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  1. At TFcon I managed to get third place. Okay, year two. Same basic costume - some modifications. New additions, cape, crown and actually used the mask this year. Improved lighting on the wings. i am planning on doing a ghost of Starscream for 2020 - its complicated I would like to use iridescent fabics - LED optic fibre, acrylic rod wings (G1 style but collapsible like above. ) I want to make my own chaps, boot covers/spats, corset & illuminated/iridescent outer covering. I am also attempting to lose a lot of weight - and have shed about 30 pounds so far. (looking to drop 60 all day) I'll go more into detail about it as I get further. But right now, I am planning the legs until I lose the weight to start the corset part. found a short of short, curvy costume template.
  2. That was unbelievable that they charged her but not the shooter. I don't care if she started it or not, the other guy shouldn't have been waving a gun around.
  3. Entered.... I've been eating a lot of broccolis lately.
  4. could be like steam that shows name history because I know some players change their names like socks.
  5. do not support multi-clutching.
  6. I have a coffee plant I that I grew from Seed.
  7. We'll look into it, this is likely a TJ fix.
  8. why would yourt arts badge be defunct?
  9. My Kitty: Snowflake.