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  1. 44/92 now... so many more to get ahhhhhhhhh
  2. There are like three versions of the witches hat that I have found so far...
  3. Will there be new Halloween dragons this year? Also I got my first treat
  4. EMBERS and MAGMAS ARE ON THE LIST OF DRAGONS YA I have a pair I just breed and their baby shall be a BSL.
  5. Delphine

    10 on 10-10-10

    Every time I go away fro a while I come back to a new drop
  6. Indeed you can do that Thorn.
  7. And ya that is fine so long as their babies hold the BSL naming. Also I am happy that this lineage has shown some peopel for the first tiem that this law is around. This lineage was made to raise awarness of this crime against dogs and I see it is doing so.
  8. Oh yay another banner, I'll add it to the front page ^-^
  9. Oh I am so happy you do that, then hopefully Germany will one day drop the list all together. I hope America can achieve that as well. I was this year going to go to my local schools with a vet and my old shelter manager teaching them about these dogs who are said to be 'dangerous' we were going to take my Doberman Jazz who was a well trained agility, obedience, and even a therapy dog with us so kids could see her, pet her, and even have her do tricks for them and a small show of her agility and therapy dog skills. It would have helped them understand that these dogs are not just used for atta
  10. that is horible, it's so sad all those innocent dogs. Yup I am not going to the Nertherlands with any of my pups, I would never want to risk them like that.
  11. I think a lot of people in the US don't realize that laws like this are all over. I noticed they have lists in Canada, Germany, England, and I beleive the Netherlands as well. Edit: This is also scary to me because my dream is to recuse a pit bull but I also may have to move to Germany one of these days due to my job. I would hate to have to give a pit I rescued to a diffrent home or have ti run through so many tests just so it can stay with me. I already have a pit in mind as well, a little 2 year old girl at a shelter I use to work at named Lily. Such a pretty girl but such a sad story.
  12. @beachbeagle: I was just thinking on it, since you did mention that I will think on it a little more. I don't know if they are thought of to be agressive because I never thought they were, I always saw them as friendly guys. I'll consider it a little longer and maybe see if anyone else agrees before putting them on the list. @Everyone: OMG, that is the cutes, sweetest sprite ever and works so perfectly. Adding you to the list and putting our first banner on the front page yay. It's so perfect because this lineage is about the dogs, not the dragons and that banners just spelled it all out.
  13. Ya excited, my baby hatched and is now named BSL Pitbull Love. I am going to get a few for Dobbies as well and perhaps more Pit Bull dragons because I want Hope and Guardian as well.
  14. Oh yes the terrea dragons are very much like the grate danes and mastifs. I'll add them to the list.
  15. I use to fear spiders until I realized how interesting they are. Such amazing creatures when you think of it and that some can even eat BIRDS O.O great animal. If they could reach the size of house cats they could kill and eat human even. Good thing they can't ^-^
  16. See that is the problem...not the dogs but the owners. We need to be more strickt on owners. As for dogs that are already mean they actualy in the right hands can still make good family dogs. I know two pits that were rescued from dog fighters who are loving and wonderful family pets. If you raise a dog up right it will be a good dog. I mean there are even people who raise their little dogs wrong and even those little dogs are dangerous. Working at an animal shelter I have been bitten by more little dogs than big dogs. I have been bitten by one big dog and that was because it had a hurt hip an
  17. I got an egg for the lineage weee....little spitfire, all I need now is to wait.
  18. Now that would be a way to go out, or in an old crop duster I want to fly a crop duster now when I am 50 and crash it into a barn just like in Secondhand Lion.
  19. I fear needles Hospitals Asylums Doctors Small rooms Darkness (not so much outside) Long white hallways and nurses...as you can tell I never go to see doctors. I fear them, they are the devil <.< I noticed a lot of people fear death, I don't really fear it. Death will happen so let it happen. However I say if I have to die I want to go out in the most epic way. Maybe be the victum of some sociopath who cuts me up slowly and feeds me to dogs. Sounds weird but I don't want a calm death. I want to go out of this world in a harsh way...maybe then i can be a ghost and haunt
  20. There is nothing good with BSL, their one true goal is not keeping people safe. We need to edcucate ALL dog owners better because dogs who were raised well will NOT attack people. I have had six dobermans in my life and all of them were far from the evil devil dogs people see on TV. In fact two were dealthy afraid of storms and one of them loved people so much you had to fear her jumpping up into our guests laps. Trust me if we give BSL a foothold in ANYTHING muzzles included it will only lead to dogs deaths. BSL has already claimed the lives of hundreds of dogs and MUST be stopped. @Syph
  21. Yay we really do need a banner.
  22. Updating the members lists. Sorry I was away camping for the weekend guys. I am going to do some BSL dragon hunting and red's sound like a good idea to add. Edit: Added GoN as well since dogs are apart of nature and the guardian can closly relate to the 'guard dogs'.
  23. Symphonic Metal (Ex: Nightwish, Tarja, Within Temptation) Gothic Metal (Ex: Lacuna Coil) Victorian Industrial (The only one is Emilie Autumn) Circus Industrial (Ex: Stollen Babies) Classical (BACH ) ^-^ yes this is all far from mainstream and most of it I don't think anyone really knows exsists