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  1. I only got one egg, but got no chance to walk and hatch it so far. And I won't be able to do it until tomorrow when the event will be over so nothing. Anyway, one of my previously caught 10km eggs resulted in a Slakoth, which gave me enough candies to finally get my Slaking. I'm currently hatching three 10km eggs so we'll see what those will give me. Those hatches are by far the ones I'm always the most excited about.
  2. Congrats! I really want Cradily as well so I'm hoping that this newest event where every available Pokemon can hatch from 2km eggs will result in me hatching a breathtaking Lileep and Anorith so I can get my Cradily (eventually) and Armaldo. Also I'm hoping for some Pokemon that I still don't have because I'm always up for a pokedex entry. I hatched another Wingull today and I had just enough candy to get a Pelipper.
  3. I'm more than halfway through walking a 5km egg and I'm hoping for an Azurill, it's so cute I can't even. And I finally purchased another incubator to hatch my 10km eggs with, I can't wait to hatch them all and see what I'll get.
  4. Well, looks like I had luck today - another pokedex edition! A Carvanha popped up in my apartment just moments ago, I fed it a pinap berry and caught it so I had enough candies to evolve a breathtaking Carvanha that I already had to Sharpedo, so now I have my first.
  5. Whoa, I didn't know that Mawile can be shiny too! Congrats! When do you get to see whether it's shiny or not, when you defeat it and get to the catching challenge? I must defeat as many Mawiles as possible because I only have a male, and I need a female. I also hatched my first (breathtaking) Wingull and I'm so happy. I hatched: another breathtaking Bagon (so now I have a male and a female Shelgon waiting to become Salamances one day), a breathtaking Trapinch that was evolved to Vibrava (my first), caught two breathtaking male Koffings so I evolved one to my second breathtaking Weezing, I got my second Espeon so I'm working on my second Umbreon now, I'm one candy away from evolving my Carvanha to Sharpedo, and I FINALLY caught a breathtaking Wurmple that evolved to Silcoon for a change (I was so sick and tired of all the Cascoons I've been getting. One more breathtaking Silcoon/female and I'm done with catching Wurmples). I also evolved my second Whiscash and caught a breathtaking Lunatone. I'm somehow predicting that Solrock and Lunatone will migrate like Zangoose and Seviper after the spring euqinox or in the summer, what are your thoughts on it? Also, I saw someone's Azurill in a gym, so another Pokedex shadow, great. And I don't know if I've said it before or not, but I caught a female Anorith for a change, I know these are quite rare compared to males so I'm happy.
  6. This was a fabulous day for this game! I caught another Beldum (still waiting for one with wonderful IVs to evolve it all the way one day), caught a couple of Lotads with pinap berries so I'm closer to getting my first Ludicolo (although I could have gotten more if two Lotads hadn't run away), and I also hatched a Feebas, which allowed me to evolve the one I was walking to Milotic (she is absolutely stunning! ), I hatched another breathtaking Bagon and a breathtaking Chimecho! I still have two 10km eggs to incubate and hatch, I wonder what those two might contain. Also, I finally made a breathtaking female Eevee named Sakura my new walking buddy so I'm working on my second Espeon, wish me luck!
  7. Raid battles that also include legendaries, plenty of new pokemon, weather boosted types and so much more, I think it's super fun to play! Anyway, I hatched awesome pokemon: Trapinch, Bagon (evolved to Shelgon), breathtaking SNORLAX (finally, that took ages!) and a Dratini. Plus I evolved my other breathtaking Surskit to Masquearain and I hatched a female breathtaking Corphish. I can't wait to see if I'm going to hatch a Wingull, I hope so because I still don't have it and it's such a cute pokemon.
  8. Good luck with your hunting there! I saw two Trapinch in the wild, but one ran away and the other appeared when I had no pokeballs and no means to buy additional ones, so I'm also hoping to hatch one myself. I'm currently incubating two 10km eggs and hoping that at least one of them is a Trapinch. Yesterday a wild Feebas appeared in the wild, and I couldn't go out to catch it as I was already in bed and it was really late. Also, the 10km egg I had hatched into a Larvitar so I evolved my previously hatched Larvitar into a Tyranitar so my goals for that Pokemon is complete. Edit: Awesome day! I tracked down and finally caught my first Trapinch. I also hatched an Onix, which gave me enough candy to get my second Steelix, so my goals are complete for them. But when I wanted to spin a pokestop I accidentally tapped a gym that I didn't want to open... and an Armaldo was there. Another pokedex shadow, great. I also caught another Lileep, which made me happy as it was the second one I've ever seen. I also have enough candies so I'm evolving my breathtaking Corphish to Crawdaunt.
