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  1. I just sent you two requests! By the way, some game news are here! Looks like field research breakthroughs will have all the legendary pokemon available so far (Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Suicune, Raikou and Entei) + Lugia and Ho-Oh! That makes me happy because I still have several chances of getting a shiny Articuno (or any shiny for that matter).
  2. They used to be, but they were added to the December research breakthrough lottery. Day four without the Sinnoh stone - forget the bad luck Brian meme, use my face instead.
  3. I managed to get my second breathtaking Abomasnow, and I also caught one breathtaking Croagunk, but sadly not even a single Scorupi, whenever I see one on the radar it's too far away for me to go get it, or it despawns by the time I get there.
  4. Yes, shiny legendary birds are obtainable from weekly breakthroughs! I was hoping for a shiny Articuno but I got nothing interesting. I hope I can try one more time before they swich it with something else and get lucky before they go away. You got so lucky, congrats! 🖤 By the way, I haven’t got a single sinnoh stone for three days straight! I’m so unpleasantly surprised.
  5. I’m Twyro @Kaini - challenge me again, I accepted but nothing happened. :(
  6. Sure you can! I got one from Candela and one from Spark so far, but sadly none from Blanche. I usually challenge them in the master league and defeat them relatively easily. Newsflash: I caught my first (and also wonderful IV) Croagunk! Can't wait to get more new pokemon, so far I only caught this little guy and Snovers.
  7. @Kaini I'm your ultra friend and I'd be happy to battle! Funny thing I noticed about these battles - I get the Sinnoh stone when I lose more often than by winning. I don't know why, and so far the only trainer boss who hasn't given me the Sinnoh stone was my team leader Blanche. Also I evolved Rhyperior, Dusknoir, Electivire and Magmortar in the meantime, I'll probably use the next Sinnoh stone I get for my first Togekiss, but I still need three more candies to evolve my Togetic.
  8. Hello, guys! I've had so much going on in my life that I've been offline for a while, but I've been playing all along! If there's anyone new around here who wants to add me as a friend, my in-game name is Twyro and my friendship code is 6703 8008 6464 As for all I've accomplished recently - I made some Sinnoh evolutions! I'm having difficulties with finding those stones so I got only: Mismagius, Porygon Z, Honchkrow and Gliscor! I'm looking forward to evolving Togekiss next, I just need a few more candies, but hatching a shiny Togepi could make it even more special.
  9. Be persistent and it will come your way eventually. I never thought I'd reach the point of thinking that it's a success to find and catch a Pidgey, but ever since the "Evolve 2 Pidgey" field research task popped up those are near exterminated and so hard to find. Can't wait to find another Caterpie task because I now have three Pidgeys so I'll be able to do at least one. I could also use a couple more Nincada tasks by the time November ends.
  10. I didn't take part in the CD, only caught a few Cyndaquil from home, no shinies but I'm not that upset. I took down a Buizel today so I'm happy for the brand new pokedex entry. By the way, don't know if I'd mentioned it before, but earlier this week I met up with other trainers for a Deoxys raid (wonderful IVs, caught on the first throw, plus it was a pokedex entry), and later I had to Giratina raids - the first one escaped but I got the second one and it's a 100IV Giratina! 😮
  11. I need to kick my peach off of walking tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, I never reached 50km!
  12. I got my Shedinja too, but as its IVs are not exactly what I had hoped for I can't wait to obtain another, hopefully with better ones. Also I got lucky earlier this morning because I caught a hella awesome shiny Ponita with the blue mane, I was blown away!
  13. Okay, I used to have 106 friends in pokemon go... now I have 134. Dang it, it will take me FOREVER to send gifts to everyone! Thank God I play a lot so it's not that impossible. Anyway, I've seen a Drifloon today randomly so they're not completely gone... I'll be able to get my first Shedinja tomorrow, but I'm stuggling to find Pidgeys to evolve for the Caterpie task. What is it with those birds?!
