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  1. 1 hour ago, Belisar said:

    Caught a Smeargle while taking a pic of my Smeargle xD



    Inception. :lol: 

    I haven't played much yesterday and today because I've got tons of things to do but I've walked enough for a 5km egg and I'll do my best to hatch the one I'm walking today to get a spot for the one I'll be getting tomorrow. I'll be hoping for a wonderful female Finneon or a wonderful female Combee, that would be great. :) 

  2. 4 hours ago, Gluria said:

    Finally got a Smeargle after the first one I encountered ran away. Glad that's done ... I don't like Smeargle so I don't need to catch more than the one.


    Wait a minute, Smeargle can run away? I did not know that. I caught all three of them so far and I didn't know that was possible to begin with.

  3. The Smeargle feature is incredibly cute, the first time I got it was with an Alolan Dugtrio, the second time it photobombed Giratina. :lol: That was so incredibly cute and funny.

    I finally gathered enough candy to evolve my wonderful Finneon to my first ever Lumineon, and I also caught one wonderful Cranidos which I evolved to Rampardos. :wub: I now put Clamperl to be my buddy because I desperately need more candy to get the remaining evolutions I need. :) 

  4. I caught quite a lot of Clamperl yesterday! Also got my first ever Latias from a raid and I'm super happy about it, now I have to wait for Latios to make its second appearance so I can get him too. :D 

    When it comes to Clamperl, I didn't know there would be a shiny at first, which is why I was really surprised when my second Clamperl turned out to be a shiny. I caught a lot of them, but sadly I didn't have enough pinap berries to get double candy from all of them so I was only able to evolve four of them. I traded one shiny Huntail because I couldn't get a shiny Gorebyss (my friend was kind enough to give me one in exchange), and as my shiny goal is complete now I have to try to get one regular Huntail male and one female, and also a male regular Gorebyss, hoping that I will have one male and one female regular Clamperl left. This is why I didn't transfer many Clamperl at once. 

    When it comes to other water type pokemon, I tapped every single Wingull, Psyduck, Krabby, Magikarp, Wailmer and Feebas... not a single shiny. :dry:

  5. Clampearl WILL be available in the wild eventually, but as they haven't decided how common it will be it's best we catch as many as possible during this three hour span tomorrow.

  6. Have you seen the game news? They're introducing Clampearl to the game the same way they did with shiny Feebas! Three hours of field research tasks that award you Clampearl encounters. Its two evolution forms will be random so you better get as many as possible! You'll need 50 candy for an evolution so make sure you feed those clams with pinap berries. :D

    Nice news on my part - I hatched a Bonsly and a Happiny and I'm so happy about having those babies, they're so cute! I also hatched a Mawile today, though I can't remember if it came out of a 7km egg or the 10km egg as it was a hatching bunch. I'm guessing it came out of the 7km egg that I obtained during Hoenn celebration. 

  7. I caught SEVENTEEN shiny Swinubs, which is my personal community day record! Got 8 Sinnoh stones in my inventory so I’m waiting for more Tangela candy to get my second Tangrowth and to find a wonderful female Yanma for my second Yanmega. Got three Mamoswines, one shiny and two regular ones and now I’m happy when it comes to that, hoping for more exciting things to come in this game. 😊

  8. 22 hours ago, hedy said:

    This little piggy was SHINY!




    I’m so happy, I was finally able to go for a walk and play after a long while and almost immediately got this! I’ve been watching your shinies jealously here, feels good to get something myself too ^_^ Even though when I was returning home, my phone decided to run out of battery at 30% of battery left... And it’s only -1 C degrees outside!! Curse you Californian phone makers who can’t design their phones for us living at the damn arctic XD 


    Congrats! I also caught one shiny piggy - I'm hoping for another one so I can evolve it to Grumpig and have a shiny version of both stages. :wub: I also had the problem of my phone shutting down when it was too cold a couple of times and it was annoying to say the least. The last time it happened was when I was catching my first Purugly just two days ago, thankfully I was able to restart my phone and my game to catch it before it was gone.
    A friend of mine who was in Canada to see his family caught tons of those cute little electrocuted squirrels named Pachirisu and when he came back he gifted me one male and one female so I was super happy! He was also kind enough to catch so many to give at least one to everyone in the group, which is super nice. :D I also caught two Cranidos recently and just evolved my second Ambipom. I wish I had more sinnoh stones to evolve some more.

