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  1. Mine isn't perfect either but it's so cute! Better said, gorgeous now that I evolved it to Houndoom. I also caught a shiny Poochyena! The golden puppy is the cutest! Bad IVs but no big deal, I wanted one and I got lucky! Still no shiny Duskull, Shuppet, Murkrow or Drifloon. By the way, I'm going to face Deoxys next Wednesday! The group of players I raid with managed to trigger an ex-raid and one of my ultra friends got an ex-raid pass which he kindly offered to share with me and I'm so happy, I've never entered an ex-raid before! Edit: HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYBODY! Hope you're all having fun! Thank God I have to go to college twice today as I need to use these final hours of the Halloween event to catch a shiny Drifloon if I still can, hopefully I'll catch at least one. I'll also be on the lookout for shiny Duskulls, Shuppets and Sableyes, and if I come across another Snorunt raid I hope I get a wonderful IV female so I can get a Froslass when they release a new wave of gen4 pokemon. Also a wonderful IV Turtwig appeared in my house and I'm so happy that I caught it because I finally got my two remaining starter pokedex entries - Grotle and Torterra!
  2. I randomly stumbled upon a Giratina raid with a four player lobby which I joined, but we couldn't defeat it. Too bad as I still don't have it, but also because we were SO CLOSE to knocking it down. Also I saw someone holding a shiny Drifblim in a gym and it made me so envious - I want one too!
  3. I got my shiny Bulbasaur from the "Power up pokemon 5 times" field research task (which I almost discarded so ) - you have a chance of getting a (shiny) Kanto starter from it! I'm still looking for a shiny Charmander, though. Didn't play much today but I will tomorrow when I go to college so hopefully something shiny pops up while the Halloween event is still up - aiming for every Shuppet, Duskull, Poochyena, Pikachu and Drifloon I could possibly tap on the map!
  4. I also want the shiny Shuppet! It's mint green and it's my favourite color! My trainer code is 6703 8008 6464 Twyro's the username. Nice to meet you.
  5. Me neither, and I want one as well. As a matter of fact, I am so p***** off that, if I could, I'd threaten them that I'd poke them with a needle one by one unless they hand over a shiny specimen of their kind.
  6. I hope so for you too! Thankfully I took the time to actually go along the street where I don't normally go when I had that task to complete, and there were even more than 8 pokestops I never span before. There are so many more a bit further away, but they will remain intact just in case I ever need to complete such a task again. Btw, guys, I caught a shiny Houndour in my house! I evolved it to a gorgeous blue Houndoom.
  7. I've been tapping on everything that could possibly be shiny and it appears that I've run out of luck. Not a single shiny during this event for me so far, thank God I still have four days with all these dark and ghost types spawning.
  8. Can't wait to arrange raiding with fellow players to go for Giratina! Seems relatively easy to defeat, but I'm still not sure about the catch rates, though. I tapped that thing when I first saw it in a gym... man is it ugly. And it screams.
  9. Open presents, some pinap berries could be in there. Well, I caught Spiritomb. Mine is a breathtaking female, and I'm a bit bummed that this pokemon was a part of a special research task because once you do them that's it, and I really want my girl to have a mate.
  10. Wait 'til you reach the next task - catch 108 pokemon! That is easier, though, but I don't know when I will have the time to spin 8 pokestops I never visited before. Four new pokedex entries for today - Drifloon, Drifblim, Stunky and Skunktank!
  11. Community day was a success, if you ask me! I caught six shiny Beldums, I evolved one all the way to Metagross and one to Metang so I have a shiny family now, and I decided to gift the other three to some people who either have none or just one so if anyone's interested among those I go to raids with I'd be happy to gift them. Of course, they'd have to offer me a random Pokemon, but I won't be too fussy. Also during the first hour of the community day I did a quick Shinx raid and got another pokedex entry, it's a lovely breathtaking little girl. I hope I come across more of those on my way to college tomorrow so I can have some more of them, and I won't complain if one of them ends up being a shiny.
  12. I am SO going out for tomorrow's Beldum community day! I can't possibly miss out on the opportunity to get another shiny or two, having a silver Metagross would be a blast! As for my progress, I got myself some breathtaking new pokemon: Kricketune (evolved a Kricketot), Infernape (evolved all the way from Chimchar), Empoleon (evolved all the way from Piplup), Staraptor (evolved all the way from Starly) and evolved two Bibarel. Also I'm mad AF because I see that I came across a Pachirisu in a poke gym and I know that it's a regional, but not for this part of the world. Legit spoofers are among us. I would have evolved even a Turtwig all the way to Torterra as I have more than enough candies to do so, but I'm waiting on getting a wonderful IV one to evolve. Still nothing. Edit: I obtained a shiny Bulbasaur from a "Power up pokemon five times" field research quest that I almost discarded! I was so happy! I would also love to get a shiny Charmander as it's my favourite shiny from the Kanto starter trio.