  9. I was initially too bored to play today, but I did it anyway and boy, am I glad I did! I caught two Masquerains, two breathtaking Surskits (one evolved and the other waiting for candy), a breathtaking Lotad evolved to Lombre and I'll evolve it to Ludicolo as soon as possible. I'm also close to hatching my 10km egg and I'm super excited to see what's inside! I also caught another Tangela and Lickitung, which is great for me to prepare for gen4.
  10. I hatched a Mareep and a Larvitar (really helpful because of the candies), a Charmander (same thing) and some other not so special Pokemon so I'm not exactly blown away. I still have two 10km eggs to incubate so I'm hoping for something completely new and I also want a Wingull. I saw that and a Masquerain in two gyms and now I'm so angry because they are currently shadows in my Pokedex, and I hate when then that happens.
  11. Me and my family have three pets: two dogs and a budgie. My first dog ever's name is Bubi - he's a 16 year old miniature poodle who's been with us ever since he was just a baby, he was the smallest puppy among his siblings and although he's got a pretty rough temper (he barks and bites a lot) we love him so much. He has cataract because of his old age so he can't see, but he's pretty enthusiastic for someone so old. This is him: Then we have Tyrion - he's a budgie who is almost three years old, he's our third bird (the first budgie died of chemical poisoning by accident and our female lovebird died of an overly large egg that she couldn't lay, don't ask), and thankfully he's alive and well as we're taking extra good care of him to make sure he lives his full lifespan carelessly. I trained him to give good morning and good night kisses and he's so adorable and clever, I love his chirping 24/7 and how he learned to say some simple sentences. This is him: And the most recent addition to the family is Clyde, an English setter who wasn't purchased from a breeder like the other two - in fact, he was adopted after being rescued from a dump. When he was found he was all skin and bones eating a loaf of old bread to survive and he was born with deformed front legs, so he had two surgeries to make them more functional and let him walk like a normal dog. He is super grateful and happy and loves everyone and everything and everyone loves him in return. He's a year old and the vet decided to make his official birthday February the 14th when he was first vaccinated because no one is sure of his exact birthday. This is him: These are my three babies and I love them all so much.
  12. Yesterday was a horrible day for going out of the house, but at the same time a tremendous day for Pokemon GO! Makes no sense, but here's why - it was snowing as hell, so the traffic was jammed and utterly slow, which made my bus ride feel like walking so I managed to get much closer to hatching my two eggs than I normally would. I'm incubating a 5km and a 10km egg which should hatch at the same time, so I'm curious to see what they'll give me, I'm hoping for something new or for a Feebas (to get enough candies to evolve the one I'm walking to Milotic, which will give me my gold Hoenn region medal). Plus it's my favourite gen3 pokemon which I can't wait to put into gyms to defend them. Also, I've seen someone with a Corsola, so it's either someone who travels the world to catch Pokemon or a cheater.
  13. No shiny Dratini for me, but I don't mind. I think I'm gonna pause playing for today as I have uneven pokestop and pokemon streaks, so I won't be playing today to even it out again. I can't wait to go to college tomorrow and catch and hatch some more pokemon, I have 3 10km eggs waiting to be hatched and I really hope for something good. A Trapinch would be nice. I saw two but caught neither.
  14. Guys, you will never believe what I hatched today. Wynaut. Wynaut! WYNAUT!!! Btw looks like one of the gyms I visited had a Tropius defending it, although I can't remember seeing it. Someone here is obviously cheating.
  15. Guys, you will never ever believe me. Yes, this happened today. I caught another shiny Swablu and I evolved it to a shiny Altaria.
  16. And I congratulate you on your SECOND Mewtwo, both because it's an AMAZING accomplishment and also because I don't stand a chance of having it myself.
  17. Any shiny works for me, of course, but I knew that there was the highest chance of me getting one so I thought it could happen, and I'm so happy that I found it. No shiny Luvdisc, of course, but this is more than enough. I'm wondering whether I should evolve this little shiny, I'd have no doubts if it were a female because I still need a female Altaria, but it's a male. For now I'll leave it as Swablu because it's so cute! My last three hatches from 5km eggs were all rather disappointing - all three gave me a Treecko, and I wanted some new or rare pokemon. Oh, well, we'll see what this one will bring, and when I get to leave the house again I'll finish the 10km egg that I'm incubating right now to see what that will give me. A Feebas or a Mareep would be ideal.
