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  1. Because I always have to be like this I would say, "I'll be back." xd.png


    or posibly my wiser one, "Death is only temparary."


    or if I was killed by someone, "I'll see you in hell." biggrin.gif


    or because I am a writer I would say, "I'm not afraid anymore." (quoted from my book as one of my characters die.)


    Edit: wait I has more...


    "Let her go you....censorkip.gif*." (quote some Alien FTW)


    "Before I die can you...." *dies*


    If it is at a horse show... "I can ride this horse no problem."


    On the road, "I can take this guy watch me."


    AND...my famious line, "HOLY SNICKER SACRAFICE"

  2. I would say probibly CB whites because in the past I need a bunch of them form a lineage of mine and now that I no longer need more CB's I am tired of the white dragosn yet every time I see pure I'm like AHHHHHHHHHHH and click it...I have gotten too many whites that way.


    Edit: xd.png almost forgot papers. Ya I auto click them too even if I have a grand total of 4 or 5 now...I'll still click them while silver or gorld hunting >.<

  3. @demonicvampiregirl: I know, they would prefer you never hear about it but many dogs have been taken from owners and killed already. The lab was put on the list more recently because it is a large dog and the people who make the BSL list beleive all large dogs are dangerous dogs. I mean the Great Dane is the gentle giant yet it was put on the list as well. If you are a dog owner you should start reading up on it right now and become aware, it is your right as a dog owner to know and your right to try and stop it from happening to your dog.


    @Errant Mist: Certainly you may freeze, nothing wrong with that.


    @Autana: Sure, that would be nice. Name that little Magi ^-^


    @Sir Barton:OMG, that is scary ya they can pretty much take any dog if they really want to claiming it 'looks' like another one of the breeds. They could take my min pin if they wanted to saying it looks like a dob. BSL has that list of dogs but in reality every dog is in danger. They can and will go after every dog if they are allowed.

  4. I have right now

    2 spitfires

    and 4 Hellfires

    I can't breed them right now due to havign 5 hatchlings but when I can I shall


    Edit: Ah yes greys are rather angery things. I'll add them to the list.

  5. Yay! I have at least 3 CB thunders I can add in and an electric or two...plus a hellfire...a couple magis...*-* I'll post lineage links later for them to let you know which ones I can breed for the lineage. :3

    Okay sounds good ^-^


    And you are added Triuqs22.

  6. Yes, I love wolves for being powerful and magestic, not cute. I mean those eyes, that deep moonlight yellow, the eyes of a true preditor like cats. They way they hunt and care for their young, the way they take down animals with such skill ohmy.gif just magical. They certainly are one of the animals that people try to be like on the inside, loyal, strong, ready to take down your prey. It is no wonder the werewolf appeals to us so much.


    If we want to talk about a wolf breed that needs help lets look at the Red Wolf, those guys are in some serious trouble and goign fast. They are startign to breed with domestic dogs too so now finding pure breed red wolves is harder.

  7. Tell everyone you know. Make posters about it and stick them on every bulletin board you can. Just a couple suggestions there...


    Also...can you answer my question?

    Oh certainly so long as offspring have BSL in their name. I am planning on having my first babies be from by CD dragons I already have.

  8. Count me in. I can't believe that this is happening. It's ridiculous! I mean, look at some of the dogs on the list. Siberian husky, pug, Boston Terrier? Honestly, the breeds shouldn't be punished because of something they were trained to do in the past, a result of bad breeding, or bad owners. It's not their fault!


    They have been using labs in the K9 forces of the military too. Example:http://www.militaryworkingdogadoptions.com..._070720_287.jpg.

    God that just made it so much more real. I thougth it was only happenign on his force but it's so much more than that. Every new thing I read just puts this whole BSL into more of a frightful event. It's real and it is happenign and that is just more proof.


    Welcome aboard both and thanks so much for helping suposrt. I am tryign to think of somethign we can do in this lineage that will also suport stopping BSL directly aside from letting people know about it.

