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  1. Teatime was the best villian ever smile.gif

    I know, he was sooo cool, able to stab through layers of clothing and not perice the skin. he had all the skills it takes to be awsome. Also I kept picturing him to be this cute looking boyish figure that you would just want to snuggle...until he cuts you up and giggles gleefuly over your death. O.o

  2. AHHHH, I love his books. Death is the best in all the Discworld and you can not argue that because you know it too. His grandaughter is epic too and so was Teatime even if he died at the End of Hogfather.

  3. Aries Donta


    Order is restored, my master has returned to the cave once again and with her has brought many new eggs. One in particular was very odd, it was incredibly hot to the touch, some of the hatchlings huddled around it at night to keep warm. Since then it has hatched and it rather beautiful, a full grown male dragon with the power of fire at his comand. I feel somehow it will become worked into the LV lineage sooner or latter. It is bound to happen. Also my master has seemed to stop her killing of hatchlings, all on the night of all Hallows eve so many died by her hand. I didn't know why but she said it was to get a special dragons but we had none, only many dead hatchlings. I was just happy they were not of our own clan, abandoned. They thought they had found a good home, but they found only death. I can tell my master is just as upset about it, she no longer wishes for a zombie dragon, never in her life She can not stomach the death of hatchlings, she can hardly abandon them and that is why we all trust her.


    Again she has started her lineage's this means new hatchlings will be around but maybe not forever. I can only hope she sends them to good homes. A few of my own hatchlings live in safe homes and it makes me happy to know our master cares about them all so much. If someone does not take care of the eggs she worries and does all in her power to get the keepers to care for their egg. This shall be a good holiday, one spent with many new friends and maybe gifts from our master. I can hardly wait to see what tomorrow shall bring for the clan.


  4. OMG...more Discworld fans, never did I think I would see them O.O


    Well I LOVE Discworld, nothing better then a fun logical book. As far as favorit characters go for me I like DEATH and who does not, he is the best Discworld gent out there...and I also like his grandaughter Susan, she is pretty cool. There are a lot of little side characters I like too who only ever show up in one book but those are my two favorit main charicters...if even there is such a thing.

  5. I didn't like any of the books, Bella I wanted to rip her throat out myself half way through the first book. Gah...she was sooooooooooo anoying and weak, to pathetic for my taste. Edward was to perfect...I hate perfection in a character, he had no flaws, that is bad writing. Jacob was the onyl one I liked and he ended up a pedowolf...WTH. I didn't like the vampires they were also all to perfect, it really bothered me how...she made them. Maybe if she left them so they HAD weaknesses...hell even at least make them lose all their powers in the sunlight or become weak like Dracula...Bram had it right.


    In the end I will always belong to the one an only person who can pull off vampire stories with perfection. She makes them the creatures we love today...and they had class, they FELT old and when you read about them you could relate to them and see what made then hurt and what made them weak...they were human even if they could not age and they admited they could not live forever...Anne Rice...my god...everything Bless Lestat...and Pandora...gota love her too.

  6. To Whom Listens


    Hello, I am LV Blue Moon Rising, Prince of our clan and first born son of Aries Donta the guardian and matron of the clan. For many moons I have longed for Tarja Nersus the silver female to love me as I love her. She had her moment of weakness just once but it seems she has turned form me. All we have to share now is our son LV Bagura. He is young even if he has grown to adulthood but he knows he is unwanted by his mother, he always has been and I feel sorry for my son. He wanted so bad to get her to notice him and to be proud of him. He even did something forbidden just to show he was worthy of her.


    Our master wished that one of us may created a green striped to help as replacement for someone who had lost their dragon to the dreaded creature who had come to our cave. The same monster I helped my mother fight in order to keep our cave safe. He mated with a common...an Earth dragon, Morgan Le Fay. It is forbidden in our clan to mate with her or most other commons, but he has...hoping to help create this green striped to give to those who may need it.


    However in our masters rage against him she cast his new egg aside, I had never seen her angry at any of us before, but she was and she took it out on the poor egg. I know from my time here in the cave that these dragons are rarely adopted...and if they are rarely do they go to good families. I know my son's first child will die and I pity him. I feel sorry for he must now suffer for the hatchlings death...and his crime. I fear because of it he will never be used for breeding, he will never pass on the LV bloodline through the proud lineage that made me. He was wrongly punished, how can you blame him for trying to get her love.


    I have tried for her love...yet she refuses me every time I make a move upon Tarja. I wish she would see me for who I am, not some...fool with a soft heart. Weak she told me...our hatchlings would all be weak. She fancies Sora the mighty black male among the clan...and a few of the other striped males. Why not me? What makes me so different? Was it that I am only so revered by my master because of my mother? I fought with the beast...did I not prove my worth then? What have we been so shamed among the cave these days? Why has the LV lineage gone hated since the cave was attacked?


