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  1. O-o Interesting. RAinbow colors? I'm in. Thank you! Wait a sec. april fools day? herm.
  2. Omg Happy Vday! I actually got one!
  3. It was like that last night when I was trying. Today I was even trying to get eggs I know that aren't the new eggs but lol still too slow.
  4. Ooh darn it it's a little harder now I think cuz my browser is starting to lag worse now. X_o But I think I like holidays better with biomes. Tbh I haven't really been that big of a fan because I'm lazy to go to different places to look for a certain eggs but it's really loads better for holiday drops.
  5. out of my 4 zombie tries, 2 were successful ( one adult male, one frozen hatchling) and 1 disintegrated and 1 revived successfully.
  6. @_@ omg same here. I can't have an uneven number of eggs cuz I don't like odd numbers. D:
  7. o-o I still have to breed my black marrow. /forgot. D: Do I want black marrow or as much of the new ones as possible?
  8. just got my 3rd zombie......two years later lol. Grats to everyone!
  9. Yay I got a few eggs! They're so pretty I didn't notice the light swirls on it at first. But Happy halloween everyone!
  10. I like coke better than pepsi. I don't know if it's because I'm used to the taste or I it was my favorite when I was a really little kid, but I just like coke better. BUT! I do like the pepsi song.
  11. ): I'll be sad that the forum will be down then but ty for letting us know.
  12. ._. I tried so hard to get the pearl one, but I still failed and so well now that i have 4/5 I guess...I should just keep them. And get pearl eventually. ;_;
  13. My scroll isn't hidden right now. It used to be because I was kinda embarrassed about how many dragons weren't named yet and it was a bit unorganized. But then once I got it organized I was like okay with people seeing my scroll so whatever. Oh wait I might be a little bit hidden because my name isn't on the dragons' pages.
  14. >_> Ugh I missed the pearl egg each time. It feels like it shows up a little less than the others.
  15. >_< I hope these eggs turn out to be common. :x could really use new egg limits now.
  16. Yay Little eggs! Happy bday dc. First time for me to celebrate it.
  17. ah I just found Kila's egg. I knew it was hers once I saw it. =p Or had a strong hunch.
  18. 8D omg I didn't realize the thread here. YESS so excited/am excited for next new eps. I loved all of Jon's and Arya's scenes this week's episode. But ending was so sad even though it stayed true to the books. I've read all but the 4th book so far.
  19. I'm really glad too. And I swear like I got 5 of the blue easter eggs back to back to back.
  20. O-o dang rubyshoes 40 already even after the downtimes? Nice. I just got a pretty blue one. D: I hope it's not more than 60 cuz I won't have time to get them.
  21. Seriously yay about everything being back. =D I only got 6 so far. ;-; But wow a lot more earth day ones sorta.