  9. It is frightening that people don't seem to realize this is so much more than is let on and the fact that dogs have already died because of this and I have even witnessed it. It is taking away our rights and the dogs rights. They do nothing but are born and these breeds are being punished simply because they are still alive. Frightening me so much. More people need to know what is really happening here, we can’t be so blinded by media anymore.


    Welcome aboard.


  10. Mixing lineage's is perfectly alright with me. I have nothing against that. I am happy to see someone working on a project like that, Punish the deed and not the breed is BIG and peopel need to learn this. When I can I am adopting a pit bull...or maybe two and I shall use them to teach people the truth about their breed.

  11. SERIOUSLY? I'm not too fond of dogs, but DOGS BEING BANNED AND KILLED FOR NO REASON?


    I'll join. I don't have any CBs right now, but I'll look out for those breeds.

    Also, to be added to the list of dragon: Magi dragons - they're noted to be feared.

    Ya it is serious and it is sad. I know people personaly who have had their pit bulls taken because they were banned in their county. Three pit bulls who were police dogs were also taken and put to sleep. That is how much power fear for these breeds have over the general population. My friends uncle who has a German Shaprad with the K9 unit is getting frightened because German Shepards were added to the list and his police force has been talking about defending the dog officers against this since latly their department has been talking about training labs as police dogs. O.O


    I'll add you to the members list and thank you for the suport against BSL. Take your time with hunting. I am still deciding if either of the new breeds could be used for this since I know a lot of people have them right now.

  12. user posted image



    1. No killing but you may vamp an egg. We don't want to try and kill the egg however for we are standing against BSL and against the death of the innocent.

    2. Inbreeding is not accepted.

    3. Please do not neglect the egg, we are against neglect in the dogs so we will be against in for these dragons.

    4. please no negative naming.

    5. Be respectful to others.

    6. Help others if they need it.

    7. No releasing the dragons into the wild.

    8. No attempting to make the dragon a zombie.




    Banner By Everyone:

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    Banner By aquamarine84:


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    Banner by DaniBoo:

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    Banners By athdaraxen:


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    6.Sir Barton





    11.Errant Mist



























    38.Toki Mishidozi





    43.KJ GOES BLAM !


    45.Rockin' On














































  13. Stop BSL Lineage


    user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image



    I have in the past seen people make lineage's for breast cancer, heart disease, and for hunger around the world. Well there is an issue I wish to make a lineage for to help show people this great problem, raise awareness, and of course support this cruel law.


    What is BSL?

    It is Breed Specific Legislation, a law that people are trying to pass to ban certain breeds of dog such as the pit bull, rotties, Doberman Pincer, German Shepard, husky, Labs, golden retrievers, boxer, Great Dane, and the list goes on forever. What will happen to these dogs if they are banned from your state, your county, your country? Anything from restrictions to complete extermination of the breed. Some of the restrictions would be muzzling your dog when out in public even if it friendly, having it wear a tag saying it is a dangerous dog even if it is friendly, raised price on dog owners insurance. What happens if the breed is banned? They come to your house, take the dog, and put it down. This is not a joke, pit bulls have already been taken from homes without a reason and put to sleep because a county banned the breed meaning it is now illegal to own certain breeds of dogs. In some places you are not even allowed to bring certain breeds to campgrounds, pet stores, even dog parks.


    How to raise awareness and stop BSL?

    when your county, state, or country tries to pass the BSL vote NO. Tell your friends, try to make people see the real side of these dogs and if you have the time use it towards rescuing in rehoming the BSL breeds. Most shelters no longer put pit bulls up for adoption for no one wants them and the dogs are put down without ever getting a chance to find a family. Every day the situation gets worse for many breeds.


    How will the lineage help?

    It will spread to word of BSL, and hopefully the members of the lineage don't just help by breeding dragons but will help in the real world as well. We will raise awareness of the truth happening with BSL.