    I blame the male splits death. We could not save his life and now we are to blame...because we are the decedents of Aries...and not even she could hold the beast back. True my son did cower and run from the datamonster...but it had nothing to do with weakness. He is just to confused...to hurt to understand. I too am hurt. If I can not have Tarja Nersus I'll have no dragon. My bloodline rests in Bagura's claws now...I take my leave of this silly quest for purity. I surrender to this game of love.


  7. July 22nd, Aries Donta


    I am reporting late this Wednesday for a lot has happened latley. Our clan has been devastated by a horrible occurrence. The cave was attacked by a creature known as the Lagmonster who had come and kept my Lady Victorian from seeing us or caring for us. I feared the eggs would all die if she was unable to get to them in time. I did my best to keep them all safe, all the dragons and eggs. It was dark and everyone was afraid but I and the other guardians stood in front of them and tried to keep them calm.


    It was then the Lagmonster brought with it a new creature, the Datamonster. It lunged at the dragons. I moved to stop it, I tried to stop it. I fought the monster for some time, trying to keep it away from the others. I didn't try hard enough, I have failed. The creature charged at Victor and Westly, the male split dragon in my clan and the mate to Maggie and Aggie. It bit into his side tossing him to the wall. I watched bleeding and frightened thinking back on darker days. I watched as our brave and beautiful dragon died, his life fading away.


    I tried to close my eyes hopeful help would come but I didn't know, I didn't know of this would be the end. Then light came back into the cave and the datamonster vanished. Our masters came back to us looking over those who had been lost. I have been resting since then licking my wounds and enjoying my Lady's presence once again. Days have become happier as our eggs hatch and new dragons come into this world. They have survived, they are very strong.


    My Lady is helping those who have lost their beloved dragons, she is breeding the stripes again to get new hatchlings for them. She always did have a big heart. However I can still see the pain in her eyes. losing her dragon was hard and yet she does not wish to replace him yet. Time heals wounds...it seems both my lady and I have wounds that must heal before we move forward. She has started working with many lineages now these days as well. This means more eggs and hatchlings. I hope this also means there will be no more of this 'purposely abusing eggs' sort of nonsense. After this incident this is the last thing we need.


  8. This is Aries Donta reporting on July 18 of Saturday.


    There are many new events to report today. First of is my Lady V has started writing a stories of our adventures out of her boredom and I have gotten a new description along with many of my offspring but they have yet to be approved yet. The story is coming along well but I feel it takes time away from her and keeps her from being with us as much as before. I felt she had forgotten us for some time until this week.


    Yesterday she came home with three strange new eggs for the clan. One was very small and could fit in the palm of her hand, one was translucent...I can see the baby dragon moving around in it, and the finally one was strangely marked and sandy in color. I can hardly wait for them to hatch and see what they become. I would take care of the hatchlings but all the other females take them over before me.


    Then a few of the striped dragons mated in the clan, we got one blue stripped and one red stripped. My Lady V was very pleased with the red one, it was Persepinon's first stripped egg and My Lady V told us we would keep it. Persephinon is very happy, she will not leave her egg unattended. I feel my Lady may be rather upset with me however. For the first time ever I have refused to breed and she had been looking forward to breeding me to give another of my children away. I could not do it, I can not bare to see another taken from me, raised far away where I shall never see them again. I love my Lady but sometimes I feel she does not consider the pain of having my eggs taken from me. I know however that she worried about them.


    Not long ago she told my last egg given away has grown up...into a strong young male. I am happy he is healthy and in a good home. He is a guardian like me...my first born Guardian. I would like to meet him and see the dragon he has become.


    Just today I saw again more proof of how much my Lady cares about us. All five of the eggs had gotten soft shells and she fogged them over. I wasn't quite sure what had happened to them but my Lady baby-sits them checking on them often to make sure they are alright. I don't know what she is doing but I trust it is for the eggs own good, soft shells have never happened before in our clan, she was always so careful. Perhaps it has to do with the old nursery shutting down. Some of the eggs have gotten better already but she is still being careful. She told me "I have never let an egg die on this scroll before and damned if I let it start now." I know she will do everything possible to help them hatch. My Lady is very kind like that.


    Something does bother me however. My Lady has seen many other people doing strange things with their eggs and has started talking to me about it. She shares everything with me, she said "Aries...the LV bloodline will rest for a moment besides the orders we need to fill...I am starting to do some...'detective' work. I am going to see how a neglected dragon is made." I am not sure how they are made but it does not sound good. I hope my kind hearted Lady is not going to do something bad. Maybe I can convince her otherwise...stop her from doing this and if not at least I can try and watch over the eggs like I am watching over these eggs now. I do hope they get better soon so my Lady will be happy and not worry so much...and I do hope she comes to her senses on this science to making strange dragons before she does something she may regret.