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  1. Oh, my. There is a leetle tree among the eggs. There is a limit - one per scroll.
  2. Oh, yeah, the same. I really hate the first shift at school that made me miss it.
  3. ^ The same as you. Fortunately, one of the eggs was bred, so I gave it away to a friend.
  4. ^ Yes, I've missed two in the past hour, I guess.
  5. Wow, it's an awesome event! Thank you for the info, TJ!
  6. Are they dropped every hour or when can they be seen?
  7. Leetle trees in the Cave? I must definitely catch one! If there is anyone who would be kind enough to help me out, he/she can contact me via PM.
  8. Adult dragons are magnificently beautiful!
  9. Yeah, I just don't know which ones to recommend first! I like them all. The guys went to Tokyo! They finally lived their dream - I'm so happy for them. <3
  10. No, snow angels and these new ones are an all female breed of dragons.
  11. Seriously? I'll give it a try anyway. I promised my friend to at least attempt.
  12. I have a holly dragon, and I plan on breeding it this year, I just need to wait for it to grow up... Fortunately, it will grow up before the end of the breeding period.
  13. Yeah. It appears to me that it will look more and more decorated as we get more and more ornaments.
  14. I have a question: is there a special topic where we apply for the tree decorating contest, or how does it work? *confused*
  15. I got my two eggs an hour ago, and I like them very much. As for the contest, I'd probably choose the neglected egg, if I got into the honorables. And MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!
  16. Thank you for the info, TJ! *goes to decorate and to hunt eggs*
  17. My dragon, Ring Frei, just evolved today, and gave me a Magikarp badge! I am so happy for having it.
  18. *Silver Fox*

    Green Day

    They used to be my favourite band back in the old days, when I was still a fifth-grader, or maybe even younger. Boulevard of broken dreams shall forever be one of their most beautiful songs, but 2 guns is, to me, one of the most emotional ones.
  19. *Silver Fox*


    Evanescence is one of my top favourite bands, and Amy Lee is awesome - I love her style of singing, and even more of her clothing. <3 Hello can always make me cry, but my favourites are My immortal and My last breath. They recorded a new song, Together again, for the victims of the disasters in Haiti. The song is beautiful. <3
  20. *Silver Fox*


    I really like them. My favourite songs by Rammstein are: Du hast, Mein Herz brennt, Feuer frei, Keine Lust... Amazing band. They were in my country, but I didn't see them live.
  21. I can't wait for mine to gender, and I would like two females and two males.
  22. *Silver Fox*


    They are my second favourite band. I was very surprised by their new album "A thousand suns", the songs are quite different than the old ones. But I still like them. I found myself in many of their songs, so I can't imagine what would it be like without them. Linkin Park forever!
  23. Thank goodness you found those. <3 I have the Vogue they did a photo shooting for. They made the issue much better, it would be boring without them.
  24. *Silver Fox*

    Lady Gaga

    I really, really like her, her music is very catchy. I can't wait for "Born this way" to come out!
  25. Me too. I influenced my two eggs, who still won't hatch, to be male and female, and I hope the babies, who have hatched without influence, do the same thing. Me too, or a witch dragon (but it would be a strange one with a hat on its head).