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  1. I love them, they're very pretty! <3 I already have the pink one, waiting for the breeze one.
  2. Wow, I adore the new species! Every single one of the new dragons is beautiful in its own way. <3 Especially the orange males.
  3. Aww, thanx for the trophies! I got the silver one. <3
  4. More and more fans, yeeey! Oh, my God, I met the guys backstage! *faints*
  5. *Silver Fox*

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    Wow, these new editions are awesome! I can't wait to get all of them! <3
  6. My vampire dragons are: Bill Kaulitz Humanoid Jelena Kaulitz Humanoid Neri Kaulitz Humanoid Bryan Adams Spirit Ceyra Bellatrix Le Strange Also planning two other male vampires for freezing.
  7. So we thought for our city. We've been waiting for five years to see them here. And now, look at this! They're actually coming!!! <333 If they can come here, they can come to you! Trust me, one day you'll get a concert too.
  8. They're coming to my city! I have the tickets!! Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God!!!
  9. I think it would be my golden dragon Gustav Schafer Metallica, if splits count as uncommons, not rares.
  10. I have an adult and a frozen hatchling.
  11. Oh, the concert? Well, I didn't wait for weeks, I arrived by bus with lots of other fans from my country, and we came on that very day. When we got there, there were, like, 4.000 Hungarians waiting in line! I thought I was never gonna come in! But, in the end, I got in there and had the time of my life. They are PERFECT live! I was kinda disappointed when I saw that only 4.000 people attended the concert, and the concert that was about to take place in my city was sold out - they sold 20.000 tickets, and they had to cancel it because of Bill's vocal cord surgery... I don't know if my city's ever gonna get a Tokio Hotel concert... And yes, when I come back from Zagreb, I'll post everything you need to know about the special effects on their tour.
  12. I use Custom sort, and I feel so bad that I-ll have to use Legacy Custom sort as soon as I reach 250 dragons, because I think I'm better at dragging dragons from place to place.
  13. I am so happy that this thread exists now! When it comes to experience with them, I can only mention the concert in Budapest I attended. It was on 10th of April 2007. That is still the best day of my life. I am also going to Zagreb to see them again. It will be on 28th of March this year. As for songs, I like both the English and the German songs. I think their songs are very personal and that they can touch a lot of people. That's why they have so many fans.
  14. OK...?! I am a purple dragon: http://dragcave.net/view/n/Jelena And a male storm dragon: http://dragcave.net/view/n/Silver%20Fox And my friend Allie named her alt-black by taking my user name and a different version of my name: http://dragcave.net/view/n/Silver%20Hellenaya%20Fox
  15. A seasonal winter,a skywng,a white and a purple one.
  16. My brother made me start liking that game. But I am a big doofis when it comes to playing.