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  1. Flogging Molly, hands down. Oh wait...they were not even on the list? How SINFUL
  2. I know, he was sooo cool, able to stab through layers of clothing and not perice the skin. he had all the skills it takes to be awsome. Also I kept picturing him to be this cute looking boyish figure that you would just want to snuggle...until he cuts you up and giggles gleefuly over your death. O.o
  3. AHHHH, I love his books. Death is the best in all the Discworld and you can not argue that because you know it too. His grandaughter is epic too and so was Teatime even if he died at the End of Hogfather.
  4. http://dragcave.net/view/n/Chelsey I'm a CB female split. http://dragcave.net/view/n/Delphine And a water dragon
  5. Aries Donta Order is restored, my master has returned to the cave once again and with her has brought many new eggs. One in particular was very odd, it was incredibly hot to the touch, some of the hatchlings huddled around it at night to keep warm. Since then it has hatched and it rather beautiful, a full grown male dragon with the power of fire at his comand. I feel somehow it will become worked into the LV lineage sooner or latter. It is bound to happen. Also my master has seemed to stop her killing of hatchlings, all on the night of all Hallows eve so many died by her hand. I didn't k
  6. OMG...more Discworld fans, never did I think I would see them O.O Well I LOVE Discworld, nothing better then a fun logical book. As far as favorit characters go for me I like DEATH and who does not, he is the best Discworld gent out there...and I also like his grandaughter Susan, she is pretty cool. There are a lot of little side characters I like too who only ever show up in one book but those are my two favorit main charicters...if even there is such a thing.
  7. Delphine


    I didn't like any of the books, Bella I wanted to rip her throat out myself half way through the first book. Gah...she was sooooooooooo anoying and weak, to pathetic for my taste. Edward was to perfect...I hate perfection in a character, he had no flaws, that is bad writing. Jacob was the onyl one I liked and he ended up a pedowolf...WTH. I didn't like the vampires they were also all to perfect, it really bothered me how...she made them. Maybe if she left them so they HAD weaknesses...hell even at least make them lose all their powers in the sunlight or become weak like Dracula...Bram had it r
  8. To Whom Listens Hello, I am LV Blue Moon Rising, Prince of our clan and first born son of Aries Donta the guardian and matron of the clan. For many moons I have longed for Tarja Nersus the silver female to love me as I love her. She had her moment of weakness just once but it seems she has turned form me. All we have to share now is our son LV Bagura. He is young even if he has grown to adulthood but he knows he is unwanted by his mother, he always has been and I feel sorry for my son. He wanted so bad to get her to notice him and to be proud of him. He even did something forbidden just t
  9. July 22nd, Aries Donta I am reporting late this Wednesday for a lot has happened latley. Our clan has been devastated by a horrible occurrence. The cave was attacked by a creature known as the Lagmonster who had come and kept my Lady Victorian from seeing us or caring for us. I feared the eggs would all die if she was unable to get to them in time. I did my best to keep them all safe, all the dragons and eggs. It was dark and everyone was afraid but I and the other guardians stood in front of them and tried to keep them calm. It was then the Lagmonster brought with it a new creature,
  10. This is Aries Donta reporting on July 18 of Saturday. There are many new events to report today. First of is my Lady V has started writing a stories of our adventures out of her boredom and I have gotten a new description along with many of my offspring but they have yet to be approved yet. The story is coming along well but I feel it takes time away from her and keeps her from being with us as much as before. I felt she had forgotten us for some time until this week. Yesterday she came home with three strange new eggs for the clan. One was very small and could fit in the palm of he
  11. Grey - Dorean Grey Red - Persephinon Water - Tandrill Guardian - Aries Donta All of them lived and all without the help of any help sites. I just knew a lot of people and made them all click on them.
  12. -salutes- I shall be a responsible breeder.