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  1. Interesting! I wonder how I'll be able to tell when to allow my eggs to hatch to get the purple ones. But first thing's first - I need to catch them! They're so elusive.
  2. Are the colors of these dragons whose eggs glow in spots biome related?
  3. Thanks! I caught two already, will keep an eye out for more.
  4. I missed out on them and now I don't see them anywhere.
  5. I haven't seen an Unown unless there was a player who occupied a gym using one of those! As for the Chimecho, I only have the one I hatched during the windy weather event, when psychic Pokemon had higher chances of hatching along with flying and dragon types. As for the alolan Raichu and alolan Marowak, what level raid bosses are they? I should probably look for them these days now that I'm back from my holiday and able to play again.
  6. I came back from my holiday today only to find out that my sixteen year old dog, who grew up with me and was my best friend for his whole life, is no longer able to walk and is constantly screaming in pain. I held him in my arms and I felt so much pain hearing him scream, as if he was trying to tell me: “Help me, I can’t go on like this anymore, I’m sorry.” My mother, sister and I took him to the vet straight away and he told us that it would be inhumane to sustain him any longer, so we made the most heartbreaking decision to euthanize him. I love him and I will always love him and remember him dearly, he’s in a much better place now with my grandma, who we lost this January. We’re all planning to move somewhere else soon and an appartment purchase is in store for us, which will surely be of some help as there will be no corners to evocate the memories of the two that used to be so happy until now. It will help us heal and move on and start over, and one day I’m sure we will remember them happily with a smile, but for now it’s all so painful to us.
  7. I need FOUR Alolan Vulpixes, two to evolve and two to keep, a male and a female of each. I also spent a lot of time catching some pokemon that have gen4 evolutions so I'm pretty much ready for when the time comes.
  8. I also haven't seen a single Alolan Geodude since the weekend, which is pretty bad since I was hoping to get a breathtaking one to evolve it to Golem. And also no luck hatching a Vulpix just yet.
  9. I'm also planning to take part in that community event to catch as many shinies as possible, one Eevee and one for each eeveelution, I hope I'll manage. Anyway, have you heard that some people got Celebi already? People who took part in one of the last festivals. Celebi is yet to be made available as the main prize for the special research globally.
  10. IF, and only IF you are lucky enough to get different ones every time. Also you might want to save some extra shinies for other Eeveelutions yet to come in the game.
  11. Wait a minute, Plusles and Minuns are SHINY?!?! I have to pay attention to them tomorrow!
  12. Oh, yes! I was so surprised when I saw that Lugia was back.
  13. God, I WISH I could hatch an alolan Vulpix already! It's one of the most gorgeous alolan forms ever! Also newsflash guys, alolan Geodude and alolan Diglett are now in the game spawning in the wild along with their respective evolutions! I have an alolan Geodude, an alolan Graveler, two alolan Digletts and an alolan Dugtrio. The Dugtrio is super funny as three blondes!
  14. I'm so sorry, but Shiny Squirts got me rofl! Today wasn't overly exciting, I just happened to hatch another Alolan Sandshrew. Hopefully I'll have more new things tomorrow.
  15. At least you got to hatch an Alolan Vulpix by now, I haven't hatched a single one yet. I hope it will change soon, though, I love Vulpix in their Alolan form.
  16. Me too, I have plenty of eggs and I'm a bit tired of hatching same old Pokemon all the time! I'd love some Vulpix and Ninetales, but I also need a wonderful IV: male Sandshrew, female Rattata and female Grimer so that I can evolve them.
  17. I think not. As far as I know, the only Alolan forms that we have so far are Rattata and Raticate, Vulpix and Ninetales, Meowth and Persian, Grimer and Muk and Sandshrew and Sandslash. And we had Exeggutor for a limited time in the wild.
  18. The weather is horrible today so no playing for me, I just went out to spin the daily pokestop. However, I'm happy that I now have enough candies to evolve my breathtaking male Kirlia to Gallade once gen IV is introduced to the game. No idea when that could happen, but I'm already prepared for several pokemon.
  19. Thank you! So sorry to hear that the weather made taking part in community day impossible.
  20. YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!! I was hoping for the original sunglasses on these bad boys, but it's not too bad as they already coded the accessory for Pikachu and it was much easier to do it this way. I also love that eggs could hatch more quickly because I hatched two 2km eggs that were unplanned, some Alolan eggs and also opened up some more presents that I had pending. Btw, my shinies:
  21. The forecast for the next four days is madness - thunderstorms! I won't be able to do anything other than sit at home, little less take part in the community event! I hope that at least the thunderstorms tomorrow start in the late afternoon hours so I can avoid it all and still get some community day Squirtles. Edit: I take it back. The forecast did have enough mercy on me and waited with the rainstorms during Community day, and it was a blast! I think this one has been the most successful one for me so far! I caught four shiny Squirtles, FOUR SHINY SQUIRTLES, one randomly popped up on the map and the other three were obtained through research tasks and they all have sunglasses, they look so cool!
  22. I'm saying goodbye to the shiny Articuno already because I can't take it on alone, and organizing a raid with other players in such a short time span is mission impossible. However, I'm more than ready for some Squirtles on community day, looking forward to that! Also I sent out plenty of gifts today plus I still have ten in my inventory. As soon as those who still have presents pending open them I'm sending new ones. Every time I play for a little while and visit plenty of pokestops I do my best to send each friend on my list a gift, without leaving anyone behind, so I hope you guys are getting some nice stuff.
  23. The shiny Corsola isn't in this game, it's from the Sun and Moon, I believe, but if it were real I'd die to have it. It looks so cute in blue!
  24. I'm Twyro. Anyway, I love the fact that Corsola is available, but when I googled shiny Corsola and saw that it's BLUE I almost died. I'd be over the top to end up having a blue Corsola! However, I'm happy that I got my two, my baby girl is back from the gym she was defending and brought me just enough pokecoins for another super incubator. Incubating three eggs now, can't wait to hatch those and open more presents!
  25. Black truffles have elegant faces like alt blacks and I really love that!