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  1. I can't actually see the encyclopedia myself. When I said I looked at my DH's, I had had to ask him to put up his page. He managed to get another one with that tip, though. I am making him give me that third one, and if he can get another, he'll have to give me that one as well. Nobody else in our group is even going to try. If we could have seen the release earlier, maybe, but unfortunately I had checked that day, but quit around noon. I simply had other things I had to get done, and TJ managed to get us. I don't actually find it funny or enjoyable, to be truthful. But thank you to you kind folks who answered the question.
  2. I can't even find any. I looked at my husband's 2 and their dictionary says "Coast, Forest". Could that mean those 2 all the time, and sometimes in others? So confused and just can't get any. That "Which egg is which" page for newly released has schedules but those make no sense.
  3. After checking several times on Sunday 6/30, deciding there was no new release, I check in again on Friday to find that there was. The pygmies are easy, but I have yet to see the other egg at all. I don't need to do anything this frustrating, I think.
  4. good grief, and already none to be found...
  5. would be nice if when one wasn't in on it the first couple of hours, one could still get eggs....
  6. Well, it didn't look promising, and I was only able get 2 snowball corners, hours ago, and nothing since. Oh, well.
  7. I had turn off all sound on the pc. Less than optimal for streaming video while doing this, LOL. Merry Christmas to everyone. Loved the old game, I think I'm not too impressed with this new version. I do appreciate the effort, though
  8. Thanks very much Looking forward to it!
  9. oh. whoa..read that 24 as 14...well, how many times can one go through this thing,anyway.
  10. DH did go through again, and there are 15 story items,not 14.
  11. well, the DH did his twice and got 13, then 12... I may not even bother. might be fun the first time, but how many times can you just click through without being bored to death. not sure the DH wants to try again.
  12. So, the hubby bred that first alt black with one of the numerous alt greens, and got this: https://dragcave.net/view/kLLHK And after more eggs with no alts, did get 2 more out his last 8. So now it's 168 fails of 171, and 3 successes. If he could get two alts out of every 20, this could work. So maybe it really was an ice-breaker, that first one! He says thanks to every that wished him well, also
  13. I really thought it was one of those code things. Like when they finally figured out that turpentines really wouldn't breed with whatever dragon it wouldn't breed with. It annoys me that I love the alt black hatchling look, but dislike the adults. And because of the rarity, I can't even try to persuade him to freeze it. He has a bunch of the alt greens already. Let's see if he can get any more alt blacks. Thanks for the good wishes.
  14. Hubby wanted me to announce he finally got his first (and maybe only) alt-black in his quest for and even alt-green and alt-black lineage. Started it years ago, couldn't get any alt blacks, gave it up for a long time, and is now trying again. One out of 154 tries...not good odds if you ask me. https://dragcave.net/lineage/oBlio Please wish him luck, I doubt he'll succeed if it takes more than 150 black eggs for each alt. Not to mention all the no eggs or green eggs.
  15. Maybe I was thinking of the incubation thing. It wasn't incubated, he's trying to make a few purple of the new release. I thank you for your advice.
  16. My hubby neglected to unhide an egg, it has less than 2 hours left. He's put it into a bunch of hatcheries,but I thought I remembered something about adding a day, a BSA maybe? Help? *NOTE: the egg did hatch, but if there was something like this, I think I should know, just in case it happens again.
  17. The adults are all so stunning! Much more handsome than I thought they'd be from the infant sprites. Thanks again for the release, happy anniversary
  18. I feel better now I have a pair of each! Thanks for the new dragons, I hope they are as nice as their eggs. I do like the red sprite, I had never liked the old one much. The new one is the same dragon but better. The seasonals look nice too, I liked them fine they way they were, though. Will have to look at the market and stuff later.
  19. I guess this is going to go on without us, because we can't even see a single egg WORST release ever. I'm sure these will be nice, but all five of us are giving up, and by tomorrow there'll be all regular eggs. Very disappointed.
  20. geez. dh's turn and he only saw 2 eggs, all gone..... why can't there be more at the beginning of a release so more people can get some? I have to work, I can't stay up all night well, good-o on everyone else.
  21. doggone it, gone so fast....10 seconds!
  22. Ohm I see now, looking at other posts, people complaining about not getting a warning...yeah, long ago it was said there wouldn't be advanced notice, but also that mostly it would be last weekend of the month except when there are holiday releases. Before that, it was always a long time between releases and we get more now than when I first joined. I think we need to just be happy with what we have, because things have gotten so much better than in the past. And no matter what he does, TJ can't make everyone happy! Human nature being what it is, it's not possible.