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  1. I would like to join, but I don't have any eligible dragons with the right names at the moment.

    Can I bookmark this page, though, and tell you later if I get some?


    This is awful. I mean, I am a little wary of pitbulls (personal prejudice, if you will), but this sort of thing still should not be happening!


    And huskies are awesome! D=

    Indeed you can do that Thorn.

  2. laws like that terrify mei live in canada where i think the only restricted one is the pitbull(saddly) and they have to wear a muzzle in public i have a lab sheperd springer spaniel cross who was never socilized properly to the point where she can be quite agressive and she does bitefor years ive been teriffied that they would take her away from me and at 8 years old she hasnt been out on a walk since she was 4 if people like my dad were more accepting to dogs no matter the breed i dont think she would have turned out the way she did this makes me want to join this linage so more dogs arnt killed or treated harshly because of their breed and end up like my Cindy


    also out of habit most of my dragons are already named although i do have a few CB or PB that fit the bill is this ok?

    And ya that is fine so long as their babies hold the BSL naming.


    Also I am happy that this lineage has shown some peopel for the first tiem that this law is around. This lineage was made to raise awarness of this crime against dogs and I see it is doing so.

  3. user posted image



    Hope I did that right...just a different banner. I was going to make them with several breeds in the lineage using the same font as the DC logo and one using my paw print GIMPressionist brush, but it's not turning out the way I envisioned.


    The humane society I worked for will at least adopt potentially aggressive breeds out (some put them down without question), but you must live in their jurisdiction, own your own property and pass a background check. They aren't even banned where I live. I also used to show dogs, and there was one woman I met who had AmStaffs and the only way she could convince people they weren't aggressive dogs was to get a CGC certificate for all of them. The dogs passed easily, but it sickens me that they HAD to have it or else.

    Oh yay another banner, I'll add it to the front page ^-^

  4. it is sad.gif the animal-rights organization I work in has started to give big bits of TRUE information about our listed breeds to the public, trying to make ppl aware of the breeds and how lovely they are. we always have at least one of germany's listed breeds along with us, if we do these information-missions so ppl actually can touch them and take a close look. it is so important, that a big mass of people just get to know the truth about the breeds... this is the issue, that needs to get achieved: propper, true information, no horror-stories but also no neglecting facts like e.g. rottweilers are breed for protecting matters, so are dobermann-pinschers and their level of tolerance for pain or provocation is less than the level a pitbull e.g. has. difficult, sad and frustration issue =(

    Oh I am so happy you do that, then hopefully Germany will one day drop the list all together. I hope America can achieve that as well. I was this year going to go to my local schools with a vet and my old shelter manager teaching them about these dogs who are said to be 'dangerous' we were going to take my Doberman Jazz who was a well trained agility, obedience, and even a therapy dog with us so kids could see her, pet her, and even have her do tricks for them and a small show of her agility and therapy dog skills. It would have helped them understand that these dogs are not just used for attack dogs but can learn to do anything however unfortunately my Doberman passed away of cancer back in April. It was hard to lose her and now we can not give out lectures until the vet we were working with can get his puppy Simone trained in a little better. He is a two year old German Shepard and he is learning to do obedience and act as his wife’s therapy dog. He also has a friend who has trained assistant dogs and they had a pit bull go through the program who is now paired up with a man who is stuck in a wheel chair. We want to see if he can bring his dog along to show pit bulls are not fighting dogs, they can do so much more than simply fight if they are in the right hands. We also want to make a video on Jazz to show at the end since she was the reason I was inspired to do this. I owned her during the time I found out about BSL and I started this to protect her and other dogs like her. She was my major inspiration and for it I feel she should still be credited even if she is no longer with us.

  5. Netherlands are TERRIBLE, they conviscate your dog, if it just LOOKS like a pit... no matter if you are just travelling the country or live there. conviscate and kill. similar in france. one of the only countries that don't have lists up to now are swizerland and austria. germany is still in the green zone with list dogs, but it is getting a world-wide issue, such a shame sad.gif

    ohmy.gif that is horible, it's so sad all those innocent dogs. Yup I am not going to the Nertherlands with any of my pups, I would never want to risk them like that.

