaurdians, Sunset, Ridgewing (Purple), Two headed, Dutone, Soulpeace
    Up to 3rd Generation: Magis, Black x Stripe Checkerboard, Black x Red Checkerboard
    Up to 4th Generation: Nebulas, Stripes
    Up to 5th Generation: Blacks

    Coming Soon!
    Frostbites, Plated Colossus, Brute, Spirit Wards!

    CB S1 Whiptail Hatchlings for freezing, Plated Colossus, Frostbites, Brutes, Spirit Wards, Blacks

    Gender Specific Wants:
    Females: Swallowtail, Hellfire Wyvern, Day Glory Drake, Black Tip, Golden Wyvern, Olive, Coastal Waverunner, Dark Green, Neotropical, Tri-Horn Wyvern, Bright-Breasted Wyvern, Green, Two-Finned Bluna, Sunsong Amphiteres
    Males: Nilia Pygmy, Seawyrm Pygmy, Electric, Mint, Red-finned Tidal, Black Tea, Ochredrake, Geode, Harvest, Storm, Water, Whiptail, Waterhorse, Speckle-throated