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  1. I'm honestly not sure whether or not I have it. I don't have any color, taste, or smell mixups- but I have always automatically personified numbers, which I have heard is a form of synesthesia. For example, I've always thought of nine as being pompous and kind of a wannabe ten ^^; hehe, yeah, I know I'm weird. I also personify inanimate objects, which is why I have about a million and a half stuffed animals. I can't bring myself to curse them to life in some landfill
  2. Anything by Jules Larson. Seriously. She's a fantastic singer/songwriter and a genuinely nice person (: Also, part of my soul is owned by Florence and the Machine.
  3. It appears as though I am late to the party... "You expected to see some eggs, but there are none to be found." >_< Ugh. No eggies for moi