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  1. I used to use three but now I use only use two. Eggs Around the World and Egg Drop Soup
  2. Welcome aboard That poem was very heartbreaking but true. Especially for the pit bull used in fighting they have no choice in the matter and these dogs don't really want to fight but they have been raised to do so. The worst thing of it is even when their abusive owner walks up to them they still wag their tail and why? Because those dogs love their people even after everything they do to them. It really hurts me every time walking into the shelter and seeing these pit bulls so full of love but people pass them by because they are 'dangerous' dogs. I am sorry to hear this has happene
  3. Welcome aboard you guys, happy to have you in the lineage project against BSL. In news of my doberman lineage my two new dragons who were donated to me are compatible but did not produce an egg this week. I'll try again next week but I am now horibly excited. Allow me to introduce my two new beauties. BSL Doberman's Jazzman x BSL Doberman's Rico
  4. I am proud of many dragons right now. I have a lot of great bloodlines on my scroll either done myself or captured from the AP. BSL Doberman's Morgana First thing is first my very first serious even gen lineage I have started and I am actualy making her a mate soon now that I have the dragons for the job so this lineage will continue on. BSL Doberman's Mighty Majestic I bred myself and BSL Doberman Dutchess I got lucky and caught out of the AP. Recent Memerable AP snags: http://dragcave.net/lineage/0Lvd - For another Ember Lineage http://dragcave.net/lineage/tqXH - For a Whit
  5. Sign me up, I will go three months without breeding my blacks. Most of them I have stopped breeding perminantly aside from my CB black male Shahera (girly name I know :/) He is the mate for my silver Tarja Nersus however now I will breed her to someone else, perhaps a Skywing male in order to restor the CB blacks which I am dieing for.
  6. I don't know I am iffy on bringing either back. To be honest one of my first dragons was a brigt pink because people threw them away in the AP all the time. I didn't start collecting more until people said they were going to dicontinue them then bam three pinks. Same thing with frills, I never wanted one on my scroll until people said they were being dicontinued and even then I only took one because I was never a fan of them. I prefer both of them stay as they are now, at least they are considered rare now.
  7. Indeed you may @mindz_eye2: Welcome aboard ^-^, I can hardly wait to see your Spitfire Shepard lineage. @Tamahaganae: Thank you so much for my new baby.
  8. Sorry I have been gone for such a long time you guys. I have been dealing with one of my pet mice Ophelia who was horribly ill. We didn't get a very good diagnosis and she has a very fatal illness that will have to be medicated for the rest of her life because of it. However now she is making her recovery and I am on my way to doing all the updates. I have made a good dent with my Doberman bloodline for this lineage but am at a standstill without certain dragons I will need to continue my best line. Edit: Because I have some other things to say about the projects and the dogs. First
  9. Just to kill it because they can, a lot of people seem to enjoy doing that.
  10. It didn't have a lineage it was a CB because it was one of this years Christmas eggs.
  11. Egg Stolen on: Dec 25, 2010 Died on: Dec 27, 2010 Overall Views: 2065 Unique Views: 1627 Clicks: 4 Egg Laid on: Dec 26, 2010 Died on: Dec 27, 2010 Overall Views: 1045 Unique Views: 405 Clicks: 2 Holy crap...I see stats like that on adults not new eggs O.o Egg Stolen on: Dec 27, 2010 Died on: Dec 27, 2010 Overall Views: 3 Unique Views: 1 Clicks: 1 WTF, this one was killed shortly after it was picked up O.o that was a douchbag move. Those were all Hollidays too And it is just not the Holidays until a n00b epic fails like no other n00b has
  12. No Hollies this year, I can add that now to three years, no Holly. Hopefuly next year I can get one from someone or snag one off the AP. I asume next year more people will breed and there will be more dragons breeding thus more eggs dropped and I have some mad AP hunting skills.
  13. Happy Dragon Cave Hollidays to everyone and I have updated the members lists. Thank you all so much for suporting the dogs. ^-^
  14. I think I have three of them Sadrinatta Mika Baring Pandora Vilies Those are my baby girls and the last two I didn't even get until I found out they were going to be dicontinued because they clogged the AP.
  15. Oh that is one pretty even gen lineage congrats on it. Here are some of my babies ready to face the world, a few new CB's and one pretty lineage I am working on growing. http://dragcave.net/view/EaWs Male Ember http://dragcave.net/view/42KK Male Ember http://dragcave.net/lineage/qpja ungendered Ember
  16. Oh I know how you feel >.< And I have a new baby waiting to hatch and gender, a few actualy and I'll post them all up once they are gendered and named
  17. Yup they put labs on the list because there are so many labs in America and lab mixes that dogs who have not been raised right and attacked people are now what people think of ALL the dogs of the same breed. Very sad indeed.
  18. Yay both of my babies gendered and they are male. This also means...I need to breed MORE pairs
  19. I try to keep them all unless they were meant for someone else or if there is more than one egg in the clutch.
  20. Okay I have new to be Dobby babies on their way. They will get their selective mates once they have gendered and of course I am now madly ember hunting for some CB Doby parents for a new wave of Doby pairs, even gen's as I am going for Also if anyone happens to be breeding a second gen black x ember I would be MORE than happy to take an egg for my cb black x cb ember baby's mate. Also I am at a cross roads in my pit bull breeding. I don't know what dragon would best be used for my pits. Embers are my Dobbies and I was thinking spitfire as pitbulls but now I don't know. What cross br
  21. Oh no it can start with CB's you already named and just name their babies. Also so long as the name has BSL in it the name can start with whatever so Severus' BSL Mastiff ---- will work just fine ^-^ Also welcome aboard Hallar happy to have you with us.
  22. @ new member: Welcome aboard everyone we are all so happy you would like to help these dogs out. @Fengari: And yes that would be just fine Also guys here is a little good news and a few fun video's on the 'dangerous' pit bull showing his true colors. Pit Bulls are starting to hit the front line as therapy dogs. http://www.pitbulllovers.com/training-arti...-pit-bulls.html In other news the Vick dogs are getting a second leash on life. This shows us that even these fighting dogs can be helped and turned into great pets under the care and handeling of good responsab
  23. rare x rare breedings again YAY, this opens a whole new world for my main female silver since it seems now her black mate will never be able to breed with her again <.< that makes me somewhat sad now...