  9. Congrats everyone on your accomplishments! I’ve been wanting a shiny Azurill so bad, special congrats to you @Nectaris! :wub:

    I had my research breakthrough today and FINALLY got an Articuno... however not a shiny. Speaking of shinies, I got a shiny Tailow a couple of days ago and today I caught a shiny Zigzagoon! So happy about those cuties! Right now I’m on the hunt for shiny Feebas (raiding big time, baby!), as well as one more shiny Dratini and one more shiny Ponyta, as well as shiny Spoink thanks to the Chinese New Year event. I also caught Palkia on the first day of its arrival and I must say that it stayed in the second ball that hit it, but to be honest that pokemon is sooooooo tiny and difficult to hit that I probably missed it three times and wasted three balls into nothingness. :dry: P.S: I hatched a Chingling finally and I also caught my first ever Bronzor a couple of days ago.

    Speaking of the newest Sinnoh region pokemon currently released, so far I got Combee, Shieldon and Glameow, and I also evolved some to get Lickilicky, Gallade, Froslass, Yanmega, Ambipom and Tangrowth. :wub:

  10. Lucky you @Nectaris! :wub: I finally did the last Feebas day task for today's stamp and guess how many shiny Feebas I have? None. Nothing. Nada. I am so disappointed, I've done so many tasks and every Feebas was plain. I hope I'll get one somehow eventually.

  11. 48 minutes ago, Belisar said:

    Ohhhh I didn't even know this was possible :3 Is it a rare thing to happen?



    Actually no, sometimes the color of the offspring differs from the color of the parents. ;) By the way, where can I find the timeline for breeding fire gem dragons? :D 

  12. I did tons of Feebas tasks yesterday and no shinies for me. However I still have one leftover task I have to complete - five more great throws and we'll see if it's a shiny or not. I doubt it, however there will be Feebas hatches in the future and some in the wild now that Hoenn celebration is up. :) 

  13. I need help! I always sort my dragons manually and they've always stayed the way I sorted them, but today I entered my dragons page and saw that my dragons were arranged by the date of being caught ever since I started playing (I never hit reset or anything, but when I go back to manual sort they are arranged as I made them). What's happening?

  14. 21 hours ago, Nectaris said:

    I'm just happy to finally get a lunatone!  I have not seen one at all, and I was afraid they would switch back before I ever saw one.


    Also, apparently you can currently hatch Absol and Mawile from 7k eggs during this event.  I'm crossing my fingers that I can get an absol!


    Yes, it’s true! I’m hoping for a shiny Absol hatch (although the odds are ridiculous) because I can’t raid it on my own and when I meet up with other players legendaries are a priority. Speaking of which, I met my squad yesterday and we did several raids - I caught six Groudon (not a single shiny) and one Kyogre before I had to go back home to study for my exams. I want a shiny Kyogre so bad but I won’t be mad if I miss out on it because at least I have one. :wub: 

    One of my friends had difficulties catching the Groudons we raided and he asked me to catch the fifth one we’ve fought against because the previous four had run away. He handed me his phone and told me to throw balls at Groudon and, to my surprise, it stayed and it was my friend’s long awaited pokedex entry. :wub:

    I can’t wait for the Feebas event! I’m not planning to go too far and do too much, but I’m still hoping for a shiny because shiny Milotic is gorgeous!

  15. Congrats on the shiny Lugia, @Zinogre! :wub: I wish I could get a shiny legendary (I’m mostly hoping for Articuno but any shiny legendary will do), but today’s breakthrough pokemon was a Suicune, AGAIN. :dry:  Also I just randomly tapped a pokegym and there was a player who left a Bronzor to defend it, and guess what I have now? An incomplete pokedex entry. Terrific.

  16. I have no idea, to be honest! However, my shiny luck doesn't serve me always - during the collective community day in December I haven't stumbled upon a single shiny Cyndaquil, and nothing has changed ever since. I tapped every single wild Cyndaquil I could find and nothing, all of them were plain. I also never got a shiny Drowzee, which was a pretty common one since 90% of my friends caught it, and there are still some other shinies that I'm missing, but I'm not complaining. There is still time. :) 

    As for Skorupi I agree with you, in my opinion it should come from 5km eggs like Croagunk, I don't see the reason why a pokemon that is anything but rare should be among the 10km egg hatches, I seriously don't. :blink: My goals are to hatch a female Munchlax, I'd love to get my first Riolu, Mantyke and Chingling, I still don't have them, and I'd be thrilled to FINALLY catch my first Bronzor, those are pretty elusive for me.