  6. I think a lot of people in the US don't realize that laws like this are all over. I noticed they have lists in Canada, Germany, England, and I beleive the Netherlands as well.


    Edit: This is also scary to me because my dream is to recuse a pit bull but I also may have to move to Germany one of these days due to my job. I would hate to have to give a pit I rescued to a diffrent home or have ti run through so many tests just so it can stay with me. I already have a pit in mind as well, a little 2 year old girl at a shelter I use to work at named Lily. Such a pretty girl but such a sad story. If I can convince my family that she will not eat the little dog and cats I can get her. ^-^

  7. @beachbeagle: I was just thinking on it, since you did mention that I will think on it a little more. I don't know if they are thought of to be agressive because I never thought they were, I always saw them as friendly guys. I'll consider it a little longer and maybe see if anyone else agrees before putting them on the list.


    @Everyone: OMG, that is the cutes, sweetest sprite ever and works so perfectly. Adding you to the list and putting our first banner on the front page yay. It's so perfect because this lineage is about the dogs, not the dragons and that banners just spelled it all out.

  8. A lot of the problem is people not understanding what to do with dogs. I've had so many human students who didn't want to socialize thier dogs because they wanted the dogs to be protective. I have explained so many times that dogs like Rotties or Dobies who have protective instincts bred in will still protect them from an intruder if they've been properly socialized. If they haven't been properly socialized, however, that dog will probably also "protect" them from their elderly parents coming for a visit, the meter reader for the gas company, and their son's 7 year old buddy who comes over to play. Socialization is MORE important in dogs that are supposed to be "for protection" because those dogs need to be taught how to recognize what's a threat and what is not. So those people who "want their dog to be mean" quite often don't want that at all, they want a dog who will act as a guard dog and that's a very different thing than a "mean" dog.


    I've named my first BSL baby- meet BSL Dobby Sensitive Artist.


    PS- Delphine, what do you think about adding Terrae dragons to the project? There's nothing in their description about being fierce or dangerous but they are "gentle giants" just like quite a few of the breeds on the list. They're the first dragons I think of to represent breeds like Danes and Mastiffs anyway. Just a thought.

    Oh yes the terrea dragons are very much like the grate danes and mastifs. I'll add them to the list.



  9. That movie is fantastic! No one knows about it... The voice of Roy Mustang from the Fullmetal Alchemist movie is in that as one of the greasers! I met him. He had great stories about working on that movie. xd.png


    Seriously. I don't want it to be a long death. Something quick and fantastic.


    Tragic blimp accident works too.


    I also fear, spiders. I really do. Freaky little censorkip.gif

    I use to fear spiders until I realized how interesting they are. Such amazing creatures when you think of it and that some can even eat BIRDS O.O great animal. If they could reach the size of house cats they could kill and eat human even. Good thing they can't ^-^

  10. what about the people who want there dogs to be mean and ferocious. and what do you do with dogs that are already mean?

    See that is the problem...not the dogs but the owners. We need to be more strickt on owners. As for dogs that are already mean they actualy in the right hands can still make good family dogs. I know two pits that were rescued from dog fighters who are loving and wonderful family pets. If you raise a dog up right it will be a good dog. I mean there are even people who raise their little dogs wrong and even those little dogs are dangerous. Working at an animal shelter I have been bitten by more little dogs than big dogs. I have been bitten by one big dog and that was because it had a hurt hip and when I touched this hip it tried to give me a warning snap but knicked my finger.


    In fact I know more small dog attacks than big dog attacks and have even heard of small dogs killing infants. This is all due to BAD OWNERS. Rather than ban a dog breed or put restrictions on owning them we need to look into the people with these 'troublesome' dogs and just simply not let them get dogs until they are properly educated on the raising and training of their dogs. (any and all breeds of dogs) The peopel who want mean dogs or fighrting dogs should just not even be allowed near animals or small children because those are the people who don't care about human safty. They are most likly also the peopel who are more than happy to rape or kill or rob someone.

