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    ******Thank you all for trading with me!******


    HALF COMPLETE (done my part, waiting for ze magicz from the other dragons ;) )
    ArynChris --> 9 tans (3 females and 5 males... 1 unknown) or chickens. Now: 9/9

    COMPLETE (from both part) Thank you ^.^
    Irabane --> 40 cb bsa hatchies (pink\red\purple\aeon)
    sheppardkid --> her bronze tinsel x gw for my silver tinsel x gw
    salmonbaby --> cb stripe fro her 5gen silver tinsel egg
    soulchaser --> gold tinsel x vine 1* offspring for her bronze tinsel egg
    Wortgewaltig --> cb stripe for 1* offspring from his bronze + offspring silver x white
    Naughtrish --> 1* offspring from Ambromanto and Meridiana (gift)
    Req --> 2 shadow walkers for her gold tinsel IOU
    Blueheart --> tinsel offspring from Illumeos and Ambrata Selene (gift)
    Hellen --> her silver tinsel for 3 specific hatchies
    miro1211 --> first offspring from Endelion x Lamia Nocte
    zenkaty --> offspring from Silversinger
    TurelieTelcontar --> magma, thunder and ice offspring (gift)
    darkangelfallen --> cb grey female hatchie (gift)
    thenameisplissken --> 6 red\pink hatchies for some her tinsels' offsprings
    Lanette --> 2 4th gen tinsel for a cb golden wyvern egg and 2nd gen spring from winter parents
    Alanna the lioness --> tinsel starter pack (bronze + silver + gold eggies) (gift)
    Alasse --> 2 gold tinsel offsprings for cb stripe and black
    skauble --> 3 female canopy hatchie for her silver tinsel x fog (delivered 3/7, skauble considered completed as per her request)
    Irabane --> cb gaia for a cb thalassa