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  1. Has anyone actually got a pie from Ned? He asked me whether I wanted one but not only did I not get any, I actually did not see him...
  2. Is there a way to track our prgress (i.e.which days we have completed)? I got the "day complete. Return to home?" message but when I went back to the game, it restarted with Perl in my house etc. Help?
  3. Silly question (that must have been asked at least 1000 times already but I have no moral force to go through all the 120 pages): how long do we have to collect all the treats? UNTIL the 1st of November or until the END of 1st of November?
  4. Sorry if this has been mentioned somewhere - we have until when exactly to collect them? 21st of April 11 PM EST? Thank you!
  5. At last! After countless times (have been summoning pretty regularly since the GoN were introduced) managed to finally get one - I used this female Thunder.
  6. The hatchies had me giggling - they look like they are doing some kind of dance (for some reason, make me think of twist) and love, love, love their colours! Well done, sprites, and thanks for another nice and smooth update, TJ: I am in Europe, on a wireless connection and pretty slow machine and I managed to get my 2 and 2 during the 5-minutes drops
  7. Sorry, which release (I have been pretty unactive for a LONG time)?
  8. Ditto for not seeing any coppers since the day they were released - I caught one 2gen on AP ages ago but that's about it.
  9. Well, I started this morning (my time) more or less and I am done Thank you so much for a fun event - BTW, is there supposed to be a new egg?
  10. Well, then my chances of catching them all are even bigger - thank you!
  11. I might be delusional (being at 17/53) but it seems I will be able to get all the eggs after all
  12. FWIW, the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami and the resulting Fukushima nuclear disaster coincided almost exactly with the March 11 drop.
  13. Whilst I do agree that it is a very thoughtful gesture towards people who are faced to the hurricane, I am afraid it is not particularly thoughtful towards all the others who have made plans and have hard time changing them at such a short notice. Also, it seems the damage is monumental and thus many people whom it's supposed to help might not get online in any case, even with this additional delay.
  14. Just noticed the Night Glories - very sleek, this is my absolute favourite until now!
  15. Wonderful event and love the Aliset story! Also, just released a bunch of purebreeds (plus a stairstep Pumpkin) on the AP
  16. I am a bit puzzled: was there a mass drop at all? I got online perhaps 6-7 hours after the release but did not see any abundance of new eggs.
  17. Aaaand done! I still can not believe I got them all - thank you all who participated in organising the event!!! *off to admire the eggies again*
  18. 33/42 - does not seem so bad (I might actually get some sleep ) Something to cheer me up when I am running TestDisk in hopes of getting some of my files on my apparently dead external HD back.
  19. Truly beautiful eggs! *taps foot impatiently, waiting for the end of the maintenance*
  20. OK, FWIW - Username: - annejeanne Number: #3,717 Join Date: 17-March 08 Did not know I was SO old...
  21. Rats, missed the gold But at least they are still dropping, yay!
  22. Gah, I am away for two days and during these, there is a new special egg...