  17. Does anyone know what is going on? I'm trying to name my dragons and I keep getting the error notification and the names aren't staying on the dragons. The names are not violating any cave terms and they are also available so I'm not sure what's happening. :( 

  18. On 1/13/2019 at 3:53 PM, Nectaris said:

    I'm not sure if I want to evolve it or not though, although I haven't found one, you CAN get shiny roselia in the wild.  I imagine getting one of those would be easier than hatching another shiny budew.


    I suggest finding a shiny Roselia in the wild instead, shiny babies are simply too cute to evolve! :wub: Congrats everyone on their success!

    Speaking of Community Day, I caught six shiny Totodile and kept three. I evolved one to Croconaw, but as I was stupid I forgot to stack up on the candy so the shiny Feraligatr has to wait a bit. As for other nice things I came across, I also did a Mawile raid that gave me a beautiful shiny female, and today I caught a shiny Aron (so now I have a shiny Aron, Lairon and Aggron) and I earned a shiny Aerodactyl from a field research task. :wub: 

  19. 16 hours ago, Camilo543HF said:

    Anybody want to exchange Friend Codes? My go-to friend for gift exchanging finally quit and now I have no source of 7k eggs :(


    Why don't you post your friend code here in this thread? I'd be happy to add you, and I'm sure lots of other players would be happy to befriend you too! :wub: 

  20. 22 hours ago, Nectaris said:

    And my first breakthrough in January I got the Lugia I needed!


    Congrats on your Lugia! I'm still hoping for a shiny Articuno (though any shiny legendary will do), but my last research breakthrough resulted in a plain Moltres, which was the third Moltres I received since December. Not happy.

    I recently hatched two Munchlax (I will trade one because they are both males), but nothing special came out since then, and some of my playmates even hatched Chingling. I've been hatching alolan Geodude and Tyrogue so often that I hope I never see them again for as long as I live.

  21. 2 hours ago, Kaini said:

    Oh man I desperately need to go out raiding, if you can get Deoxys on your own. I want!


    Not sure, but I believe it IS possible as long as you're a high level player with great counters on your hands. ;) 

    By the way, a situation happened to me:


    Niantic: "Well, should Twyro (*Silver Fox*) hatch a shiny baby for once in her life? Oh, sure, Wynaut?!"




  22. 2 hours ago, Chococat0815 said:

    Yesterday friends of mine invited me to an ex-raid, so I got both the new attack form of Deoxys and a Heatran. Otherwise still no luck with the new babies or any shinies. The attack form of Deoxys is ridiculous though, it's incredibly strong but we beat it really fast. On reddit you can watch a lot of videos people using all kinds of pokemon like Honchcrow or Sneasel to solo Deoxys :lol: 


    Yeah, I've seen that! I've also been invited to an ex-raid for the Deoxys attack form and caught it, only one of my pokemon fainted by the time we beat it, which was incredible as every Heatran we've done yesterday took me two pokemon parties. I finally got my first Heatran yesterday, which was a male, but a female ran away from me, so I ccaught another male Heatran (we raided three) and traded one of the males for a female so my goal is complete. Can't wait to see what the next legendary pokemon turns out to be! I also had no luck so far with shiny babies or any new babies, though some of my friends hatched Munchlax or even Chingling.

    By the way, I have a strong feeling that after all Deoxys forms go through ex-raids - the next ex-raid boss will be Arceus. Betting so hard on that one.

  23. 11 hours ago, Nectaris said:



    I'm excited too, though I am mostly exited for Lugia!  I haven't been able to get one at all, so this is a good chance to get one. 


    I am also excited about old research tasks coming back, I SO hope that absol comes back, I missed that one and have never been able to get in a raid.  I also hope one of the aerodactyl ones comes back so that maybe I can finish the meltan quest.


    Yeah, people I play with are upset about not seeing Aerodactyl these days, and they still haven't completed their Meltan quest. I'd also be happy to get the Absol task back, I do have two Absol (a female from the task back when it existed + a male from a raid I did with two friends), but there is still a chance of getting a shiny so why not. ;)