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irercha.pngI'm willing to breed almost anything from my scroll on request, PM me | If I breed you an egg you have 48 hours to pick it up or pm me with a good reason to wait longer. If you don't, I'll consider my part of the deal done and keep/trade/gift an egg | I accept IOU's | I use 'decline' in trades. If your trade offer is still there, I haven't seen it yet or I'm considering it.

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    GoN breeding:
    o free spots ;)

    • natli - (m) GoN x harvest (f) // Jun 18 2014
    • olympe - (m) GoN x rosebud (f) // Jun 11 2014; Jun 25 2014
    • Dimar - (f) GoN x grave (m) // Jul 10 2014
    • Dimar - (f) GoN x Radiant angel (m) // Jul 24 2014
    Wishlist link in signature. Of course I'm willing to breed something in exchange ;)
    Not interested in spiral/stairstep/prize lineages (only exceptions are 2nd gen black prize fails).

    Finished lineages:

    o moonstone (m) x magma (f) - https://dragcave.net/lineage/RFwYs
    o ember (m) x autumn (f) - http://dragcave.net/lineage/C6mMR
    o ice (m) x white (f) - http://dragcave.net/lineage/qvIs6
    o royal crimson (m) x moonstone (f) - http://dragcave.net/lineage/5zcPo
    o skywing (m) x trihorn (f) - https://dragcave.net/lineage/CgZFd

    Still working on:

    o Checkers:

    • winter magi (m) x sunsong (f)
    • speckle (m) x tsunami (f)
    • gold (m) x green copper (f)
    • gold (m) x brown copper (f)
    • gold (m) x shadow walker (f)
    • shadow walker (m) x rosebud (f)
    • flamingo (m) x royal blue (f)
    • fog (m) x daydream (f)
    • white (m) x vine (f)
    • lurker (m) x sunrise (f)
    • purple nebula (m) x lurker (f)
    • ice (m) x blue nebula (f)
    • nhiostrife (m) x red nebula (f)
    • golden wyvern (m) x lurker (f)
    • tan ridgewing (m) x valentine09 (f)
    • ice (m) x silver (f)
    • royal blue (m) x silver (f)
    • gold (m) x trihorn (f)
    • blusang (m) x silver (f)
    • ice (m) x sunrise (f)
    • sweetling (m) x white (f)
    • sweetling (m) x black (f)
    • sweetling (m) x moonstone (f)
    • skywing (m) x rosebud (f)
    • hellfire (m) x rosebud (f)
    • golden wyvern (m) x rosebud (f)
    • ice (m) x valentine09 (f)
    • pink (m) x valentine09 (f)
    • lurker (m) x arsani (f)
    • blusang (m) x arsani (f)
    • heartseeker (m) x albino (f)
    • heartseeker (m) x crimson (f)
    • heartseeker (m) x golden wyvern (f)
    • heartseeker (m) x red copper (f)
    • albino (m) x blusang (f)
    • winter magi (m) x blusang (f)
    • ice (m) x arsani (f)

    o Alternating checkers:

    • fog (m) x daydream (f)

    o PB:

    • soulpeace
    • ultraviolet

    o Tombstone checkers:

    • limestone (m) x silver tinsel (f)
    • bronze tinsel (m) x silver tinsel (f) grave in base