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  1. I am so, so sorry, but I'm laughing over here. My community day event was the first one I ever took actual part in, so I ended up catching enough Mareep to evolve two all the way and got two of them in the shiny variant. One of them became my third, shiny Ampharos (I have a male and a female breathtaking Ampharos + a shiny male Ampharos), and one female Mareep was also kept as the other shiny. It was so cute being surrounded by all those sheep, I felt kind of like a shepherd!
  2. Use Pinap berries on EVERY Mareep that appears, I'm planning to do that throughout the whole event. I'm also hoping for a shiny.
  3. Maybe that's the case, but it was sort of disappointing that you work for seven days to get the same pokemon multiple times in a row. The only good thing, I repeat, is getting candies with more ease, but I seriously can't wait for the legendary to switch. I've been wanting an Articuno ever since the game appeared, so I better get one at some point or else I'll be really, REALLY mad. By the way, some days ago I used some rare candies to add the four that I was missing to get my Ludicolo and I finally have that happy, Mexican style cactus dancing duck.
  4. WHAT?! Why would it be Moltres again? So not fair!!! The only good thing about this is getting more candies for the breathtaking Moltres that I already have, knowing that they're doubled during this Kanto event. I really hope that they'll change the prize next time - does anyone remember how it worked with legendaries when raids became a thing? Which legendary bird was first and how long had it been a raid boss? Maybe they'll be switching them the same way when it comes to how much time needs to pass before the pokemon you encounter switches.
  5. Not sure about it, but equipping with that will surely incense SOME pokemon, and if it spawns increasingly on community day I suppose that it could work. Lure modules are also extended for a reason especially on community day. I'll try luring up a nearby pokestop and using incense and hope to attract as many Mareep as possible.
  6. The only Kanto pokemon that I'm still missing are regionals and legendaries, I've discovered the least pokemon in the Johto region by far, which is quite frustrating. Maybe the next time we have a special research task involving a Johto legendary we'll get a Johto event, which will help everyone. I'm so impatient to see what I'll be getting tomorrow that I set the alarm to wake me up at midnight so that I can complete one of the tasks that I have pending and so I can receive the final stamp and see what's inside, I can't wait already!
  7. Go @Nectaris go! It also appears that you get a candy for walking your body halfway from normal - my Wailmer used to find a candy for 1km, now he does it in 0.5km! I can't wait for this Sunday to take part in the Mareep community event, I'm gonna take the most of it for sure! Saving up incense and lure modules for Sunday, hoping for a shiny Mareep and tons of candies.
  8. I CAUGHT MY MEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm, like, seriously so happy! Not the best IVs (certainly caught my attention), but who cares, it's le Mew!!!!!!! It's so cute, pink and a looks like a kitty, and once I get some TMs I think I'll change its moveset because it doesn't have the best attacks either. Mew is seriously the cutest, I caught it with the third ball that hit it and had a few misses because my dog was all over me, it looks like he was as excited about that little guy as I was! By the way, a tip -> when it says Battle in 10 raids here's what happened to me: I entered a Snubull raid as soon as it started, time ran out and I decided to try again because I was so close to getting it the first time. I was defeated again but both of those raid attempts counted to the total of 10, so I did the same raid three times, only spent my free raid pass and did three raid battles that I was missing for the quest. I can't wait to see what else we'll be able to obtain via Special Research tasks, and to see what will turn up from the seven day research streak. I obtained my second stamp and I'll move on with it tomorrow.
  9. Lucky you, it took me a good while! And even longer for the ghost types - it always seems that, whenever I need certain pokemon, they don't appear anywhere, and yet there are way too many when you need them least of all. Murphy's law, apparently. I managed to purchase another premium raid pass today, which I will use when I go out along with the free one that I will obtain tomorrow, and I'll be able to get my precious Mew the day after tomorrow if everything goes as planned. Two out of seven stamps for the second challenge so far, I can't wait to obtain all seven to see what's the mysterious pokemon that will appear! As for the field research, I have to hatch five eggs for a mysterious pokemon encounter, make five curveballs in a row and to battle in a raid, which I will get to do tomorrow to get my stamp. Also, today was a fabulously sunny day and plenty of Cacnea were spawning, but no trace of the breathtaking male that I need to get my second Cacturne.
  10. Someone did say something about Celebi being obtained the same way as Mew, however I don't remember when and where. I also think that this research thingy is permanent in the game so that we can obtain all legendaries, I'm rooting for the possibility of getting Articuno and Mewtwo, those two would be perfect in my pokedex.
