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  1. I love this game! I'm in Gryffindor and the storyline is impressive and a good way to pass the time! I love doing quests, attending lessons and developing friendships with some nice characters and it all creates a lovely story. I'm also bummed about the fact that I run out of energy really quickly and I have to wait what feels like a small eternity to finish a quest, but everything is so fun and I love it.
  2. More luck for me today - I caught two shiny Makuhitas! None of them has good IVs, but one of them is now a shiny Hariyama and the other one stayed a nice red-yellow Makuhita, I'm so happy!
  3. Congrats on your Lileep and Anorith! They aren't very common around here either, I may have caught a total of three Lileep in the wild and maybe five Anorith ever since they were released in the game. I'm hoping to hatch a breathtaking Anorith so I can finally get my very own Armaldo. I also can't wait for the Charmander community day event this Sunday!
  4. I had the most random catch yesterday - a shiny Aron! I knew they existed, but never thought I'd actually get one. There I was, on the bus, on my way to college, and an Aron appeared. I tapped on it more out of curiosity, and then I saw it had my eyes on 6AM Fridays and I was out of my mind! I caught it quickly as its IVs are not the best, but either way it's now a lovely shiny zombie-like Aggron in my pokedex.
  5. Good luck with your Ditto hunt! Keep an eye out on Whismurs apart from everything else that can be a Ditto, I caught three Dittos that were disguised as Whismurs, and the Ditto I caught today happened to be a Zigzagoon. My success for today was hatching a breathtaking Lileep! It also gave me just enough candies to evolve it to my first Cradily, so it's another pokedex entry for me.
  6. I caught a shiny Meditite. A wonderful shiny Meditite. Now it’s a wonderful blue Medicham. I also earned the first stamp for my second Zapdos. Life is good.
  7. I finally caught my Zapdos this morning, I'm so happy! Another legendary bird in the pokedex, especially looking forward to Articuno in June (the only thing that makes sense). It's so wonderful and zappy and everything, I'm over my head happy.
  8. You're very welcome. The only shinies that I've caught so far are two shiny Swablus (one got evolved to Altaria) and two shiny Mareep (one of them is now an Ampharos). When it comes to other pokemon... nope, no shinies.
  9. Congrats to everyone on getting their first Zapdos! I'm still waiting to get mine as I claimed the final Moltres, I'll be able to catch my Zapdos the day after tomorrow. I also decided to evolve one of my Wailmers to Wailord so I have this HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE whale now registered in my Pokedex. It's a BEAST!
  10. Although I saw someone catching a legit shiny Pikachu long past its community day event, and it looks like catching shinies isn't impossible, but with them spawning less it's going to be even harder. The only things that comfort me are Zapdos appearing and the fact that the shiny possibility didn't disappear for good.
  11. I'm sad because there won't be as many Wailmer around + I never got my shiny. :( I'm still looking forward to my first Zapdos, though. :wub:
  12. You're very welcome, Syiren! <3 I'm glad you're relieved. As for hedy, I'd advise you to go for Whismurs whenever you see one, I caught THREE Dittos recently and all of them were Whismurs.
  13. I didn't turn it on myself, but the app itself made it possible, so I think not. <3 - and here is the confirmation. <3
  14. Hey, I want that one! I hope I'll get it soon as well, I've been catching all these Wailmers and now I have 620 candies, I believe... still no shiny. I would be THRILLED if my first Wailord turned out to be a shiny!
  15. Lucky you! Mine is "certainly caught my attention", but I was so happy when I got it that it doesn't matter, Mew is mine! I just got my final Moltres this morning, I can't wait to start throwing balls at my first Zapdos! I also managed to hatch a Lileep the other day, however its IVs weren't the best so I transferred it, waiting for a wonderful one to evolve it to Cradily. I also need to get more candies.
  16. Yeah, check the in-game news, that's where I've seen it!
  17. I gotta keep hunting those down until I get a shiny, I REALLY WANT A PURPLE WHALE!!! BTW guys, it is official - Zapdos is next, I can't possibly wait!!! ARTICUNO is in June, I am so hyped and out of my mind!!!
  18. I'm so happy about water types spawning more! I'm seeing Wailmers, Carvanhas and Corphish everywhere! Magikarp and Poliwag are appearing just as often as well, and I FINALLY caught a breathtaking male Poliwag which is now my second Politoed. I also evolved my second Shiftry, which is awesome, and I got more than enough candies to finally get my Wailord, but with the news of adding shiny Wailmer I'm waiting to see if I'll get lucky before I evolve the plain one. Catching a shiny Wailmer and having a shiny Wailord as a pokedex entry would be AWESOME.
  19. Honestly, when I remember how often I come across that Pokemon and when I see your username on this forum I also think that it is. With that being said, I wish you a shiny to be your first Murkrow (they're purple when shiny and so cute). I swear that they do exist, I've seen them in the game. I wish I could catch it too.
  20. Whoa, congrats on your Latios! I didn't play much today as all I do is field research quests, and I'll try and see if I can complete the next one shortly after midnight to get that 23rd April stamp.
  21. That is exactly how I completed my quest. I did one raid four times to add to the total count. I'm missing Articuno, Zapdos, Tauros, Kangaskhan and Mewtwo from Kanto, I have all the others, which is pretty impressive since I don't travel or do raids because I'm always on my own and I can only do up to tier 2 raid bosses alone. @Kaini yeah, I believe that it is easier if a Pokemon is large. Personally I believe that Wailmer would be the best target, although I got mine when I was most frustrated trying to hit a Nosepass, and all of a sudden I read EXCELLENT! and I wanted to scream, but I was out in a public place so I had to contain my excitement.
  22. I know the dilemma, but I think I'll go for the fourth Moltres as well, just for the candies, at least. I can't wait to get to see what the next mystery pokemon encounter will be! As for the excellent curveball - in your dreams! Right when you need it the most you'll be getting all GREAT! and NICE! It took me forever to do the excellent curveball, and it was miraculously on a Nosepass.
  23. After 10 raids, evolving a Magikarp and reaching level 25, you have to earn a gold Kanto medal (if you already haven't), make an excellent curveball throw (it took me AGES, it's so stupidly hard to do), and to catch 50 pokemon using a berry (any berry). After that, Mew is yours.
  24. I unexpectedly caught another Ditto being disguised as a Whismur, although I got my Mew ages ago. Looks like it will be Moltres only until May, my guess is that these mystery pokemon from weekly researches will change on a monthly basis, so although it's frustrating to continuously catch the same Pokemon I can stack berries for my first Moltres (the only one I'm keeping) until the mystery Pokemon switches in May. Fingers crossed that I'm correct.
  25. Well, what a horrible day outside. Instead of the beautiful sunny weather that makes me want to get out and never go back inside it's cloudy, gloomy and potentially rainy. I don't like it one bit. I'll have to get out to buy lunch and a nail polish so I'll use that to catch three more weather boosted pokemon which will grant me my fourth stamp (to get another Moltres probably, but I hope I'm wrong although it's not very likely). I'm absolutely not in the mood for raid battles and spinning pokestops so I have to complete this challenge because it's the only one I can do with minimal activity.