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  1. I don't expect any agreement with this but I'm going to complain anyway. I didn't get but one of the new eggs. I'm going on vacation this week and yesterday was spent running around doing things in preparation and I assumed that I'd be able to sit down after dinner and hunt eggs. When I finally sat, I found that the new egg drop had ended and the Dragon Cave was back to normal - the same row of common eggs on every habitat, no matter how many times the page was refreshed. The same eggs, again and again and again. This is the normal for the Dragon Cave. Tedium, hand-strain, boredom. The last time I complained about this, I was informed in no uncertain terms that this was a FEATURE, not a problem and that what was really needed was for me to experience an attitude change. Well, last night, when I realised that I wasn't about to get any more of the new eggs, I did have an attitude change - I shut down the computer and went to do something that was interesting instead. Congratulations to all of you who filled your scrolls with eggs. You may feel good because, yes, I envy you. Enjoy.
  2. Mine are all gone. No more halloween hatchlings for me. ::: sigh :::
  3. Mine are all gone. ::: sigh ::: No more Halloween until next year.
  4. Amen to that raindear. Mine have 3+ days left.
  5. I just put one hatchling into teleport - hoping the recipient will get it before it matures (600 views vs 4 days to mature - I've never had to do this calculation before). That leaves me with 2 hatchlings (fogged) for Hurricane Sandy sufferers.
  6. The three Halloween 2012 eggs I picked up for Sandy sufferers hatched this morning. They are fogged again, with six days to mature.
  7. Still have three eggs - posting this to keep the thread current. Here's hoping that the storm hitting today doesn't delay recovery from Sandy.
  8. I think I messed up. I sent a transfer to DarkAngels without realising she already had an egg for both scrolls. That takes me down to 2 eggs available.
  9. There are still almost a million customers without power, according to Huffington Post, I'm holding onto my extra Halloween 2012 eggs/ hatchlings for as long as possible.
  10. Frankenstorm Helper Form: I'm willing to gift eggs to storm victims! Forum name: puxill How many egg/hatchlings I'm willing to gift: 3 I'm willing to keep the eggs until they are close to running out of time (Yes/No): Yes I'm willing to gift someone a 2nd egg/hatchling of the new Halloween dragon (Yes/No): No I'm the person behind the Na Gurnaidh Dragon Hatchery blog. I picked up three extra eggs because ... I know there have to be people out there who would normally be in the Cave grabbing eggs - it was just far too quiet. I'm hoping that they will find this thread, and I'm hoping that they will get their dragon.