  11. Wow, @water_angel, congrats on catching your Unown! I don't know if I'll ever find and catch one myself, although I have seen some players defending opposing gyms with their Unowns, so it ended up being ANOTHER shadow in my pokedex. However, I've done another Magikarp raid today, caught it after feeding it a pinap berry, so I did task 2 out of 3 on segment 6 of the Mythical Discovery research. I'll try my best to do three raids tomorrow, if I gather enough pokecoins to purchase 2 premium raid passes, although I don't think it's very likely, so I'll be on raid 9 out of 10 needed to proceed to segment 7. However, on the day after tomorrow I should be able to get closer to catching Mew, as long as I manage to do an excellent curveball throw. I tried to practice it, but I failed miserably, so I hope that I'll be able to do it at some point. @obelisk_light I think it does change with every streak because I see no sense in doing field research for seven days in a row to encounter the same pokemon you've already caught. Please, God, grant me an Articuno next, I want that gorgeous blue bird!
  12. Me too, especially my all-time favourite legendary, Articuno! And Mewtwo would be great as well, that is one badass pokemon! I went out to get mail today and so I took the opportunity to take part in (and win) two more raids, making my total quest number 6 out of 10. Hoping for two more tomorrow or the day after tomorrow and the last two the day after that so that I can proceed. I still need 9 or 10 more Magikarp candies in order to evolve it. I also got my first stamp of the second seven day field research quest, I can't wait to see what could be inside that box!
  13. If it says "Battle in ___ raids" -> it just means that you have to take part in the raids and stay there until you either win, get defeated or run out of time. That's all it takes for it to count. If it says "Win" then you're supposed to win so be on the lookout for raids you can go for all by yourself in case there is no one else to go with you, I recommend tier 1 or 2 bosses to be sure that you'll win. That's what I do. Anyway, my 7 day breakthrough was a Moltres, it's breathtaking and beautiful! I'm hoping that I'll get Articuno next, it's my favourite legendary bird! And I also hope that we'll be able to obtain all legendaries this way! When it comes to the Mew quest -> A mythical discovery, I still have to get 30+ candies to evolve my Magikarp and battle in seven more raids, which means that my poke coins earned from defending gyms will be spent on premium raid passes to make it as quick as possible. If tomorrow turns out to be a beautiful day I hope to do three raids to add to the total count. I also evolved to my first Blaziken yesterday, I'm so happy! I hope to be able to obtain my Ludicolo these days too, I'm only missing 4 candies, which means that I need just one more Lotad to appear.
  14. I can't believe how scarce the ghost types are! I really hope to catch the last one that I need tomorrow so that I can proceed, I'm really getting impatient to get my Mew. I'll have to evolve a Magikarp in the next quest segment and I'm getting ready - 343 candies so far! So close, I can't wait to get it done, but thanks to the fact that I'll also have to battle in 10 raids it's gonna go pretty slow for me.
  15. Due to having just one incubator I'm still hatching some leftover eggs from the Eggstravaganza, and I just hatched another Tyrogue and another Wingull. As for the research, I agree with you @Kaini, it makes the game so much more fun, especially knowing that you're rewarded for keeping up! I can't wait to get Mew and to see what other challenges and mysterious Pokemon can come out of this!
  16. I thought I was going to be stuck on part five forever because of the Ditto quest. However, on my way home I got one! It was disguised as a little Whismur, and after so many annoying Pokemon that I see around way too much it was quite a relief. However, I still have to catch six more ghost type Pokemon to be able to proceed, and they're barely spawning. I was super excited when I saw a Gastly, but it ran away, which annoyed me, he even beat a golden razz berry and an ultra ball! And after that I had realized that because of that Gastly I missed out on a Sableye, which also counts, and it was too late for me to go back to get it. Brilliant. Oh, well, at least I got the hardest part done and I hope that tomorrow will be better for the ghost types. This doesn't sound like me normally, but I would love it if it could get cloudy, it increases the poison Pokemon spawning and Gastly is a ghost/poison type, so fingers crossed to me being able to finally move on and get that Mew.
  17. When it comes to field research, I made some progress and it's all super fun, I have three out of six stamps before I reach the breakthrough package to see what it contains, but when it comes to special research not much progress was made. There aren't many ghost type pokemon spawning lately so it's going pretty slow for me, and also no luck for catching Ditto. Apparently I must be on a serious lookout and catch every one of these Pokemon and hope for a Ditto: * Pidgey * Zubat * Magikarp (if I'm not wrong) * Rattata * Gastly * Hoothoot * Sentret * Gulpin * Zigzagoon * Taillow * Whismur I hope I'll be able to catch a Ditto soon (today would be ideal) so that I can move on. Also, I switched my buddy - I used to walk Wailmer, but I switched to Magikarp because I read somewhere that one of the future research tasks is to evolve a Magikarp, so I want to be ready for it just in case, I'll easily switch back to Wailmer later. The Eggstravaganza eggs have given me quite something again - thanks to that event I got one male and one female Wynaut and one male and one female Azurill, so I'm really, really happy. And while I was chilling at home last night, I caught a breathtaking male Trapinch, which will become my second Flygon as soon as I gather enough candies for it.
