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  1. Okay...well these guys are not creepy they are just cute and beautiful and amazing but my thread on mantis's was shut down so here is the epic amazing world of the most beautiful insect ever put on earth. Here are some amazing hunting and eating video's. The Hunt: - eats mate -eats bird - eats lizard - eats fish - eats snake - eats mouse - eats wasp - eats spider Just some mantis's winning over the hearts of many. I'm so Pretty: - mantis dance -clean, clean, clean - OMG CUTE ^-^ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIVPhM0pGo4&feature=related - you people is stupid - BABIES - om nom nom I totaly want to get one...or 100 of them for a pet. I hear they are supper smart and make amazing pets that you can actualy train like a dog. However my friend who has a mantis said they usualy only like one person. They are perhaps the only insect with personalities and you can tell them all apart by the way they act (my friend has a few of these little guys. Scyther, Jakie Chan, Kabasa (female is seperate tank or she would eat the boys) and Bruce Lee her baby) Oh and sorry reptile lovers buy ya a few of your favorit animals get eaten by the most epic bug on earth.
  2. Thanks ^-^ and overall she is an epic dragon. She has thrown the most alt black and silver babies of all my dragons. -pets Tarja-
  3. I have a BUNCH of Alice in Wonderland named dragons but that is for a lineage so I will not list them O.O THEY IS TOO MANY IN NUMBERS
  4. OMG MASS EFFECT AHHHHHH fhjerggjhr;hghewrfguyrhejfuherf x.x
  5. So I realized I have a few dragons I have named after my favorit singers or actors and wondered who else names their dragons after celeberties? Bands and TV characters count as well. Here is my list of dragons named after celeberties or tv characters or bands: Mozarts Requiem Journy for a Nightwish Azkadellia's Electric Kiss Mab Queen of Stone Wonderlands Lady of the Lake Dorean Grey LV Morgaine Le Fay Jack of the Pumpkin Patch Ikabod's Sleepy Hallow Danta's Inferno of Wonderland Hellsing's Eternal Flame Apprella Wayward Victorian Helena Bonaham Carter Mika Baring Orphan Artful Dodger Emilie Autumn Wayward Victorian Mary Poppins Practicaly Perfect FMA Lust Mistofalies Ravenheart of Xandria Tarja Nersus (Turunen was already taken ) LV Blind Mag Contessa Wayward Victorian Grace Augustine of Pandora Belletrix LV Janette Du Charme Lestat Brat Prince Hell's Gate Claudia Louis De LuCort Ankel of Egypt Vladsaslas Dracula Misstress Bianca Dresden Nickolas Tesla Akasha Queen of Vampires LV Mina Harker Trudy Chacon of Skypeople
  6. OMG HEAR THIS METAL BAND COVER OF BAD ROMANCE.... It will change your LIFE metal and Lady GaGa fans.
  7. You have to pay for WoW still correct? How much a month is it now, has it gone up?
  8. It happens to the best of us >.< just have to learn to take the slaps because for every slap to the face is a....PAPER
  9. -On Holiday drops always get their an hour early -Listen to some good music while you are egg hunting, perhaps a playlist for egg hunting because you'll be there a long time trust me. -NEVER give your password out NO MATER WHAT. If there is a dragon you can't catch then have it gifted to you. -In the AP always keep an eye on the eggs with 3 days or less left. They often turn out to be rares. -NEVER put your eggs in more than two hatcheries the first day you get them. Especaly if they are new releases. They will certainly get soft shell. -Just because dinos, papers, and chickens can't breed does nto mean you can't find them in the AP. It happens. -You can only get vamps out of the AP of from bitting. -ALWAYS follow the rules of a lineage to a T, never fit with normal staff or lineage staff, you will get a very bad name across the whole forum. -Have fun ^-^, hard times will come around but don't complain just keep doing your best and eventualy you will get what you want. Giving up and complaining never help you win, only trying and learning from your failor...we all had a few slaps in the face in this game but we all moved on.
  10. I agree with this, and it is sad the frills had to be discontinued. They were not the most beautiful dragon but it would have been nice to just have the sprit retired and not the dragon breed. Maybe a new sprit that is a little more apealing to the eye would have been nice....or a diffrent sprit for the female? Anyways I don't like it too much but that just means I'll have to go to the AP more. I don't like the gamble on the main page because you can't abandon those eggs you get for a few hours and if they are no use to me they either get tossed to the AP or if they are unpopulare are bitten by my vamps (and those vamps are rather hungry) I would rather have a dead egg from my vamp than an egg I don't need or want.
  11. Are the only two moutain eggs tan and purple? If so I HAVE THEM ALL -dances-
  12. TAN MOUTAIN...first catch of the day. Now a purple...once I hit that roll there is no stopping me. >
  13. -baits the lagmonster into a dark room with dragon eggs and readies shotgun- Edit: No joke I have like five DC pages up right now cycling through clickng on eggs and loading.
  14. Anyone else just getting a brown empty page when they try to refresh now?
  15. Dragon Cave is sosooooooo laggy I think I'll just hunt tommorow, this is getting rather annoying and after finding my facebook is hacked I have little to no patience for anything nor anyone right now. What a FREAKING GREAT HOMECOMMING.
  16. loading...loading...loading...loading...AHHHHHH DRAGAN CAVE IS SO FREAKING SLOW.
  17. I hope the pinks are not replaced, what ever will I do then with my beautiful Emilie Autumn?
  18. I have no idea if this is my computer but I click on eggs and never get any, the pages take forever to load, and sometimes when I click on an egg my computer stops loading it. Ah this lag and lack of new dragons is starting to annoy me. Pretty soon I'll have to trash and thrash this computer for my laptop if thigs do not improve... <.< thought it seems to be more of dragon caves doing since verythign else loads on my computer in the blink of an eye.
  19. http://dragcave.net/lineage/N1TS This little guy...or girl is going to be named after mommy and daddy. Mudita sounds cool anyways and the names are all so beautiful.
  20. Indeed, and even on Halloween in is a 1/10 chance...and I don't think you can make a Zombie on any other day than Halloween...sooo what is he trying to do now...aside from wasting dragons that is (stupid spellcheck switching my words. <.< I'm watching you)
  21. My vampires have killed a few...20 eggs O.O but they killed them not me, Janette is a she devil egg killer yet now my bites are always good, if the egg does nto stay on my scroll it goes to the AP for some lucky person to find ^-^
  22. I tend to name dragons after their parents especaly if they have good names. Just a few I continued to name after mom and dad http://dragcave.net/lineage/BX6m never figured out if the numbers were breeding dates, hatching dates, or egg laid dates so I skipped that part O.o http://dragcave.net/lineage/NEUR http://dragcave.net/lineage/OqOE This is also a lineage dragon, but I named it after the parents...along with the obvious lineage name (because I belong to this lineage) http://dragcave.net/lineage/KfCo And I LOVE it when people keep with my naming shcemes but normaly they never do, at least one person did and I thank them. http://dragcave.net/lineage/4sMX
  23. I only killed a few times on Halloween to get a zombie...and I felt HORIBLE afterwards. I don't even know if the rare elisive zombie is worth it after having four hatchlings die because fo me >.< "I, Delphine, resolve from killing dragons Only in desperation will I kill them so that the dragon population will grow"