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  1. That's what I had heard because some people were upset to find out that freezing and releasing wasn't helping the ratios.

    That's correct. Dragons in the wild does not count towards the ratio. Therefore, freezing and releasing will not alter the pre set ratio. Some people do that not for the ratio, but to prevent a long messy lineaged dragon from maturing and breeding (thus, adding another generation to it's already lengthy lineage). This solution is temporary because the original breeder can still bred a sibling to the released dragon and the percentage of breeding vs. freezing/releasing is really too low to make any visible difference.

    I use to do that freeze and release but I don't bother anymore. It either makes for good zombies or I throw it back out there for someone else or freeze it and leave it on my scroll if I want a hatchie of that breed.

  2. I bred one of mine then turned the offspring into a vamp because I wanted a vamp with a zombie parent. ......unfortunately he turned to dust instead of zombie so I'll try again next Halloween.


    Congrats on your Dork, Kamoodle. It appears to be clean, too.  smile.gif

    Ha at least you have a vamp. I use to vamp my inbred and long lineage dragons for a while until I got into CB vampires. Now an egg has to be CB for me to vamp it. Unless it is for a lineage sort of thing.

  3. Oh cool, yeah the Marrows just seem like they belong on the list and since you can breed them all year round I felt it was right to have them in this lineage.


    Also I breed some more mateing pairs which shall be matched together once they mature and breed them ^-^ if you want babied from them I shall post my new pairs once they have matured and just PM me the pair you want.

  4. Hey this is Delphine here with an update.


    Halloween 10 dragons have been added to the breeding list YAY tongue.gif Have fun plotting your new bloodlines. This just in I am also now working at an animal shelter here in Minnesota so my time is a little more limited. If we can get more active members I'll make an account for this lineage and pick moderators to help me run this project.


    I also have an offical Doberman breeding pair if you want an offspring please feel free to PM me and get on a waiting list for babies ^-^


    Here is their eldest I just breed after the Halloween rush



    Know I will not breed any of my BSL dragons without someone asking for one unless I intend to keep it myself.


    I will also breed 2 gen dobermans useing these parings

    Magma x Ember, Black x Ember, Halloween x Ember, and Ember x Ember


    I also plan on having a pitbull breeding pair as well as other doberman breeding pairs.


    Oh also so great news for the Pit Bull breed

    In Minnesota soem of our shelters have started a program for Pit Bulls and their owners alike to help educate owners on proper care of there dogs and of course to help out new owners of the adopted pit bulls at our shelters. ^-^ This will help by increasing the number of responsable owners and hopefuly through it downsize the number of dog attacks due to bad owners who are not properly training or caring for their dogs. We have also sadly busted a large dog fighting organization and because of serious agression have had to put many dogs down. However those that were able to be rehomed are waiting in the shelters now for someone to love them. My friends and I have seen idea's for teachign owners who fight pit bulls to find something better to do with their dogs such as agility or healthyer compettign activities that both dog and owner can enjoy. I am considering starting an all pit bull agility compatition hopefuly this summer if we can find enough people. ^-^

  5. Got 3 of the new Halloween dragons and bred 3 epic pumpkins. One I kept and the other two went off to some lucky folks Congrats whoever caught them. They were bred from the daughter of my pumpkin dragon to my other pumpkin dragon so they have a cool dwarf pumpkin lne going ^-^

  6. I dropped two beautiful pumpkin dragon eggs. They were breed from teh daughter of one of my pumpkins and then bred to my second one so they have two pimpkin dragons in their lineage biggrin.gif congrats to those who caught them...and the third eggy I kept for mysefl naturaly <.<


    got all 94/94....


    AND 3 OF THE NEW DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!

  7. Yeah sorry, I support BSL.


    Some dogs are way too dangerous to be kept as a "pet". Dogs were never meant to be housbroken and kept indoors. Dogs were wild animals. So were cats, but cats can't kill ya. Even the "sweetest, kindest, loveliest, nicest" pittbull, can snap. And bite your kids head off. I never take my kids into any house that has ANY dog. Not even the old, 15 year old ones. Dogs can't be trusted.


    Don't bother shouting at me, i'm not reading this topic back anyway.

    I disagree...cats have been known to kill people actualy. A 3 year old tabby once killed an infant in it's crib and I disagree with you completly. My doberman pincher was more behaved than most children...well than all children actualy. She use to take up orphan kittens and act like a mommy to them and play with 3 year old kids all the time and act like a totaly angel. I would have trused that dog with my life and the life of everyone in this house and I did trust her with my life and THANK GOD because she kept everyone safe. I even once had a doberman as a toddler and once when I was playing outside and running for the road that dog ran infront of me and knocked me down and stood infront of me so I could not get hit by cars...hell most people would not do that for a kid.


    And thanks for the suport dragonsroc989, that is enough for me ^-^ Your suport is all the dogs need.


    Also here is my pretty new BSL dragon. I want to make him a mate now and have them be my doberman pair ^-^

    BSL Dobermans Highlight My Love

  8. I am hopeing to get at least ONE baby this year...and next year I will save up adults for an adult Zombie...you can tell who is going to die because I didn't name any of my fodder aside from my little dwarf baby with my pumpkin dragon...it will not die this year <.< otherwise all the nameless frozen babies are DOOOMED...or the first five...I have like seven saved up for killing just in case on avoids the blade and all...and those will be made great frozen babies of epicness...and epic shall be in their name xd.png

  9. Has anyone else noticed that TJ said "and more"? Could that mean there's going to be a Halloween '10 dragon as well?

    Maybe he was talking about making zombies...


    However I HOPE there is an '10 Halloween dragon biggrin.gif I wants it