  18. Well, this change of doing quests for professor Willow is what the game really needed! I'm having so much fun going out to do quests and receive prizes, out of which some will be legendary or super rare Pokemon, and I hope that it will be for more than just Mew because I really want to be able to get legendaries without raids (I repeat, I can't go on my own and no one is playing to raid with me). I already completed five out of eight special research segments and I'm looking forward to completing the rest tomorrow or in the next couple of days. The things that I have yet to do to proceed to segment 6 is this: *catch a Ditto *do 20 great throws (I think I have 4 or so) / completed in the meantime. *catch 10 ghost-type pokemon I'm seriously hoping for some Duskulls and Gastlys tomorrow or the day after tomorrow because I'm gonna need them, and Sableyes are also welcome, being the dark/ghost type and all. As for the Eggstravaganza, it really helped me a lot! Thanks to this event I hatched many awesome pokemon, such as Azurill, Elekid, and even two more Wynauts! Some seriously good pokemon are coming out of these and they're so quick and easy to hatch. Looking forward to seeing what I'm yet to hatch tomorrow. I could also use a Lotad, whatever IVs and whatever CP for four more candies - then I can evolve to Ludicolo. Edit 1/4/2018: It's so bloody cold and rainy today so I decided to just go out for the sake of getting today's breakthrough stamp and rush back home. Not a good day for Pokemon GO. I hope tomorrow will be better, but the good thing is that I have to go to college so I can use that to complete some quests and earn cool prizes. I can't wait to see what I'll get when all seven stamps are completed!
  19. I missed the release so now I'm trying to get them, and it's super hard to get the ones that smell like flowers. I barely even see them, and when I do, they disappear instantly.
  20. Yeah, I figured that out in the meantime. Good thing too because I really need to hatch as many pokemon as possible, I might even get something new, a pokedex entry or something. Anyway, it is confirmed that shiny Mareep is next, and good thing that spring has finally come so I can actually go out and get as many as I possibly can, I might even get a shiny one! Also, it looks like there will be individual quests in the future with professor Willow that will reward players special items or even legendary pokemon encounters, it's a way to introduce Mew to the game! I hope it's true because that's pretty much the only legendary I have a chance of getting as no one is here to go on raids with me and I can't beat them on my own. Edit: Well, the Eggstravaganza gave some pretty good results so far! I hatched a wonderful IV Beldum, which I evolved, and I also hatched a breathtaking female Treecko which I will evolve to Sceptile. And I also caught some more Anoriths and another Lileep, but no wonderful IVs so far so I'm not evolving to Armaldo, and no candy for Cradily just yet.
  21. I didn't take part in the Bulbasaur community day event so no shiny for me, and as for the eggstravaganza I only got one egg during the time, and it turned out to be a Trapinch! Good thing too because hatching it gave me just enough candy to get my Flygon.
  22. I only got one egg, but got no chance to walk and hatch it so far. And I won't be able to do it until tomorrow when the event will be over so nothing. Anyway, one of my previously caught 10km eggs resulted in a Slakoth, which gave me enough candies to finally get my Slaking. I'm currently hatching three 10km eggs so we'll see what those will give me. Those hatches are by far the ones I'm always the most excited about.
  23. Congrats! I really want Cradily as well so I'm hoping that this newest event where every available Pokemon can hatch from 2km eggs will result in me hatching a breathtaking Lileep and Anorith so I can get my Cradily (eventually) and Armaldo. Also I'm hoping for some Pokemon that I still don't have because I'm always up for a pokedex entry. I hatched another Wingull today and I had just enough candy to get a Pelipper.
  24. I'm more than halfway through walking a 5km egg and I'm hoping for an Azurill, it's so cute I can't even. And I finally purchased another incubator to hatch my 10km eggs with, I can't wait to hatch them all and see what I'll get.
  25. Well, looks like I had luck today - another pokedex edition! A Carvanha popped up in my apartment just moments ago, I fed it a pinap berry and caught it so I had enough candies to evolve a breathtaking Carvanha that I already had to Sharpedo, so now I have my first.