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  1. Is there anyone willing to help me babysit an egg overnight (about 8 hours)? 😂
  2. They might have wanted to give away that dragon but don’t have a forum account or need it to go quickly. Posting a two way public trade link on Trading Hub means all DC players online on the Hub can see it and not just forum users, since there isn’t a way to post an one-way link on the Hub. If a player wants to take the egg, they just need to offer a random unwanted egg (just grab anything from AP, for example). The link’s owner will accept the “trade offer” and then abandon that unwanted egg.
  3. On the bright side, you can swap it for yet another Cheese
  4. BSA wall would be fun and helpful, and would seriously go quite fast! Trios/zyus will be gone in a flash, no joke - they are quite rare anyways, so not exactly easy to massbreed, but I imagine people would be happy to see them in AP.
  5. Forgot to check my magi stock and ran out of teleports after a night of hunting, gifting and trading. Usually I got a good handle on these things... had too much fun! Oh well, I’m locked so nothing to do but wait.
  6. Can someone help me babysit 2 hatchies for about 8 hours?
  7. I need: to erase an influence If you can take my egg, and teleport it back, please reply here - thanks! I influenced something wrong by mistake D8
  8. Yay xD granted, I don’t breed the pair very often, but I got them a long while back during an era when it was basically impossible to breed anything else out of Albinos
  9. I love hunting and trading, just for the fun of it (so happy whenever I see a notification or a trade goes through xD) and I'm an okayish cave hunter whenever I'm patient enough, but I ended up always trading my catches. So now for my scroll goals I would have to keep almost everything trade-worthy that I catch and I feel so tempted to trade them away. Should have prioritized scroll goals first haha but it's so fun...
  10. Can someone help me hold on to an egg for about half a day?
  11. I hope I am not the only one lurking to see if anyone’s caught my eggs... congrats to all for the great finds! Let me know if anyone need mates - some of my favorite types of lineage that I own are featured in this thread (Arsani and Rosebud x Spring, royal blue, green copper, moonstone etc) As for myself, I didn’t keep any 2G soulstones I caught during the event cuz the pairings weren’t my cup of tea, but I did find one I like yesterday while AP hunting - I caught a 3G checker Yellow zyu x Soulstone that was gorgeous. Now I know what I’d be collecting next year! Other great finds: https://dragcave.net/lineage/Xmzlq - Rosebud x Blue Lunar https://dragcave.net/lineage/ZzYDl - Floral Crown x Gold Floret (I think the art styles and rustic/non-flashy colors suit each other) https://dragcave.net/lineage/861tl - Mutamore x Black Truffle Thank you breeders!
  12. HAVE 3G Heartstealing checker w Silver (all named ancestors) Take this off my hands I don't have a mate for it and feel bad keeping it totally forgot i had it 2G Soulstone w/Green Fire Gem (named parents) WANT 2G from Heartstealing: Silver Lunar (same color parent) and/or Gemshard (Green Gemshard parent) 2G Gold Floret from Floral Crown 2G Gold/Hellfire from Mutamore (can trade multiples if Gold) 2G Soulstone with named parents CB offers? (some common hatchies, Xeno, Zyu, gemshard, firegem, etc...)
  13. HAVE Freezebies (Arsani, Val 09, Heartseeker, RA) 2G Heartstealing x Arcana, 2G Mutamore x Hellfire WANT CB Gold/2G gold or silver prize with Gemshard/Aeon - for all, and will add more 2G Prizekin from my signature for all CB Silver/CB Aeon is auto for each link Also love CB xenos (except Pyro), and Zyu (White/Yellow/Blue especially) Offers? Open to negotiations! PM me if you want a different combination.
