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  1. Eh Arch Enemy is okay but I like Gothinc and Symphonic Metal more, Sort of Tarja Trunen type voices are my fav, Epica is awsome too and so is HolyHell, they are from New York. If you like the darker more rockish voices you would like HolyHell, she does not scream but her voice is really something else.
  2. FFM (Female Fronted Metal) otherwise called Gothinc and Symphonic Metal as well.
  3. Morgana's mate take two... http://dragcave.net/lineage/34re
  4. A MUFFIN Are you suffering? Every FFM band out there...need I say more? Holyhell is the one I really love right now.
  5. Delphine

    vocal range?

    Music teachers can tell you.
  6. Delphine

    vocal range?

    I'm a Coloratura Soprano with 3 ½ octave range. In falsetto I can hit the A above soprano C and I am a trained opera singer.
  7. Wow I feel behind on everything I didn't know about this until today o.o I hope I can still catch those little buggers and breed a black stripe. You get them by breeding black with stripe right?
  8. Alright if I have forgotten to add you to the member list feel free to PM me, it was not that you can't be a member I simply passed over your name ^-^ It's alright folks I don't bite.
  9. Sorry but was supper busy, thank you to all new members and I shall get things updated soon. Also I finaly have the dragon I was trying to breed and have yet to name it but I'll get to it soon.
  10. Counting down the days to breed Jazz and Rico...can't wait, can't wait, can't wait.
  11. What vythalax said and if you have trouble catching eggs from the cave you can always ask one of the members if they have any eggs they are giving away. Occasinaly people will say like "I need a (insert dragon egg here) for the BSL lineage if anyone has a pair to breed or "I could use a BSL starter egg." We also get some eggs looking for new homes as well. I have one myself actualy if you wanted it. It is an ember dragon with Marrow and magma in it's background http://dragcave.net/lineage/Zuv0 It was Rico and Roxie's accident baby.
  12. You are counted in. Welcome aboard.
  13. OMG hgdfjhgjdfhgjkdf they are so cute. I can't wait for my babies to hatch. -pokes eggies- come on out little guys.
  14. False alarm, this was supose to be the introduction of Jazz and Rico's first baby however upon checking the lineage I realized something horible...Jazz is not the mother, I accidentaly picked Roxie Hart and now I have to wait yet another week for that baby I have been waiting for. I guess this is a good lesson in double checking who you are clicking breed on >.< Lesson well learned and Rico >.> cheating on your wify like that...what will Jazz thing of him now? Anyways Rico and Roxie would like to introduce their baby to you. The lineage is still even gen just not the right on
  15. Hmmm...the only way I allow people to name dragons with bloodlines BSL is if the dragon is only 2nd gen http://dragcave.net/lineage/bOR5 like that If one parent is already named BSL like this http://dragcave.net/lineage/MCgL Or if they are second gen and intended to be mates with another BSL dragon like http://dragcave.net/lineage/WUUM and http://dragcave.net/lineage/rZB0 who's offspring will become the mate of http://dragcave.net/lineage/qpja I guess if you can find a dragon with a longer lineage and none of the parents are named or grandparents, great grandparents ect they c
  16. Oh another method I use that works well is knowing when to hunt for rares. On Holidays people will drop rares in the AP to make room for the new holiday eggs and the older ones if they don't have them yet. Everyone else is busy trying to catch the older holiday eggs from AP so your chances are better. This past week since the vdays started breeding I have seen 5 golds and three silvers in the AP. I also build up a playlist of lucky songs. Any song I have caught a rare on in the past I will play over and over. Not only does the music keep my calm and keep my mind clear but it's nice to ha
  17. Welcome to the lineage guys and kittymeow626 that is a good idea but we have a lot of members. It might take forever to do something like that but for those interested go on ahead. As for Nocturns I'll have to think on them for a while.
  18. They either have to be caveborn or 2nd to 3rd gen where their parents have no names or breed with a dragon who has the BSL name.
  19. @vythalax: Congrats on your first BSL dragon. @Smaialy: Welcome aboard and they are sweet dogs. We had one at the shelter for a week before she got adopted. Everyone knew she would not hang around long since just about every day a family was looking at her. We almost had a war with two families wanting to adopt her but now she has kids and a few cats to play with. Truly they are the gental giant breed.
  20. Ah a big welcome to all the new members and your heartwarming stories on your dogs. @Anniepimm: Oh your dog is soooo cute. For 14 he looks wonderful.
  21. Oh I agree Ceasar Millan has a gift with the dogs. I use a lot of his methods in training my dogs. I think what has made him so successful is he has gotten real pure dog behavior down to a science. I think on a few of his shows including the one where the Chihuahua was bossing around pitbulls he sort of put into light the real dog world. Also little known fact his number one dog helping him rehabilitate and properly train other dogs is a pitbull.
  22. I just got another BSL dragons, an ember magma mix. I already have mates and will try breeding tonight to see if I get a baby from them
  23. I'm going to do this by dragon breed because I have over 200 dragons right now so... Splits: 2M 6F Albino: 2M 2F Ballons: 2M 0F Blacks: 9M 13F 3NG Alt Blacks: 3M 3F 1NG Bluna's: 2M 5F BBW: 2M 2F Canopy: 1M 1F Cheese: 3NG Chicken: 1F (duh) Yulebuck: 2M (duh) Snow Angel: 2F (duh) Ribbon Dragon: 2M (duh) Coastal Waverunners: 1M 2F Vines: 5M 3F Daydreams: 2M 2F Deep Seas: 2F Dorsal: 4M 2F 1NG Electric or Spark: 1M 1F EMBERS : 7M 7F 1E Flamingos: 2M 1F Frill: 1F Crystal: 3M 2F Day Glory Drakes: 2M 1F Night Glory Drakes: 1M 4F Shallow Water: 3M
  24. Yay little tree, saw it but realized to late >.< I had my page just sitting there on it for about ten minutes -facedesk-
  25. I could not tell you, I influance most if not all of mine.