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  1. 6th gen magma x red up for grabs (maybe useful for summon?) magma egg
  2. Little vampire hatchie up for grabs undeady
  3. Have: 2nd gen gold tinsel (m) x aeon cb white zyu cb ke'maro Want: offers. Auto: cb ungendered neglected or cb stratarae. Please consider pm me if you want to discuss Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  4. Have: cb thalassa xeno eggie cb pyro xeno eggie cb green dino eggie 2nd gen silver tinsel (F) x aeon (M), influenced female Want: cb ungendered neglected would be auto, otherwise offers Feel free to PM, if I'm not declining right away I'm considering love bundle
  5. Have: 2nd gen gold tinsel from tinsel (M) x gaia xeno (F) egg Want: ungendered cb neglected would be auto. Offers maybe? If not declining I'm considering... and feel free to PM, I won't bite trade link
  6. I've taken it. I will influence accordly (and naming as soon as possible )
  7. Have: cb gold egg Want: cb ungendered neglected gold link or PM I don't bite I could require some time to reply or consider offers, please be patient, I won't ignore anyone. If I don't decline right away I'm considering it.
  8. Have: cb gold eggie 2nd gen silver black marrow (m) x silver (f) silver green dino egg 4th gen thalassa xenowyrm with 2 sa omen wyrm xeno Want: cb male or ungendered neglected is auto, cb strateraes or offers. If I'm not declinining right away I'm considering, I consider IOU. Pm if you want to discuss, I apologize in advance for my english and if I don't reply right away. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  9. Have: 2nd gen gold tinsel (m) x xeno chrono (f) (first of this pair) goldie Want: cb straterae, neglected, swap (shimmer or tinsel doesn't matter) or offers. Link: Make an offer on my egg If I'm not declinining right away I'm considering, I consider IOU. Pm if you want to discuss, I apologize in adavance for my english and if I don't reply right away. Traded, thank you
  10. Thank you for all the efforts and for this wonderful game. The pixel art left me speechless. I really enjoyed playing and, in the end, I cared for the rest of the group as they were long time friends. Thank you for this amazing experience!
  11. In a mind black out I've abandoned a 2nd tinselkin thinking I'm influencing... Gone. And last week completely missed 2 cb gold... amd a gaia and a gemshard.
  12. No spitfires involved only two stubborn yellow zyu To be honest I've not used fertility since was in a hurry
  13. I've decided to breed 2 dragons I've caught specifically for each other... and then they decide to refused each ochers Spoiled misfits!
  14. Have: 3rd evengen heartstealing x spirit ward heartstealing hatchie 2nd gen soulstone x GoN soulstone hatchie Want: Top priority: cb hatchies bsa (purple, red, pink or aeons) ... otherwise offers. I'll use the decline button if I don't like
  15. Sent to Moeru and stargazer! Flowers! Flowers everywhere!
  16. I've seen few but I've not manage to click nothing... =_= Oh well, I hope for the future ^^
  17. Thank you for letting me know! It's very very appreciated! Good night, fellow valentines!
  18. My last valentine for today... let me know where will go
  19. Still here... I'll wait some minutes then I'll send to the ap
  20. This is the valentine you are looking for! /end crappy jedi trick
  21. First time no one answer... this time would you please show yourself misterious valentine? A little thank you or flower would be appreciated *hint hint* Edit: gone with the wind! ^O^
  22. I knew it ^^ And that's why I loved gifting you that eggie Speaking of the thread it's awesome, thank you for creating it! It's a pity I've not seen any pm or post from my valentine, though... That's the risk of the game Let's spread the love again... maybe after some sleep ^^
  23. It was fantastic (and I pm'ed you back, of course )
  24. Must... obey... Darn, too slow... Please, don't force choke me master Vader Edit: spelling correction
  25. Valentine where art thou? Edit: taken ^^