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  1. I never even saw the "glithced" release, I don't even know what they looked like! I'm bummed by missing out.
  2. Well, another safari event is up and it looks like the host is Japan! They'll be having Unown and Tropius as special Pokemon, and Wingull will also happen to spawn more often.
  3. Ahahahahaha your theory makes a lot more sense - much more believable. Apart from Corsola Roselia is spawning INSANELY around here, I keep seeing around three or four around a single, usually deserted pokestop! I'm the happiest about Corsola, though, because I love everything ocean related and Corsola is the cutest pink pokemon there is.
  4. I did some research (as in, I googled Pokemon GO! and Corsola) and it turns out that the Dortmund event was so full of people and that they've done such an awesome job that Niantic decided to make Corsola available until tomorrow throughout all of Europe! People who went to take part in the Dortmund event for that specific purpose aren't really happy about it, though.
  5. Wow, today was simply a blast! Not only did I pass the one exam I had left to complete this year of studies, but also it was a terrific day to play this game! I turned the game on as soon as I walked out the door, and what did I see? A Corsola on the nearby. A CORSOLA. I couldn't get that first one that popped up on the radar because I was in a hurry for that exam, but around fifteen minutes later another Corsola just jumped out on my map! It took a few balls and razz berries, but in the end it was mine. It's a little girl with wonderful IVs. I caught some more later and now I have two Corsolas, one male and one female, which completed my goals just in case this doesn't last too long. Corsola is one of my favourite pokemon and I'm so happy that I got my hands on some! P.S: I also reached level 35 and, among some other things, I got a free incubator. This is going to help me a lot with hatching all these Alolan eggs that I have. And I finally got my Alolan Sandshrew (now Sandslash).
  6. I added you, I love getting friends in this game! I didn't play much today because I'm basically at home all day studying for the one last exam I have left to pass for this year and it's making me way too nervous to function properly. I hope that when it's over and I get to relax a bit I'll be able to hatch more Alolan eggs, one is, thankfully, halfway there. I hope I get something new because I'm already tired of hatching Grimers and Meowths.
  7. Wait a minute, Roselia can be shiny?! I never knew! I also wish Trading worked differently, I was super disappointed about that.
  8. Of course, gladly! She will also have more people sending gifts to her.
  9. Finally got four of each! Properly influenced and hidden for safety during the first day (not risking viewbombing, nuh uh). Can't wait to see what these dragons will look like!
  10. I can't wait to hatch these two eggs that I'm incubating! One is an Alolan and the other is apparently the last 2km egg that is left from the water event. I really want to open some more presents, but as long as I'm egg-locked I refuse to do it and potentially miss out on some more Alolan eggs.
  11. These musky eggs are pretty elusive! I hope I'll be able to catch some as soon as possible.
  12. The only reason I'll gladly work for a Snorlax is because I still need a female, I only have one male. As for the shiny Articuno, I'd happily own one, but you know... raids don't work for solo players.
  13. Lucky you for that Dortmund event, you'll be able to catch Unown and Corsola! I sent out some gifts today and I somehow have ten more in my inventory, can't wait for some people to open previous gifts so that I can send them some new ones. I also want one of my Pokemon to come back from a gym, I need 60 more pokecoins to purchase another super incubator.
  14. I thought they put a comma! Anyway, that helps a lot, really, nobody's up for counting digits to see how much XP, stardust etc. they actually have.
  15. I'm a Gryffindor, but even so I agree that the plot hasn't really been adjusted too well for Slytherin house. I think they could have made it slightly better somehow. As for pets, they are finally here! I really want to buy an owl, but I need 320 gems for that and I'm NOWHERE CLOSE to that number.
  16. I sent you a request, looking forward to exchanging gifts with you! I'll send you something as soon as I can! I noticed that copying other trainer codes doesn't work when you're trying to add them, inserting them manually is the only option. Not too big of a deal, but some may find it frustrating.
  17. Solrock and Lunatone are still seen quite rarely in the wild, I've seen Solrock on nearby only three times ever since I noticed that they switched. The one that I caught was the third one that has ever shown up. I can't wait to hatch some more eggs and open some more gifts, but with only one incubator in the inventory and this horrible weather that makes you want to just stay at home all day and curl up in a blanket (YES, it's almost July and this is how it feels) hatching them is mission impossible.
  18. Finally caught my first Alolan Ratata! It's so funny with the whiskers that look more like moustache, reminds me a bit of Splinter from TMNT. I hatched an Alolan Meowth (now Alolan Persian - God their heads are so big!) and an Alolan Grimer (now Alolan Muk whose colors keep flowing constantly, it looks so cool!). Also, newsflash: Solrock and Lunatone have switched continents! I just saw a Solrock on nearby and my region used to have Lunatone. Yipeeee! That Pokemon is so cool, I can't wait to catch it! I assumed that this would happen on the first day of summer. Edit: I caught my first Solrock on my way back home, I'm so happy! I love the sun shaped rock, it looks so cool! I also hatched another Alolan Grimer and two more Alolan Meowths, I sure hope to hatch something new in the near future, I wouldn't like to be overrun by creepy pale cats.
  19. I can't wait to get Alolan Ratatas, I haven't seen those anywhere so far! However, I am going to see my friend today in the part of the city where I don't normally go because it isn't very close so I'm hoping for the best. Also my two Alolan eggs should hatch and I'll finally have my first Alolan Pokemon.
  20. I want those two 7km eggs to hatch already, hopefully at least one will tomorrow because I really want to see what's inside, plus I want to open some more presents, I believe I got around five more! Thank you everyone! ❤️
  21. I have two 7km eggs incubating at the moment and I'm waiting for one of them to hatch so I can open my next gift just in case there is another egg inside. I can't wait to see what I'll get from them!
  22. I'm so happy I got two 7km eggs so far, I can't wait to hatch them and see what's inside!
  23. Yes for trading, but thankfully not for sending gifts. At least we can do that. Btw I caught another Absol from a field research quest! Better stats than the previous one, though female again. I hope I'll get a male as well eventually. I'm so happy they added another pokestop close to me, it makes things A LOT easier.
  24. I'm so happy to add you all as my friends, I'm looking forward to sending you all gifts as soon as I get a chance to go out and visit more pokestops to make your day a little better.
  25. I also want to find friends, name's Twyro in Pokemon GO, I'm in the Zangoose, Mr. Mime, Volbeat and Lunatone region - code 6703 8008 6464