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  1. Solrock and Lunatone are still seen quite rarely in the wild, I've seen Solrock on nearby only three times ever since I noticed that they switched. The one that I caught was the third one that has ever shown up. I can't wait to hatch some more eggs and open some more gifts, but with only one incubator in the inventory and this horrible weather that makes you want to just stay at home all day and curl up in a blanket (YES, it's almost July and this is how it feels) hatching them is mission impossible.
  2. Finally caught my first Alolan Ratata! It's so funny with the whiskers that look more like moustache, reminds me a bit of Splinter from TMNT. I hatched an Alolan Meowth (now Alolan Persian - God their heads are so big!) and an Alolan Grimer (now Alolan Muk whose colors keep flowing constantly, it looks so cool!). Also, newsflash: Solrock and Lunatone have switched continents! I just saw a Solrock on nearby and my region used to have Lunatone. Yipeeee! That Pokemon is so cool, I can't wait to catch it! I assumed that this would happen on the first day of summer. Edit: I caught my first Solrock on my way back home, I'm so happy! I love the sun shaped rock, it looks so cool! I also hatched another Alolan Grimer and two more Alolan Meowths, I sure hope to hatch something new in the near future, I wouldn't like to be overrun by creepy pale cats.
  3. I can't wait to get Alolan Ratatas, I haven't seen those anywhere so far! However, I am going to see my friend today in the part of the city where I don't normally go because it isn't very close so I'm hoping for the best. Also my two Alolan eggs should hatch and I'll finally have my first Alolan Pokemon.
  4. I want those two 7km eggs to hatch already, hopefully at least one will tomorrow because I really want to see what's inside, plus I want to open some more presents, I believe I got around five more! Thank you everyone! ❤️
  5. I have two 7km eggs incubating at the moment and I'm waiting for one of them to hatch so I can open my next gift just in case there is another egg inside. I can't wait to see what I'll get from them!
  6. I'm so happy I got two 7km eggs so far, I can't wait to hatch them and see what's inside!
  7. Yes for trading, but thankfully not for sending gifts. At least we can do that. Btw I caught another Absol from a field research quest! Better stats than the previous one, though female again. I hope I'll get a male as well eventually. I'm so happy they added another pokestop close to me, it makes things A LOT easier.
  8. I'm so happy to add you all as my friends, I'm looking forward to sending you all gifts as soon as I get a chance to go out and visit more pokestops to make your day a little better.
  9. I also want to find friends, name's Twyro in Pokemon GO, I'm in the Zangoose, Mr. Mime, Volbeat and Lunatone region - code 6703 8008 6464
  10. Hatched another Torchic just now so I'm slightly closer to my second Blaziken. I'm so excited!
  11. My shiny luck seems to have come back! I caught a shiny Shellder, now Cloyster which is blue in its shiny form. I wish it remained orange, though. I unexpectedly caught a shiny Wailmer which I evolved to Wailord, so I now have a pink/pale purple whale in my pokedex. And a shiny Larvitar, now Tyranitar, is mine too!
  12. A couple of days ago I found the famous new task of making an excellent curveball throw which I did on a Wailmer in a jiffy so I finally have my Absol. She's beautiful! I also evolved my female Marshtomp so I have two Swamperts and as I recently hatched a male breathtaking Feebas I'll be walking it to evolve it to my second Milotic after I'm done gathering candy for a Metagross.
  13. I'm getting close to my second Articuno, but no shinies for me either. Bad luck, but that's OK. Did you guys know that now we have a field research task of "Making an excellent curveball throw" which will award us an Absol?! I haven't had that task so far and I seriously want it!
  14. So, I finally got my first ever Articuno. It's so beautiful!!! I love how its graceful tail feathers sway as it flies, I'm just hypnotized by how beautiful it is.
  15. I haven't had this problem, and I'm pretty sure that I updated my game. I can't wait to get my Articuno, as I decided to take all four Zapdoses I'll be getting my first Articuno tomorrow. I'm super happy because I hatched a breathtaking male Anorith, which is now my second Armaldo, and I also got my second breathtaking Slaking.
  16. It's the same when you try to catch it! The only times you can actually see its head are in the gym (barely), when you see it on the map and when it tries to hit you and honestly that's the scariest part.
  17. I'd love to catch a shiny Omanyte and Kabuto, and hopefully an Aerodactyl from a quest will be a shiny as well. As for the Ex-Pass, lucky you. I once saw a gym occupied for a raid pass and I was so, so sad.
  18. I caught two Alolan Exeggutors so far - a male and a female. I'm planning to catch as many as I can while they're available. Although it's utter nonsense, I'm glad that they're dragon subtypes because it will help me get my Dragon Tamer badge to gold sooner than I expected.
  19. No shinies just yet, but I did, however, catch a wonderful IV female Anorith, which has become my first Armaldo. I'm so happy about it! ❤️
  20. I'm nowhere near my second Salamence so I think I should switch my buddy to Beldum because I could use this event to get my first Metagross.
  21. Congrats on the shiny green Kabuto! I hope that I'll find something shiny during Adventure Week, it's an absolute blast of an event! Meanwhile I managed to catch two breathtaking female Lileeps (which is a success because they're barely ever females) and one of them is now my second Cradily. I'm hoping to catch a breathtaking Anorith so that I can get my first Armaldo, I've been waiting forever! Also it's amazing that buddies can find a candy four times faster than usual, now is the right time to walk Bagons and Beldums, if you ask me.
  22. Congrats! I haven't stumbled upon a shiny Swablu ever since I caught the two a couple of months ago, but honestly I'm more focused on finding the shinies that I still don't have - Wailmer, Poochyena, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and the ones that are apparently new in the game - Omanyte and Kabuto, maybe there are even more!
  23. I finally managed to hatch a female Pichu that I've been wanting oh so desperately, and I caught another Beldum in the wild! I can't wait to gather enough candies to get my first Metagross, that is one awesome pokemon.
  24. I am a proud Gryffindor and Leodon dragons are simply divine! ❤️
  25. I don't think they'll come as regional exclusives, they wouldn't hype up the whole world like this if they were intending to do so.