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  1. Oh so that was quite a different matter with mine. Good to hear that you solved it though!
  2. I've had that too. Clicking to another tab and going back to daycare worked for me.
  3. I forgot to influence an egg. Really stupid. Even the precog failed me haha Can't you go back to an egg again..?
  4. Oh I see, thank you for the answer!!
  5. I caught an AP egg, abandoned it, but changed my mind to keep that egg. It's sitting in the AP, but I can't catch it. Every time I click it, it says that someone already grabbed it, but it's still sitting in the AP. Is this a glitch? I know that no one took this egg, as I refreshed the page > clicked the egg in a new tab > refreshed the AP and it's still there, but it says someone already took that egg. It's happening to all eggs I abandoned.
  6. If I counted it correctly, recently I caught 9 zyus and 7 xenos. I think I missed quite the same amout of zyus and xenos. I thought they had pretty much the same rarity as xenos, but my personal experience shows that xenos are slightly a little more rarer than zyus. (But ignoring the statistics, zyus seem more rare to me-maybe because they're a newer breed? )
  7. @Fabula I've been playing DC for like 10 years(with a lot of hiatus), and now I realize there are such stubborn breeds! I'll be re-reading the FAQ thread, thank you <3 Edit : No wonder it seemed so unusual, I don't really grow prizes on my scroll. Thanks for the additional infos!
  8. Are certain dragon breeds harder to hatch than other eggs? I have this Zyu that had a similar time left some other eggs, for example a nexus(minus a few hours compared to the zyu) and an aeon(plus three more hours). I've put them in hatcheries at the same time, and they had a very similar amount of views, UVs and clicks. But it didn't have even a crack, while the other two had big holes. Now I've lost patience and incubated the zyu, making an ER. After that, for about 2 hours, it got like about +1500 views, +130 uvs (and +1 click, if it matters!) but it's still so far away from hatching(about stage 2 or 3 egg sprite). I'm starting to think that zyus are harder to hatch, or there's something wrong with my zyu (just joking )
  9. Influence Report! TOP influenced a Silver to be female for Kurokosworth!
  10. I'm not an English speaker and didn't realize the phrase 'thank you in advance' isn't a polite phrase to use, sorry about that! (I was searching up that phrase to figure out if I wrote it correctly, and many articles suggest to use alternative phrases.. ) My silver checker will now progress to the 5th gen in the near future. I would gladly appreciate it if there's someone can breed an unrelated 5th(or 3-4th) gen *dreams* Oh and I can breed certain 3-4Gs too if you need any, PM me!
  11. Offered on the mistletoe, thank you in advance.
  12. HAVE Heartstealing hatchie from Holly Need Bloodswap! https://dragcave.net/teleport/7e26025ecfc8e24b75d3afeacf614803 Thank you! Eggs are fine.
  13. @TempestSea @11th sending both of you a PM!
  14. Seeking bloodswaps, egg offers are welcome too. 1) Soulstone hatchie from Script https://dragcave.net/teleport/1b68db2e6b5120eda4983758fc33ba42 2) Heartstealing egg from Holly (11hrs from hatching) https://dragcave.net/teleport/620c98d7d805014684fd6425fa82dad8
  15. I have some CB dragons and checkers(mostly rosebuds; I think the lists are in my sig) for breeding. If you need any, feel free to PM me until noon(DC time). I think available CBs are Val09(1), Arsanis(2), RAs(2), Heartstealings(2) and Mutamores(2), and some breed of mates can be unavailable, mostly the 'recent' ones (Edit: asking me would be the easiest way) Bloodswaps would be awesome but unnecessary.
  16. @Naruhina_94 Ah, I get the point about leading to frustration, especially that this is a dragon you could breed once a year. I see my setback in the solution I suggested, thanks for pointing it out. About the CBs.. well I couldn't think of any way for cool things out for this so I chose to remain silent.
  17. I'm very surprised that alt sweetling owners can now have both sprites. The alt sweetling mechanism wasn't that fair before, but this change made it even more unfair. Well, here's a solution I thought of. First I thought that sweetlings breeding true would be the best solution. But, I've seen many beautiful lineages that had both sprites, so if they breed true then those lineages would no longer be produced. So I thought of another way. For regular sweetling owners : Sweetlings from pinks will be pink. Sweetlings from alts will have a 50:50 chance to alt, and will be black if moved on to an alt scroll. For alt sweetling owners : Sweetlings from alts will be alts. Sweetlings from pinks will have a 50:50 chance to be pink, and will be pink if moved on to a regular scroll. This is something like scroll-coded+chances to get the other color for every player (+ some breeding issues covered.. If my perfect black checkers suddenly start producing pink sweetlings on my scroll.. not very nice..)
  18. HAVE CB Lurker egg, currently 6d0h WANT CB pumpkin / grave with same or less time. https://dragcave.net/teleport/abf2b461e5df0115ab8a5e2a2ed8a8dd I also have some previous halloween dragons to breed(all but pumpkins and marrows). Feel free to PM me if you need a certain pair. But read the text below first... (Sorry, I forgot that I already bred my pumpkin to the AP) * I do NOT have any dragons released in 2017, and might not have some released in recent years. I would really appreciate it if you'd either go through my scroll and check what dragons I have, or give a list in order of preference. * Check notable CBs in profile under notes to self. It should give info about CB 'rares' * I currently do not have egg space. Breeding will be done at approximately 1:30PM EDT tomorrow, so please be online at that point of time! * All my checkers are done breeding to the AP, but I have some SW * F gold checkers left if anyone needs it. Can produce sibling of this girl and she also has a mate. 5G baby already spoken for!
  19. I donated! TOP -> spring_dragon: 2G Ice from Pacified Aegis (accepted) TOP -> Lantean_Pegasus : 2G Nebula from White winged SA (accepted)
  20. Oops, wrong quote. Deleting the prior post; sent you a PM
  21. Is the firewood to Jade the first day or second day? I saw some post that said that's the second day and it got me confused. And the Gladys guy.. then is this person's quest the second day or third day?? Shouldn't people still be on the second day at this moment?
  22. I found another place. It took me forever.. For me Bord was on the top right corner, near the shore. I do have the screenshot but I don't know how to post it over here
  23. I donated! TOP -> stardust13: 2G Guardian from yulebuck (accepted)
  24. I donated! TOP -> artiuslove: Moonstone from alt sweetling (accepted)
  25. I donated! TOP -> DevilAngelWolf27: 2G horse from yule (accepted) You're welcome!!