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  1. My blacktip hatchling gendered into a male, and I gave it a female name. It's gonna stay that way until I find an egg to influence female (though I was sure I did it with this one O.o) - Oh, well, I'm glad it's almost time for it to grow up. :3 My hellhorse grew up, and my tsunami wyvern is hatching!
  2. ^ Lucky you! My bluesang and nhiostrife hatched into beautiful babies, can't wait for them to grow up!
  3. I can't wait to breed the pair of mine! They're so magnificent. Awesome job!
  4. Oh, wow! Now I can't wait for mine to grow!
  5. Congrats everyone! My gilded bloodscale female that my friend gifted me just grew up into a beautiful adult! :3
  6. This dull purple egg has two bright stripes on it.
  7. Good point! And yes, everything's fine.
  8. I don't remember incubating anything in days. Maybe it's just a big difference between the two eggs that I had caught. Both of my eggs are influenced when I checked, so there is no way that I gave away the wrong one. But the difference between 6 days and 4 days and 23 hours still confuses me... Nevermind.
  9. On every five minutes there are short releases, but they do end pretty quickly. Anyway, did this lag influence the remaining time of some eggs anyhow? I think it happened to one of mine, I think it gained a day, or maybe I'm just mistaken.
  10. ^ In the Alpine biome on every five minutes. There are short releases, so you better be quick. Good luck!
  11. What kind of lag was going on? I think all of my dragons are safe, but the site couldn't be accessed for some time. Is it something dangerous?
  12. I got two of mine and influenced them. My friend and sister got some too, but they will trade them for sprites we've been struggling to get for a while. If one of us has at least one dragon of the type, we'll all have them eventually. The lineage doesn't matter that much anyway.
  13. A few minutes? This last one only lasted four seconds!
  14. I don't see a single egg in the cave. How often do they drop and when?
  15. Because I don-t have enough ingredients for a single recipe.
  16. Oh, too bad. I can't participate then
  17. Do the recipes and ingredients appear randomly, or did the ingredients stop appearing?
  18. Caught six new eggs, influenced and incubated them all.
  19. Caught six eggies, influenced three of them to be male, three to be female. Can't wait for these little ones to grow up and see what they look like!
  20. Six more to go and I'll have them all!
  21. Mine gendered today! One of them is, of course, frozen, and there are 22 hours left to wait for the first one to grow up.
  22. What a gorgeous dragon! I just love it! Can't wait for mine to gender.
  23. Mine hatched two hours ago, I'm so excited! Can't wait to give them names.
  24. I sure wonder who could be the random recipient I sent a Valentine to. And I am very impressed with the whole idea. I kinda like being single even more now.