  13. SINNOH REGION POKEMON ARE IN THE GAME NOW, PEOPLE!!! Get out there and start hunting new pokedex entries! I came out for a five minute bus ride to catch some - I got one Turtwig, one Starly and two Bidoof! Apparenlty evolutions aren't available just yet, as far as I see, otherwise I'd have even more, can't wait to go hunting on my way to college tomorrow!
  14. Congrats on your shiny Arcanine! I also have one, I found a shiny Growlithe randomly while walking through the city centre and I evolved it immediately. It was wonderful IVs too, which pleasantly surprised me! https://pokemongo.gamepress.gg/pokemon-go-shinies-list Just for reference to everyone, this is a complete list of all shinies released in the game so far and how and where you can find them. Good luck!
  15. I'm sending you a request right away! My name's Twyro. Anyway I got my second, wonderful Suicune and I'm so happy!
  16. Good luck on getting it! I wouldn't be surprised either to see them released as some sort of interlude to Halloween.
  17. Congrats, those are so cute, I want one! Oh, boy, that was rather unexpected.
  18. That's fine! I'm having the same issue with the game crashing when I try to scroll past the letter S. It won't let me do it and the game crashes so I have to restart it. Very frustrating.
  19. @Syiren when you're able to, open the gift I sent you quite a while ago so that we can become good friends in the game. I'm Twyro. Anyway, still no shiny Drowzee for me, and I've been tapping every single one I could find. I'm hoping for better luck tomorrow.
  20. @Syiren feel free to open my gift next (Twyro) so that out friendship could make progress from regular friends to good friends. :) Anyway I'm off to meet up with other players tomorrow to do some raids - it's a great chance for me to do some tier 3 or 4 raids that I can't do on my own (hoping for another Absol, alolan Marowak and alolan Raichu) and we all hope that we'll trigger an ex-raid to be invited to face Deoxys. :D
  21. I couldn't do it either the first time I tried, I'm not strong enough to take it down on my own. @Gluria What is your username?
  22. I had the same Entei surprise and I wasn't happy. I can't wait to get my Suicune, it's my favourite legendary dog!
  23. Sending endless love and empathy your way, everyone. Hope you mend your hurts and find solutions to your difficulties and go out from it stronger than before. ❤️ I'm not sure where exactly to post this because it's not directly affiliated to me, but it upset me so much that I have to share it somewhere just to show you an example of how life is unfair. A boy named Dušan from my country, three years old, was diagnosed with adrenal gland tumor and was treated by the best surgeons to get rid of the illness, but after some time the tumor came back so his parents, not being able to gather almost 200.000 euros to pay for his further treatment, asked the charity organizations and the people of my country to help with donations and spreading the word of their little boy and his urgent need for further treatment. On one occasion he and his father were in the morning news broadcast and he was so cute saying: "Daddy, I love you." as his father was holding him in his lap. Somehow the money was gathered and he was escorted to Barcelona to be treated, where they offered him to meet Messi and other football players from their football club, but that cute little boy only wanted to see his favourite Serbian football player. Our people did everything they could by donating, some of my friends organized blog sales and donated their earnings to the total. Sadly, today the little boy's father officially confirmed that he passed away. I can't stop crying because all I can think about is that happy little boy not being alive anymore, and his devastated parents living with the fact that they will never hear their son tell them: "I love you" ever again. And it's not fair. Last year on February 17th my college colleague, a year younger than me, passed away after a year of battling leukemia, and everything that we as his colleagues from my college, charities and the people with a good heart did to help ended up being for nothing. And I will always be angry when I hear that the country's budget is financing yet another shopping mall instead of financially contributing to healthcare, educating doctors and renovating hospitals and buying equipment and medicine to treat their ill people, especially innocent children, instead of those helpless people having to rely on charity to send their endangered loved ones to a faraway country for treatment that is beyond expensive to say the least.
  24. Le Celebi task is complete. Le Kanto pokedex is complete. Life is beautiful.
  25. As I was abroad on Chikorita community day I only got one, but it's still better than none. I bought the most expensive community day box and a super incubator on the side so now I got 11 of those. If I don't hatch regionals this way nothing will help me.