  18. Shiny Luvdisc? Nice, but the pink ones are cute enough. However... Guys... Look... LOOK. I caught a shiny Swablu. This is my first ever shiny, this is awesome!!!
  19. Congrats! That's amazing, I haven't even seen a shiny Swablu, little less caught one. I'm sure that would be a perfect golden Altaria.
  20. Awesome!!! Congrats on catching it! I wish there were more pokemon go players here to go on raids with me. By the way, today I evolved my first Swablu to Altaria (it's beautiful!!! ), caught my first Bagon and my first Beldum, my first Plusle, evolved my Taillow to my first Swellow, so it was five new pokedex entries. I also did a raid and got a breathtaking Mawile from it. Still no shiny Swablu although I caught enough to get over 100 candies after spending 400 on evolving one to Altaria. Also, look at this. Pokemon logic: Charizard: huge flying fire-breathing lizard. Not a dragon. Altaria: tiny fluffy blue cloudy bird. Is a dragon. Edit 13/2/2018: A snowy form of Castform appeared in my apartment. I caught it. It's so awesomely cute, but I can't wait to catch the rainy form, I love the little drop shape. I also caught a breathtaking female Wurmple outside today and evolved it immediately hoping to get a Silcoon so that I can finally get a Beautifly... but it was a Cascoon, and I already have a breathtaking female Dustox.
  21. Oh, awesome! That's super nice, I love both of those little critters! I wish there could be some sort of event to get other regional exclusives, if only those could pop up for two or three days so everyone could catch them all. Anyway, I'm out of pokeballs so I had to skip a Taillow and a couple of Swablus, never have I ever been so sad, I love birds and I couldn't catch the cute bird pokemon. :'(
  22. Can't wait to get my Plusles soon, I really like those babies, so tiny! I have a breathtaking male Minun and a pretty solid female Minun, time to get some Plusles! Can't wait to go to college tomorrow because it's an excuse for me to get out and go to the city center to see what I can find. I also dislike the regional pokemon thing because even if you do travel abroad ( and try to catch pokemon regionals) you can't do it unless you have wifi, and if you have wifi you can't really go out to look for them, and who is crazy enough to pay skyrocketing telephone bills just because of pokemon? I now have over 300 candies for evolving Swablu, I'll evolve the male I got from a raid battle because it has wonderful IVs and I think it will make a beautiful little Altaria, but I really, REALLY need the shiny Swablu, I want some gold in my pokedex! And I also hope to be able to catch as many Castforms as possible, I got both a male and female normal, I still need a male and female of all the other three - rainy, snowy and sunny. I can't wait to get more pokemon, I'm so happy when I find new ones!
  23. I. NEED. A. GOLDEN. SWABLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not surprised, though, there are so many out there that some are very likely to be shiny. It would be my first ever shiny so I'm really hoping for one. Oh, really, Illumise? I've been seeing quite a lot of Volbeats, have you seen any? Maybe those are the two new regionals. Anyway, earlier today a Minun-like shadow appeared on nearby, which probably means that they rotated Plusle and Minun, which is great if it's true because I really want Plusles too. I also saw a snowy form Castform on nearby, and when I was three steps away... it disappeared because the weather turned from snowy to cloudy and I couldn't get it anymore. OK, now it's here again, but too far away for me to go out to get it. Yeah, Illumise is a regional exclusive for North and South America, Tropius is for Africa, and Volbeat is for Europe, Asia and the Pacific.
  24. Good luck! I wish I could be there with you, I'd love nothing more than to get a Mewtwo. Anyway, I'm so super excited about the newly come Pokemon! I've caught tons of Swablus, gathered 243 candies (by feeding pretty much all of them pinap berries), but I still need a lot to evolve my breathtaking one to my first Altaria. I also caught two Castforms in their normal shape, can't wait for weather changes to catch other variants of it, a Taillow and several Volbeats (only males so far). I should be going to the city center tomorrow so I'm super excited about encountering more of the new babies in the wild. Edit: One more pokedex entry for today - I got a Surskit.
  25. I wish I could catch legendaries, but sadly they are only obtainable through raids and I can't do them on my own and I don't know who can help me fight them. I tried to join a pokemon go group for my city, but those have been inactive for months. Oh well, at least I'll get all the others. Except for Absol, too strong to take out on my own.