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  1. Congrats on completing the Kanto pokedex! I’m still trying to hatch a Kangaskhan and a Tauros, hopefully I’ll succeed. Also, my shiny Arcanine with wonderful IVs:
  2. Went out just for a daily pokestop spin and I got the Catch 10 pokemon quest. Look what I have now: https://i.imgur.com/3GvusDc.png and I evolved it: https://i.imgur.com/P9wSCKG.png
  3. Nope, just that one. I hatched a Farfetch'd, the only Kanto regional so far and I'm still looking for a Kangaskhan and a Tauros to complete my Kanto pokedex. When I went out to meet up with other players so we can raid Mewtwo I caught A SHINY GROWLITHE (now Arcanine) along the way, totally random, and we raided Mewtwo twice. The first one ran away on me and the other one decided to stay. Certainly caught my attention IVs, however, a Mewtwo is a Mewtwo. ❤️
  4. Even though I passed that task almost right away I love making new friends so I sent out some requests, I'm looking forward to exchanging gifts with you! ❤️ Didn't manage to hatch anything new today so I'll try to go for a good walk tomorrow to hatch at least one egg and hope for a regional. Still need a Kangaskhan and a Tauros to complete my Kanto pokedex (I should join a Mewtwo raid on Friday so hopefully I'll get him too).
  5. As Mewtwo will be available as a raid boss without ex-raid passes needed to face him I FINALLY decided to reach out to a group of players of this game in my city to raid with as this is the best chance to komplete the Kanto pokedex I'll probably ever have. I still haven't hatched a single regional, and all I need are a Tauros and a Kangaskhan, is it too much to ask?
  6. Pity that they just added them into the mix instead of making them all about regional pokemon for a while, considering that they'll only be available for a limited time.
  7. That one was from the previous month that awarded you a type 8 Spinda for completing it - September's task is "Make a great curveball throw" to get a type 3 Spinda. As for the friend requests, I sent them to those I didn't befriend before, can't wait to send you gifts as well! I also hope to hatch a Tauros and a Kangaskhan!
  8. The Spinda task changes on a monthly basis, and right now it's "Make a great curveball throw" which is pretty easy to pull off - if you're struggling, try doing it on a larger pokemon and wait for the target circle to shrink a little bit before you throw the ball at it. One is enough so you should get it easily. Also, as there are eight Spinda types in the game, which are variations of its spots, you can get type 3 right now, and in October the type you'll get from the task, as well as the task itself, will change.
  9. Yes, I've seen it!!! I can't possibly wait! ❤️ Also I had a terrific day today: I was out in the city to get my favourite donuts downtown and I was playing Pokemon GO! on my way there, thinking how bummed I am that I never had a chance to get a Spinda as I never got that task from spinning pokestops, and I've seen players with their own Spinda in gyms. I was spinning pokestop after pokestop and at some point I came across a brand new one: "Make a great curveball throw". As soon as I completed it I had to tap to get the prize - and to my surprise, it was a Spinda. Afterwards I got that task two more times so on this day I got not one, not two, but THREE Spindas. Wow, my luck.
  10. You sure? If that's the deal, I have some shinies to trade - two Jolteons, a Vaporeon and a Squirtle, all shinies. I'm looking for regionals that aren't Mr. Mimes (Tauros, Heracross, Kangashkhan, Illumise, Torkoal, Tropius or Relicanth. I can provide a Volbeat if anyone needs. And also if anyone has an excess Spinda or shiny Charmander I'd be happy to get it as I don't have those either. If long-distance trades do work I'd be happy to trade with someone on here. However... Can I only trade with registered friends? Yep. Does that include online friends? Nope. Players must be in close proximity to each other in order to initiate a trade. I still think that you have to be physically close for trading.
  11. I don't personally know anyone who plays the game so it's gonna be sort of like a blind date to arrange a trade with a complete stranger in the first place, so not looking forward to that. Everything else is pretty much easy to complete.
  12. Yeah... trading's gonna be a tough one. As for the Eevee, I'm already walking one for Umbreon and I HATE the fact that I have to do it again because Espeon should come first.
  13. Also the six new shinies are: Sunkern and Sunflora, Natu and Xatu and Pineco and Foretress. I am also on stage 2, I added three new friends and evolved a Hoppip twice. All I have to do is get those three Pokemon, one every day in a row.
  14. They can't be left in gyms to defend them because in that case they'd be too hard to overpower, but you can use them in battles, of course.
  15. After all this time I FINALLY saved up enough gems to purchase myself an owl! I love it, it's so cute!!! I've always wanted an owl and because I can't have one in real life this is as close as it gets.
  16. Well, since I missed out on the first Eevee community day I decided to use this one to the max, and it paid off - I caught NINE shiny Eevee! However, when I tried to get all Eeveelutions (current Eeveelutions) I ended up having two extra Jolteon and one extra Vaporeon, which I will keep just in case someone ever decides to trade. I will have to hope for more shiny Eevees randomly popping up in the wild to get three more for gen IV Eeveelutions, and two are left for me to walk to get Umbreon and Espeon. I really love the shiny Umbreon because of the blue rings, I can't wait to get it!
  17. I completely forgot about today so I'll try to make up for it tomorrow. Twyro you idiot.
  18. That's why I ALWAYS discard those and seek for other tasks. Still no sight of the Spinda task, I'll have to spin as many pokestops when I decide to go to the city center, nothing in my neighborhood.
  19. As far as I know Spinda is only obtainable through tasks, not in the wild. I haven't seen that task yet, I hope I find it soon.
  20. As soon as midnight passed I claimed another daily stamp, so now I just have to wait another 24 hours to obtain my first Raikou.
  21. So happy that the Johto legendaries are up next as field research rewards! I'll be able to obtain my first Raikou in two days, and I also can't wait to get Spinda! They're the reward for "Land three curveball throws in a row."
  22. Apparently my luck is changing as I caught four glowing with spots eggs, two incubated and two left alone for me to see at which point I will let them hatch based on what other people say in case they get some purples.
  23. Apparently my luck is changing as I caught two glowing with spots eggs, I still have two more slots for some more. I incubated the first two, and I'll see what to do with the other two when it comes to their hatching time. When at least two pygmies hatch I'll be able to get two more and hopefully at least have a pair of each color variation.
  24. This logic seems legit. However, what annoys me is that in those moments when I actually SEE these eggs, someone ALWAYS grabs them before I do. I still don't have a single one.
  25. Well, I'm guessing the blue are non-incubated eggs when they reach 4 days or lower, and the purple ones are maybe, just MAYBE, hatched from eggs that had under a day or so. Not sure though.