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  1. I'm not amazing but I play, I've got an old arias acoustic and an Epiphone Les Paul Special Edition II electric. I'm more of a singer but I do enjoy playing some guitar. I was taking lessons but it kinda entailed me and my instructor bull****pin around. I wanna get more into it but I'm not the most motivated of people in the world.
  2. >4 PM in Walmart >Mom calls >Aunt and Uncle got in wreck in his jeep >6 ish >walking out of BiLo with mom >see Jeep with funny sticker >point it out to her >"omg mom did you hear that [aunt] and [uncle] got into a wreck?" >mom looks at me with "you're an idiot" face and busts out laughing >laugh at self because of stupidity
  3. Yay, a place to vent about school! So I seriously hate film class. It has nothing to do with my degree, it's stupid, and it's a huge waste of an hour! What does a criminal justice major need in a freaking FILM class?!?!? It's the only class I'm failing in and it's not the main reason I'm gonna lose my scholarship but it's not helping! God it's so stupid!!!!
  4. What's wrong with that? Nothing at all..
  5. Single Ladies - Beyonce Copperhead Road - Steve Earle Must be the Ganja - Eminem
  6. i've had mostly realistic ones but there was one where I was being chased by like 10 cops in a parking lot. I was in this souped up tank of a Mustang and I was plowin through em, somehow the engine catches fire and so I bail, but, instead of them catching up, I run as fast as The Flash, and get away. Well, I kept running and didn't stop for about three days. I camped out in the woods, not too far from a road and I decide to walk to the road. Bad idea. Like 6 cop cars come pulling up. They jump out guns in hand. I try to run like I did before, but I was too tired. So I stood ther with my hands up and was like ok I give, they were just about to shoot me, and i woke up. also, here's something on that falling sensation you get when you're almost asleep: http://www.failedsuccess.com/index.php?/we...ep_hypnic_jerk/