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  1. its a difficult choice. I loaded up on the new eggs, the alts are likely easier to get later because you can do it yourself.
  2. I'll have to try it later, I have other eggs right now
  3. the ground glitched and the buggy I was in ended up in a cavern wall, I suffocated and respawned with none of my equipment and no way to find or get it back - Astroneer.
  4. I don't think your names will be a problem. The change in the sprites names likely had to do with that some were original names to the artist.
  5. giving everyone a raffle prize defies the purpose of a raffle.
  6. The situation itself was extremely nasty. I, for one support the change fully. Naming the person in question would give them power and notoriety, this is not something we should allow. No matter how pretty the sprites were, it is best to change them. Dragon Cave is also a privately owned site. I do not want to be associated with the person and the revolting things they said. I believe how the sprites looked in lineages was considered. I believe the changes were done from a legal standpoint. To remove the sprites altogether would have causes chaos
  7. Meowderator, Cluckinator, Quackerador, floof.
  8. Its extraordinarily rare. Scrolls are examined closely and its usually due to Multi-scrolling and Cheating.
  9. Oh I am not dismissing it. I am just stating, that is what could very well end up happening.as I have seen that happening before. I'm all for writing it out in detail But I am also the sort of person who would pop on my glasses and read the EUL before using something - drives my spouse nuts.
  10. From years of Experience, I have found that trying to get a list of what to avoid invariably gets someone pointing out something that has been warned against was not listed and should be therefore allowed. Also, on the flip side,a list of rules will often get the TL;DR response (Too Long; Didn't Read) I am all for more concise wording, but as it stands, it reads fine to me. Maybe should could be reworded to have. I am all for spelling it out, each and every don't do it scenario, but as I said, people will complain the rules are too big to follow.
  11. I did the Decepticon Seeker Thrust - which should conclude several years of Decepticon based eggs - released in "trines" or their teams or groupings of three Common Trine: Starscream 2013 Skywarp 2015 Thundercracker 2017 Sunstorm 2018 - the odd one out. Conehead trine: Dirge 2019 Ramjet 2020 Thrust 2021 I may or may not continue with Seeker eggs - there are so many these days But it does free me to create something different and new. I felt obligated to complete the set.
  12. When I am outside I am watching my birds. We have bald Eagles. The coop is in the garage. I just "SCREEEEEE" when I see an eagle and they run for cover,.
  13. Is there a comprehensive list of spells anywhere?
  14. ultimately once the dragon/egg is on your scroll you can name it how you want (providing it is not rude or inappropriate or violates site rules) You can do what you want as well. No one can tell you how you use your scroll. .