  14. HAVE: #1 Freezebie (hatchies): Mutamore, Soulstone, Floral gone thank you #2 2G Heartseeker x Sunstone hatchie #3 3G perfect checker w all Alt Sweetlings x Black #4 2G Heartstealing from April Fools Mint Still CB Pink Sweetlings, CB Heartstealings, CB Heartseekers to breed plus a bunch of checkers here (order is 2G Valentine then mate) - Trade takes priority but I'll also breed for free if requested~ WANT: For each link: CB aeon would be AUTO, also love CB Xeno or Zyu (esp. white/blue/yellow) Also looking for 2G Heartstealings x Gold/Blue Lunar (2 is auto for #3) - nicely named parents preferred Other offers? (a 2g prizekin in my sig is auto for everything also but I'm not holding my breath) PM me if you want to split up the link or combine or different combos or to ask anything else~
  15. HAVE 2G Heartstealing from Bronze Shimmer WANT Prizekins in my sig - feel free to PM! Offers? I still have CB Val09, Pink sweetlings, RA, Heartseekers, Heartstealing + various checkers ready to breed this season to throw in for great offers. HAVE Freezebie Rosebud WANT 2g Heartstealing from Blue Lunar - hatchie auto CB Floral crown or Soulstone hatchie CB hatchies?
  16. Ah, I forgot I could check the dragons they linked! I’m such a derp. Thank you so much guys! I’ve sent a PM, so now just gotta wait.
  17. I need: to find someone Recently someone with the scroll name Sigam offered on my trade, but I'd like to contact the person to possibly arrange for a different trade. The forum search does turn up a person with the exact name but it says in their profile that they were last active in 2018... However the offer that was made on my trade was according to my forum post, so the person must have been on the forum yesterday and have seen it, because I didn't write that same content in the Public Trade's Want section (no space). I already messaged the forum account with the same name, but I'm not sure if it's the same person or not... can anyone who knows the owner of scrollname Sigam confirm for me please? Thank you!
  18. HAVE 2G Sweetling from Black Sweetling x Monarch WANT 2G Sweetling from Pink Sweetling x Silver 2G Heartstealing from Green Gemshard 2G Heartstealing from Gold/Silver/Blue Lunar Herald 2G Mutamore from Gold Offers with more than 1 or with hatchies are auto! HAVE 2G Heartstealing from Male Bronze Shimmer WANT Tempted to keep this, but would love 2G Regular Undine or Green Gemshard from F Bronze Tinsel as mates for those in my signature? CB gold? (lol) Offers? PMs welcomed if you need to discuss
  19. Requester's Form Forum name: becondethuong1307 PM link: PM link Egg wanted and special wishes: 2nd gen Electric from Val '09, mate for her Secret field: No holiday requests! Requester's Form Forum name: becondethuong1307 PM link: PM link Egg wanted and special wishes: 2nd gen Nocturne from Val '09, mate for her Secret field: No holiday requests! Thank you Lantean_Pegasus!
  20. Forum name: becondethuong1307 PM link: here Valentines I can breed: CBs: - Sweetling x2 - Heartseeker x2 - Radiant Angel x2 - Heartstealing x2 2Gs (will link to the 3G offsprings from each pair if they've been bred before) - check Group for more details - 09 Val x Earth - Rosebud x Moonstone 3G offspring - Rosebud x Ice (2 unrelated pairs, offspring 1 , pair 2 never been bred) - Rosebud x Royal Blue 3G offspring - Rosebud x Purple 3G offspring - Rosebud x Balloon - Rosebud x Green Copper - just bred today - Rosebud x Spring - Heartseeker x Gold 3G offspring - Heartseeker x Green Copper - Heartseeker x Spitfire - Radiant Angel x Green Copper 3G offspring - on cooldown, last bred Jan 29 - Radiant Angel x Red-finned Tidal - Arsani x Royal Blue (2 unrelated pairs, offspring 1, pair 2 never been bred) - Arsani x Green Copper 3G offspring - Arsani x Spring (2 unrelated pairs, offspring 1 , pair 2 never bred) - Arsani x Ice - Arsani x Moonstone - Arsani x Sunrise What I need:
  21. Bred a 2g Gold from RA as part of my IOU and it was auto'ed. the ONE time I forgot to check >.>
  22. Some people are willing to pay a lot for a cool code because it might be the only one they'll ever find. It depends on how much you value the code, really.
  23. Mandrakekeeper showers me with more wonderful gifts <3 Best Santa ever! Thank you very much for your generosity and thanks to everyone on the thread too <3 May I ask to remove the #4 item from my list (3rd gen white from Holly checker) please? I have just managed to get it on my own Thank you!
  24. Huge thanks to mandrakekeeper for the lovely gifts <3 totally made my day!
  25. Hey, is there anyone looking for 2g Silvers? Mine came off cooldown so I can try.