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  1. you guys are still at it? I've currently got about 3 dozen eggs in my fridge roughly half are green half are brown. Anyway, back to zero you go
  2. Snowflake and Nox caught a mouse. What good kitties!
  3. too bad I wasn't counting... but I set you to zero with my 5 beautiful birds. The white one was the sick one. in order from top left to bottom right. Windswept, Phoenix, Silverrose, Yin & Yang
  4. I'm keeping her in for a while longer. she still has a cough/sneeze, but she sounds much better. I'll keep her in for a total of 10 days I think. She's always had a cough sneeze. I just want to make sure she's good before I let her go. Problem with keeping such birds in a cage is they get dirty bad. I have to bathe her today and get soiled bedding out. Funny thing, is we have two cats. Black cat - Snowflake often sits and watches her. and she watches snow. But if the white/grey cat Nox comes down she clucks an alarm. Nox once chased windy into a tree when Nox was feral. Windy has not seen Nox in over 2 months and has not forgotten.
  5. Poor Biden has a mess to fix. but hopefully he can put it right.
  6. Well, small update. I saw the vet. I left the bird at home. I described her symptoms and asked for help as I was very concerned. I said I didn't want to stress her out by bringing her while feeling under the weather. Vet prescribed a medication. I was already searching feed stores for that. But we did come to the same conclusion as far as the treatment. good to know I was on the same page. Anyway a treatment of Pedialyte and the Medicine has started.
  7. eeek one sick chicken in the coop. I brought her inside and called a vet hope for a call back soon.Yep, I'll do what I can for my little loves.
  8. Did someone say screams? Were they asking for.... Starscream?
  9. and we stop this here. How about a pic of a nesty chook?
  10. DO d o have 6 green eggs in a carton. should stop in discord and take a look in the flora/fauna section.... Oh and STAWP!
  11. my green layer laid an enormous 3.3oz egg. Nearly a quarter pound.
  12. wrong wrong wrong wrong Everyone is so wrong, except the one who said..... Moderator.