  14. Good luck! Keep an eye out on Pinsirs, they're the most recent shinies and are spawning like crazy! Also Caterpies.
  15. I got two shiny Pinsirs today! I'd also LOVE to get at least one shiny Caterpie so I can have a shiny Butterfree, but wouldn't you know, a formerly common Pidgey is nowhere to be found when you need to evolve a couple! @Nectaris I usually buy incubators from poke coins too, but these days I'm saving up for more pokemon storage because it's just a matter of time before the second wave of gen4 pokemon is released and I want to make sure I have enough space for those.
  16. Guys, how do you like this whole new adventure thingy that rewards you poke balls and other useful things after you've walked several km a week? I think I'm diggin' it! Hopefully I'll be receiving an incubator every now and then because I can never have enough of those, mostly I'm stuck with the one we all have for infinite uses.
  17. Congrats on these two! I wish I could have a shiny Drifloon at least, but no luck for me, and the event is ending today. Hopefully Drifloon will spawn normally every now and then so that I can catch one at some point.
  18. Mine isn't perfect either but it's so cute! Better said, gorgeous now that I evolved it to Houndoom. I also caught a shiny Poochyena! The golden puppy is the cutest! Bad IVs but no big deal, I wanted one and I got lucky! Still no shiny Duskull, Shuppet, Murkrow or Drifloon. By the way, I'm going to face Deoxys next Wednesday! The group of players I raid with managed to trigger an ex-raid and one of my ultra friends got an ex-raid pass which he kindly offered to share with me and I'm so happy, I've never entered an ex-raid before! Edit: HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYBODY! Hope you're all having fun! Thank God I have to go to college twice today as I need to use these final hours of the Halloween event to catch a shiny Drifloon if I still can, hopefully I'll catch at least one. I'll also be on the lookout for shiny Duskulls, Shuppets and Sableyes, and if I come across another Snorunt raid I hope I get a wonderful IV female so I can get a Froslass when they release a new wave of gen4 pokemon. Also a wonderful IV Turtwig appeared in my house and I'm so happy that I caught it because I finally got my two remaining starter pokedex entries - Grotle and Torterra!
  19. I randomly stumbled upon a Giratina raid with a four player lobby which I joined, but we couldn't defeat it. Too bad as I still don't have it, but also because we were SO CLOSE to knocking it down. Also I saw someone holding a shiny Drifblim in a gym and it made me so envious - I want one too!
  20. I got my shiny Bulbasaur from the "Power up pokemon 5 times" field research task (which I almost discarded so ) - you have a chance of getting a (shiny) Kanto starter from it! I'm still looking for a shiny Charmander, though. Didn't play much today but I will tomorrow when I go to college so hopefully something shiny pops up while the Halloween event is still up - aiming for every Shuppet, Duskull, Poochyena, Pikachu and Drifloon I could possibly tap on the map!
  21. I also want the shiny Shuppet! It's mint green and it's my favourite color! My trainer code is 6703 8008 6464 Twyro's the username. Nice to meet you.
  22. Me neither, and I want one as well. As a matter of fact, I am so p***** off that, if I could, I'd threaten them that I'd poke them with a needle one by one unless they hand over a shiny specimen of their kind.
  23. I hope so for you too! Thankfully I took the time to actually go along the street where I don't normally go when I had that task to complete, and there were even more than 8 pokestops I never span before. There are so many more a bit further away, but they will remain intact just in case I ever need to complete such a task again. Btw, guys, I caught a shiny Houndour in my house! I evolved it to a gorgeous blue Houndoom.
  24. I've been tapping on everything that could possibly be shiny and it appears that I've run out of luck. Not a single shiny during this event for me so far, thank God I still have four days with all these dark and ghost types spawning.
  25. Can't wait to arrange raiding with fellow players to go for Giratina! Seems relatively easy to defeat, but I'm still not sure about the catch rates, though. I tapped that thing when I first saw it in a gym... man is it ugly. And it screams.