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  1. One of my hatchlings gendered female. Even though it's an extra female, I decided to name her. You abandon no one on Christmas. <3
  2. I knew it was an all female sprite! I can't wait to see the adults, but the hatchlings are so beautiful!
  3. I decided to be kind on this Christmas morning, so I caught these eggs not only for myself, but also for my sister and friend. And I must say, these have got to be the most beautiful eggs I have EVER seen on Dragon Cave. And it looks like it's going to give an all-female breed, at least to me. Merry Christmas to everyone and well done spriters!
  4. Yes, I have two - an adult and a frozen hatchling.
  5. Caught another green opal, using my phone , influenced my CB ice egg the way I wanted, and my first CB blusang egg hatched! And my sister just helped me influence a nice 2nd gen soulpeace eggie I snagged off of the AP male, so I finally have a hatchling with a perfect name for it!
  6. Turns out that my newest alt vine hatchling... gendered female. Hallelujah!
  7. Got a red copper egg from The Giving Tree thread, which is also my very first CB copper ever! And I also traded for a CB bluesang, also the first one.
  8. Got a new silver shimmerscale hatchling, I hope it genders female.
  9. Alright, reached the maximum, now it's time to build a castle!
  10. Oh, super! Can't wait to see what kind of fort I'll be able to make after I reach the maximum level.
  11. You build your fort by adding items you have in your inventory on the ice field, and you use the remaining snow to either repair your fort or to attack other people's forts. Is it possible to edit your fort after you reach level 25?
  12. Can you still edit your fort after you reach the maximum level?
  13. Caught a CB golden wyvern, a CB green opal and a chicken.
  14. I still collect all Valentine and Christmas dragons as if the limit stayed the same, this makes no difference to me.
  15. If I had known this, I wouldn't have released my last year Christmas dragon, but oh, well.
  16. Today I caught my sister two last-year Christmas releases + two holly eggs in the AP. Wow.
  17. Just caught my sister two holly eggs and two last year dragons. What a start of the holiday season!
  18. Yet another failure and no successes at all. What a surprise.
  19. Today my friend agreed to influence my striped eggs and let them hatch, and then she gave them back to me after they did. Yeeey, now I'll have all the stripes I wanted!
  20. Successfully bred two 2nd gen ultraviolet eggs and influenced them properly. Thank God, I've had a couple of failures. Also gave some lovely names to my hatchlings which I can't wait to grow up!
  21. Elsinor - it definitely sounded like something that would be taken, but NO, I got it.
  22. That's why I never use the Earthquake BSA - I don't want to potentially kill or scare my hatchlings away. I incubate them if I can instead. Today I caught a CB striped egg KNOWING that no one wants to trade for them these days and I was locked for five hours, therefore unable to catch much better things in the cave. Thank God my sister wants another CB stripe so that she can breed them and make 2nd gen stripes, so that I can get rid of it finally.