  11. I don't necessarily fear death itself, more dying too soon.


    I don't really want to get old. No wrinkles plz.


    Hopefully I'll die in some tragic hot-air balloon accident when I'm about 59 or so.


    That would be fine.

    Now that would be a way to go out, or in an old crop duster biggrin.gif I want to fly a crop duster now when I am 50 and crash it into a barn just like in Secondhand Lion.

  12. I fear needles




    Small rooms

    Darkness (not so much outside)

    Long white hallways

    and nurses...as you can tell I never go to see doctors. I fear them, they are the devil <.<


    I noticed a lot of people fear death, I don't really fear it. Death will happen so let it happen. However I say if I have to die I want to go out in the most epic way. Maybe be the victum of some sociopath who cuts me up slowly and feeds me to dogs. Sounds weird but I don't want a calm death. I want to go out of this world in a harsh way...maybe then i can be a ghost and haunt people >:D

  13. i think some bsls can be good. killing dogs that don't bite isn't good but with something small like wearing a muzzle i think better safe than sorry. someone could die

    There is nothing good with BSL, their one true goal is not keeping people safe. We need to edcucate ALL dog owners better because dogs who were raised well will NOT attack people. I have had six dobermans in my life and all of them were far from the evil devil dogs people see on TV. In fact two were dealthy afraid of storms and one of them loved people so much you had to fear her jumpping up into our guests laps. Trust me if we give BSL a foothold in ANYTHING muzzles included it will only lead to dogs deaths. BSL has already claimed the lives of hundreds of dogs and MUST be stopped.


    @Syphoneira: Thank you so much, I know how it feels for I too am a lover of the doberman breed. Never have I found a better friend in any other dog. I could not imagine a world without the doberman and a world without any of those breeds. BSL needs to end or we will lose mans best friend and I am fully willing to do everything to stop it.


    @a_god_s: xd.png that sounds like my last dob as well. She LOVED to lean on people. All these BSL breeds are such kind dogs and so loving if the right family raises them. It is not a bad dog or a bad breed but a BAD OWNER that causes these dog attacks. Bad owners should be banned not the dogs. They are all innocent until proven guilty and aside from getting into the trash my dog is not a guilty one. I also agree that if we give them even just an inch they will take a mile because in the end BSL wants the banning. That is what it is all about. They do not feel the public is safe until 'dangerous dog breeds' are cleared off the street completly.

  14. I picked up a CB Spitfire this morning. I'll be on the prowl once I am unlocked for some other CBs.


    I also have (already named outside the limits of the lineage) a CB grey, a CB Hellfire/Spitfire pair (foundation for my FullFire lineage as well), and another CB Hellfire. I have a couple of CB Magis, but a few of those at least will be going to Shallow Water breeding projects.


    I am locked now and will probably be unavailable to breed until Monday, but if anyone wants an egg from the Hellfire/Spitfire pair (identical lineage here) please send me a PM, just realize these also belong to the FullFire lineage and I would prefer them to be named as such.


    ETA: Has anyone made official banners for the lineage? I can probably work on some next week, when I'm not working so much.

    Yay we really do need a banner.

  15. Updating the members lists. Sorry I was away camping for the weekend guys. I am going to do some BSL dragon hunting and red's sound like a good idea to add.


    Edit: Added GoN as well since dogs are apart of nature and the guardian can closly relate to the 'guard dogs'.

  16. lol xd.png I guess you're right about the twilight part

    ooh search on youtube "Alex reads twilight ch 1" (CAUTION: STRONG LANGUAGE) it's HILARIOUS, he takes twilight apart and criticizes it...and to top it off, in a british accent.


    But back on topic now...

    I didn't think Eragon was boring....I thought the first book was the best one though.


  17. Symphonic Metal (Ex: Nightwish, Tarja, Within Temptation)

    Gothic Metal (Ex: Lacuna Coil)

    Victorian Industrial (The only one is Emilie Autumn)

    Circus Industrial (Ex: Stollen Babies)

    Classical (BACH biggrin.gif)


    ^-^ yes this is all far from mainstream and most of it I don't think anyone really knows exsists