    How the Lineage Works:


    We will work in a way that anyone can be a breeder and pick up a few cave born dragons and start their breeding project on their scroll. You can give your eggs to other people as well if they wish. The naming scheme will have the breed of a BSL breed and BSL in the name as well. Example: BSL Pit Bulls Naomi or BSL Dobby McDob


    If you don’t know all the dog breeds on the list for naming you better take a good look, none of these breeds is a joke, this is from the actual BSL list:

    75 dogs and counting


    What breeds of dragon will we work with? The ‘dangerous’ ones since BSL is really all about misunderstanding dogs and labeling them as dangerous. Here is the list of dragon breeds for the lineage, you can suggest some if you like.





    Electric Dragon

    Icicle Dragon


    Thunder Dragon




    Grey's (not the alien)


    Guardian of Nature




    Halloween 10

  14. I'll be getting an adolescent rat in a week or two. I've already paid for her and her daddy was GORGEOUS. He won Best of Breed and Reserve Champion of the small animals division at the county fair this year. And I get one of his babehs! *squee*


    How can you say no to champion stock when the babies are going for $3, $5 to be hand-delivered by the breeder to your home?

    OMG that is an amazing deal -jaw drop-


    So excited for you, a little ratty is the best thingin the world. I would not trade my mice or rat in for anything. They are simply the most amazing pets ever...especaly my little mirical Tessla biggrin.gif I love her long kangaroo legs.


    I wish you could still import those giant rats from Brazil but it is ilegal in the US now. If ever you have seen the movie Willard the big rat Big Ben is one of those monster rats. I want one so bad, they can be the size of house cats or a small dog. Imagine how cool biggrin.gif



    that is what they look like if you have never seen the movie. CUTE

  15. I have now three mice and one rat (only one because he is a male and he was just fixed so when I can...Ima get him a buddy.)


    I have an albino mouse named Ophelia

    I have a very mouse named Verona (got her from a breeder who breeds mice to look wild, she is actualy 25% wild house mouse)

    I also have a baby feild mouse named Tessla now, she is all of five to six weeks of age and longest legs I have ever seen on a mouse. I saved her along with about nine other mice from my barn. I let the others go but when I was setting them free she stayed behind so I took her inside and she is actualy very social. She is not in with the other mice yet ebcause she is still a baby and will remain alone until she is one month old and my other two girls will nto hurt her. Also she needs a few more vet visits, so far she is a healthy little baby, she has gotten her worming meds just in case, and I think I'll have some blood tests ran on her just in case.


    I also have a little boy rat who just got fixed about a month back so now that he is back to his old self I am going to get a girl rat for him to be friends with. I got him fixed so I don't have any baby rats because breeding for no reason is wrong.


    I also have a sheep from Africa...O.o ya, two minature horses and three Arabian horses and one ASB horse.


    I use to have two salamanders Max and Satine but Max died of old age and I let his mate go back into the wild since she stopped eating after his death.


    Edit: If my cat chirps like a bird rather than meows is she consider exotic? She has never meowed a day in her life and actualy makes a sound like this...well it's hard to spell but eh.


    Burrriiiiiittttt, or arrruuuurrrttttt O.o

    it's like a strange trill or chirp but I have never seen another cat make that sound nor make it constantly. I have searched all audio and even looked on youtube but never found a sound close.

  16. On the topic of "exotic pets", I'd love to own a Fennec Fox (with extensive research) and a Savannah Cat (a cross between a Servel and a domestic cat), both of which have shown to have great personalities. I do not support Wolfdogs because of their temperament and I don't support the keeping of big cats, bears, etc as pets.


    Some wild animals, like the Fennec, can make good pets when the proper research is done.

    AHHHH CUTE...Fennec make great pets but they tend to imprint on only one person. I know of the Savannah cat as well, I am actualy lookingor a breeder close to me right now with a litter comming. I hope to bring one into my home at some point. They are a lot likeogs however and should have a inclossed outsdie place to play. I also hear you should leash train them to take for walks and NEVER let them go outside because they will run away. I already have a Savannah proofed backward pen, it is off the ground and covered with chicken wire with grass a cat tree, a fountain, and potted plants. Gives the cat plenty of room to roam but keeps it safe from trouble. I think my little black kitty has claimed that area however... <.<


