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  1. I would wholeheartedly support a three day drop for ALL event eggs. I was pretty sure that there would be three days for this as well, but was mistaken. There was intense lag noted this side as well.
  2. I say yum, if made into a great omelette or ragout! Red Delicious Apples
  3. my diet as of hate has consisted of a lot of broccoli
  4. Thank you TJ for those clarifications .
  5. meowderator - one half cooked meowderator though. Still zero
  6. As a child the dark crystal terrified me. I believe this series would have equally terrified me if I had seen it when I was little. dark, gritty, hilarious, violent and beautiful. Incredible detail which I expected it to have. I have the world of the Dark Crystal book, some where upstairs - not sure exactly, it was falling to bits, but I had it since I was small. beautiful artworks, showing many characters who were in this series but never were in the original. If you have not seen the new series, do not proceed further as this thread may contain spoilers - I recommend you watch it first. So, lets discuss it, it seemed to have a bit of an unexpected plot-twist at the end.
  7. I would love to see the Muslim captain america - sounds wonderful! Sometimes you need to explain who you are. with my costume, i was surprised at how many could figure it out. But if I went to fan expo in it, I'd probably get asked. Don't be disheartened by that either. just googled sailor bubba. Wicked! I am glad to see that. Girls frequently cosplay male characters but you don't often see it the other way around. Lets see at fan expo I saw some amazing costumes. One I think was narato - a guy with spikey hair.
  8. At TFcon I managed to get third place. Okay, year two. Same basic costume - some modifications. New additions, cape, crown and actually used the mask this year. Improved lighting on the wings. i am planning on doing a ghost of Starscream for 2020 - its complicated I would like to use iridescent fabics - LED optic fibre, acrylic rod wings (G1 style but collapsible like above. ) I want to make my own chaps, boot covers/spats, corset & illuminated/iridescent outer covering. I am also attempting to lose a lot of weight - and have shed about 30 pounds so far. (looking to drop 60 all day) I'll go more into detail about it as I get further. But right now, I am planning the legs until I lose the weight to start the corset part. found a short of short, curvy costume template.
  9. That was unbelievable that they charged her but not the shooter. I don't care if she started it or not, the other guy shouldn't have been waving a gun around.
  10. Entered.... I've been eating a lot of broccolis lately.