    Ah and poor snail, it's sad but bugs, frogs, and all sorts of small creatures go extinct every day and no one seems to care. I mean there is a species of butterfly who honestly only has a small patch of land in the middle of a city and this is the onyl place they can survive. Every year their population drops and they don't know how long it will be until they are just gone forever. sad.gif

  17. Lets not forget 'domestic' animals can kill too. I know of someone killed by a horse, a baby killed by a dog...our 'pets' are just as dangerous and unpredictable as any other animal. The only diffrence is we learned over time how to care for them and treat them properly yet lordy if someone mistreats or raises an animal the wrong way...that is when you have massive dogs ripping off little kids hands or attacking people. Even with my little min pin I look at him and think of him as a dangerous animal.


    RheZen is correct, most of the time it is because peopel are just not thinking.


    Edit: Ya and rats and mice are considered exotic, you can get them at just about any exotic pet store that sells exotic birds, reptiles, fish, and mamals. Especaly one of my mice (you can only get from a mouse breeder since they don't sell them in pet shops) which is 25% feral mouse (house mouse I beleive) it give them a beautiful wild coat called feral. It also gives them rather skitish personalities as well unlike the normal domestic mouse which is rather friendly. I also have a wild feild mouse named Tessla who is 5 weeks old now, all legs and energy. So hard keeping up with babies >.<

  18. RATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    They are number one in my world followed by mice and then the rare but beautiful black jaguar's...simply because they look a lot more I don't know how to describe it but ancient...powerful...the normal jag is beautiful as well and of course I LOVE the Okapi and the mantis...best bug EVER.


    You forgot Rats and mice...they make great pets... sad.gif

    Also the serval is a good pet, in fact in Africa they are practicly the domestic cat...of the past. Very small yet you need to take them for walks, feed them some raw meat, they can claw up your house so like a normal cat give them somethig to rip apart, and they are a little harder to litter train so start very young.

  19. I don't agree with owning wild animals but then again when I look at it all animals are wild, all of them started there. No species was born tame I mean look at the horse? They are not tame animals, even the one's owned by people are in no way truly tame. You make a loud sound they freak out and throw you off because their wild nature tells them run. If you get between a mare and her baby and she feels it is in danger she will attack her because her wild nature tells her protect. You put two stallions together they will fight because their wild nature tells them to kill...so honestly even our pets are wild animals. A dog will eat its owner after they die and they become hungry. A cat will attack you when it feels you are going to harm it. A pet bird will bite you and reptiles...lets not even GO there. They want nothing to do with people, they rather sit in their cage and sleep on their rock.

  20. No animal is overated...if ever there was one it is HUMANS >:o ANIMALS ARE NOT A TREND SO HOW CAN THEY BE OVERATED MY GOD HONESTLY PEOPLE....if so life is overated....EARTH is overrated...EXISTANCE is overated >.<


    Anyways I love wolves and just about every animal on earth even down to the little earwig bug ^-^. Animals are epic, amazing creatures. Every one has their own skill that just seems so wonderful compaired to the human species. I love the wolf so much because from the wolf and many other wild dogs came our loyal pet and from the wolf comes the beautiful husky.

  21. Yep. It is more of a highschool/middle school thing. :C

    Ah, okay explains why I knew nothign of these until my cousin in 7th grade showed me and I just gave her the "That's cool." Trends are so weird I'll tell you, I can't even remember the treands we had when I was in highschool aside from those rubber braclets you got at hot topic in pink, black, green, ext.

  22. I don't understand the hyp over these things. They are not all that atractive then again I am 20 so I don't think people my age are all that crazy over stuff like that, we are just trying to pay off loans dry.gif Yet I could be wrong...is this more a highschool/middleschool thing?

  23. Scrutinizer AxelSnatch xd.png


    mantises are awesome

    i used to catch them all the time when i was in like...3rd or 4th grade. My mom wouldn't let me keep them though sad.gif

    now i barely see them around anymore ._.

    Once long ago I had captured a baby mantis we called Freddy and we kept him in a tank for about five months until he got out and we never found him again. My younger cousin had played with him and forgot to put the lid back on. ohmy.gif